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7Lords Game Hunter Goddess Era


Goddess Era Gameplay: https://youtu.be/WLB6CYKKdqE
Zaharu Goddess Era


It's a game I thought was a bit too sexy for the playstore. I am glad QooApp picked it up, I did suggest it a few months ago. It should be a good one, might jump back into it a little bit.
Dan006 Goddess Era


If you like idle games it's worth a try. If not then its a skip.
Have played this before when it was in beta on the Play store and had issues with crashing after level 20. Though that could've been my device.
Lecaton Explorador de Juegos Goddess Era


Este título constantemente está cambiando sus imágenes promocionales, incluso he visto a algunos de otros juegos jaja.
En realidad recomendaría mucho más jugar Idle Angels que Goddess Era.
Son muy similares pero el armado de los personajes es raro, en especial el movimiento de algunos provoca que se note la separación de ciertas extremidades.
Si deseas puedes revisar su gameplay acá: https://youtu.be/eR3GsM8cl74
Dimas T. Priatama Goddess Era


copycat of LAST ORIGIN and DESTINY CHILD game. Especially with all of female characters. it's super downgrade of thise two games. or I could say, this is game where you want some fan service and oppai, but with smaller size.
the game size about 300Mb, and you need to download data for about 300Mb, and another one data about 160Mb. Geee..
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