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Mailme Mchigh Bistro Heroes


love the game
game rly have a strong point in visual department; love the art that they go for this game, its just soothing, relaxing and tasty looking foods that u can almost taste them, characters looks rly cute too not overhwelm or way too fancy like any other "anime" games, overall it just subtle design that blends rly well with the vibe and the world they resides.

sound is actually there to emphasize the visual, nothing rly that ground breaking but they share the same energy which makes them rly good

gameplay is just a bit lacking tbh;regarding difficuties i dont like this artificial difficulties where u can either make it easy or harder for yourself bc the far u go the more the numbers skyrocketed.
regarding the actual gameplay/strategies in stages
the combat actually rly intense i love how u constantly be using your brain to which position works best for each particular levels but not just positioning, character traits, skills, timings rly makes u contemplating especially when u fail a stage to come up with different strategies and combinations but sadly since the difficulties is this shallow u often got POW-GATED (me, currently at early game for example, i can take down a 900pow stage with just 500pow or smth but im pretty sure the numbers will go crazy from there cus backthen in my waayy earlier gameplay it was just a two digits gap) and gotta wait for like 12h or until reset to actually progressing which make the pace rly slow...
that bring us to the rpg element of this game the upgrade leverage just soo miniscule, u barely feels the improvement... ik for the fact that they try to stretch the gameplay by making it a waiting competition and ik its typical for a mobile game but i expect smth more outta this.

storyline in summary is rly unique but also not that farfetched and convoluted with nichè rpg time and space bogalooo or memory loss main protagonist or reincarnated bs.. it just about food and knights/heroes thats it, altho the execution quite commendable. they didnt have those silly rpg plot device simply bc they didnt need such overused premise.

i love how the integrity of their lore and character interactions just makes me glued to the game... it just a simple exchange between the characters and you can even portrays the world they live in and the visual that maintain the fantasy element hence intensify the world building..
and about the interactions between characters i love how simple it is but still make laugh or giggle or at least make u chuckle..
love all the characters in this game theyre all likeables without a silly excuse of character development dependency to be one...simply they dont need to...the gals in your roster is the perfect embodiment of what waifu with every archetypes should be.

overall its a pretty wholesome game sadly im hoping some improvement later in terms of gameplay/game difficulties or maybe smth like ability/passive thats not relic or artifacts to boost your gameplay experience im not asking for a flashy boost at least just fix this pacing to avoid pow-gating.

graphics 5/5
sound 5/5
gameplay 4/5
storyline 5/5
value 5/5
Drea Mories Bistro Heroes


Hopefully english version will be releasing soon, the game overall is smooth and cute, too bad I can't really understand the storyline, other than that it's addicting.
Vita_fan Bistro Heroes


Почти идл гейм, менеджмента тут нет. Играется легко и, на удивление, интересно. Каждая героиня имеет уникальный навык, который обязателен или очень помогает проходить стейджи, нет никакой имбы онли ивентовой, всех получаешь по сюжету. После начала почти все автоматизируется и реально играешь в неё, увы, все меньше. Ну и по стандарту чем дальше, тем дольше качаются персонажи.
Сюжет никакущий, но веселые ивенты с разными девками поддерживают мотивацию проходить дальше. Музыка фоновая, зато звуки очень запоминающиеся получились. Что реально слабо тут, так это анимация и полное отсутствие озвучки. Не хватает уровня Приконе в этом плане.
Хорошая игра между еще каким-нибудь тайтлом, и максимально ф2п френдли к тому же
HyujuKoku Bistro Heroes


Great game, one of the few idle games that I can enjoy. Cute SD charas and a wow cuisine art. Looks simple, but leveling, proper chara choice (for every quest) and skill timing are very important, so the gameplay is pretty interesting.
Akuma Sato Bistro Heroes


game vui, lối chơi rất thú vị đồ họa rất chi là dễ thương, đa dạng, hài hước, và nhân vật lẫn quái vật đều rất là DỄ THƯƠNG 😍 nhất là những vật trang trí, trang phục đồ ăn nguyên liệu và những con quái vật như heo ca sò... 😍😋 chơi mà thèm mún vừa ăn j đó vừa chơi ấy 😆😆
Aine-Chi Bistro Heroes


Worth to spend time when you're bored, the cons is you need alot of time to get stronger in this game...
azhari 9020 Bistro Heroes


