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Icyfrostchow Quick glance of the game https://youtu.be/8D1rUFaYQZM?si=ECVR6Y8zSGj6ytJQ Read Note youtu.be Eversoul | Gametry - YouTube #icy动力 #2024 #gamehunting #games #throwback #gameplay #mobilegame
Yuki This Japanese version is not available outside of Asia/or Japan ! The region is locked (Asia/Japan)! (translated image) 
if you want to play it, the global version is available! 
#Eversoul #Game 
Read Note
GiAM global is dying  but they have a chance to make it big in jp if they just do a bada$$ colab to boost popularity  Read Note
Asiameme Quick Review 4 Eversoul Hi everyone! Read Note
Cabogame Eversoul Gameplay (EN/Global) https://youtu.be/jvNBPXlR1u8 Read Note


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