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Kunoichi77ck Eternal Evolution


Very Free to Play friendly..easy to aquire desired heroes...plenty of helpful guides and such on YouTube ... frequently updated with new characters and lots of gift codes.. definitely worth a try for anyone that's into the Idle Heroes, AFK Arena, RAID: Shadow Legends idle rpg type games.
7Lords Game Hunter Eternal Evolution


Eternal Evolution Gameplay:
KruLLMerciless Eternal Evolution


Amazing game. Love the mini graphics in middle. Storyline reminded me of promethus. :)
Tried the game first on this link. Love the gameplay.
Gamer4Life Eternal Evolution


The story and gameplay is good. I like how narrative evolves. Graphics on mobile are ok, but I prefer playing on Chromebook on this website. Will be cool to have longer gameplay.
Cosimo Vestita Eternal Evolution


Top idle game, balanced, frequently updated, no pay to win.
BakaPilot Eternal Evolution


Easy to get free, usually around 60 out of 60 required to get ssr hero, on events.

can farm gear, level cap material, skill pts, and diamonds are handed out like candy which is required for more farm attempts.c
farm attempts are required of 1 auto and how maby attempts you used is correlated with your stuff u farmed.

good QoL, sweeping "abyss game modes", arena and guild boss (regular one).

very few booba but theres a demon succubus girl sooooo..(not anime).

No power creep yet, everyone has uses.

--> limited summon pity CARIES over to NEXT BANNER.
can also get old limited heroes if u missed any, dupes required or use a universal fodder item for ssr heroes instead- which is aquired to limit summon for half price of getting new hero (60 for new, 40 for universal fodder item).

good game, sadly does not compete with raid shadowlegends ;-;
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