This is OMOSHIROI :v

interesting gameplay will addict u to play it more!

fun adventure in a story makes u wanna know what'll happen next!?

unique material and looting system to grind!

cute chara and u can get them from stage!

this game is about adventure... and food :v
ハズト Bistro Heroes


The perfect amount of Kawaii mixed with the perfect amount of smoothness? Chill? I dunno the word for it, but you'll probably know once you see it. Anyway, It looks good as hec (。>﹏<)

The BGM perfectly blends in with the design, making the game more relaxing. I couldn't pay that much attention to the SFX, but based on the others that I heard, they all sound pretty good, fit for their respective interaction something (・ω・)

The gameplay's pretty simple. You fight to get ingredients and items. If you run out of stamina, you could just leave the game, or go fishing. The battles are easy to learn. You just watch and guide the kawaii chibi characters throughout the battle. You strategically deploy characters, use their skills, target the monster they should focus on first, etc. It's easy to get used to (o゚▽゚)o

The story follows Ayran and Coq au Vin as they try to get back to the Kingdom they came from, only to stumble upon tons of mana infused monsters and the trouble they come with that needs immediate resolving for them to progress. Along the way, they meet a lot of unique characters with cliche personalities that tend to make the story more entertaining. As they eliminate monsters, they bring back ingredients for the Chef. The chef is basically Soma. Just looking at the food could make you want to have a bite (๑´ڡ`๑)

Ayran and Fondue too kawaii (っ´ω`c)
Micochet_23 Bistro Heroes


You can get all charas by completing the story. There's gacha, but only for costume and decoration for overall stats upgrade, I can say it's a generous gacha because it will be a full material cashback when you got a dupe. This game is very relaxing, a slow life entertainment, not for a hardcore gamer.

This is what an idle game should be. Godly level of an indie game.
Neptune Bistro Heroes


another fantastic game from team kapa, their a girl adrift was also a superb game.. really love it..
Machan Tiger Bistro Heroes


Great game.
Tracey Karpas Bistro Heroes


This is my fav. game on the planet. ^-^ It is so fun & funny. I love everything about it. Perfect. 🙂
ЖелтыйПончик Bistro Heroes


Девочки очень милые,играть одно удовольствие!!Милашки[大哭][大哭][大哭]
textfrom appstore Bistro Heroes


Game RPG yang santai dan menyenangkan !!

salah satu game rpg yang sangat menarik yang pernah kucoba, dari story kamu bisa mendapatkan partner baru, serta bahan makanan untuk memasak ! iya memasak ,di game ini selain kamu harus menjadi seorang pedagang menambah peralatan,mengganti dekorasi, menambah menu baru di bar mu

kamu hanya dituntut fokus pada penambahan buff dan peningkatan atribut dasar di game ini

game yang super ringan kurang dari 300mb malah, dengan konsumsi kuota dan baterai yang sangat sedikit. Sayang auto save nya masih manual tapi jangan khawatir kamu bisa mengaitkan akunmu ke akun google playmu kok.

overall menurut ku ini pilihan game yang cocok untuk kamu yang ingin main game rpg santai tanpa harus banyak gerak 😁😁oke segini dlu review dariku~selamat mencoba
Euna Bistro Heroes


I like the game but i didn't seen any event, doesn't care ~ hoping the add general chat, guild , or etc. (。’▽’。)♡
YURIXVY XVI Bistro Heroes


Muito legal e fofo, a jogabilidade é ótima, os gráficos são bem fofos e impactantes, a história....bem ainda não terminei mas pretendo. O que faltou foi o balanço de preço do conteúdo pago.
E-Aria Bistro Heroes


It's a really good game
The grind and wait can get pretty tedious
Fun story
Cute characters
Plenty of customization
Simple yet skill requiring gameplay

It's rly nice go play it
hoang phuc nguyen Bistro Heroes


Game khá vui tươi, đồ họa dễ thương, game mang lại cảm giác thư giãn nhẹ nhàng cho người chơi
TriangleSpoon Bistro Heroes


Each season is unique and there are a good amount of side stories so you don't get bored trying to reach the next part of the main story. you've gotta be super focused in some battles even when it isn't hard (red-purple) or you'll end up losing!

I really like the sound effects. [開心]

also I there are subtle hints about their other game, a girl adrift, can you spot them?


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