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какойтохрен Rhythm Hive


М-да, это вам не Сс игры.
Больше пяти лет уже в разные ритм игры тыкаюсь, но такого УГ ещё не попадалось. Была надежда хотя бы на геймплей, так как карты и интрефейс в тизере просто в культурный шок привели. Ощущение, будто для детей делали: всё яркое, блесточки, рюшечки, погремушки, зайчики. Притензий по цветокору нет только к меню выбора песни, смотрится стильно.
Классно, что есть режим совместной игры (похожее было в Лов Лайв ещё сто лет назад), это прям жирный плюс по сравнению с теми же Суперстарами, но даже такое нововведение не заставит меня задрачивать стуками напролет, как в вышеупомянутые игры от Далькома.
Хотя что я тут выступаю, хомячки опять схавают, это же БИТИЭЗЗЗЗ, ДЕВАЧКИ.
Ну спасибо, БХ, теперь я никогда не увижу СС с Энхайпн или ТХТ. Закрыли Пледис и СсБтс ради вот этого кусочка гумница)))
Хоть это и бета, что-то до релиза еще поменяют, но геймплей просто отбил всё желание. Могу я ещё убогий дизайн карт стерпеть, стиснув зубы, но сорри нот сорри. Я играю, чтобы играть, а не мучиться.
Люблю БХ, люблю ритм игры, но вот это что-то с чем-то просто.
jopoxvost Rhythm Hive


если знаешь ким намджуна хлопни раз
если знаешь ким сокджина хлопни два
если знаешь ким тэхёна под чимина чон чонгука мин юги и чон хосока хлопни три
吉影吉良 Rhythm Hive


whenever I finish a stage it just makes me restart the whole app...it doesn't take away stamina,but i also get nothing for it, so kind of a waste of time ... (they'll hopefully fix this in the future)
i do like how the stages look and the changing of the member based on who is singing/rapping is also a nice touch
it's not as advenced of a rhythm game (it's much easier than ssbts used to be), so it's perfect if you've just installed it, to listen to your favourite artists.
some aspects of it do feel lazy...some of the avatars are not cut properly (Hueningkai for example) and you can see the white background behind them...

Edit: It does not crash anymore, but the score does not change much for me... It is really tyring the way they put the whole songs instead of just parts of them. Also it is a rhythm game and some notes do not even line up with the rhythm at all...
Luminous KM Rhythm Hive


I love it!
Dot Rhythm Hive


Nói chung mình khá thất vọng về game. Tên artist cũng như tên album và bài hát loạn hết cả lên, rất rối và gây cho mình ác cảm. Phần gameplay và đồ hoạ ổn nhưng mình mong game sẽ sớm đại tu trong tương lai gần để người chơi được tận hưởng nhiều nhất.
Saayo Rhythm Hive


the game is great, and the graphics are very attractive!besides that, the note slides is also easy and simple,

just little problem is : Only at first opening, loading Stuck at 65% continuously but immediately enter quickly, Characters and Music sometimes the names are not the same as instructed other than that, if you want to increase the heart level of a character, then the person chosen sometimes is wrong ; -; but yeah that's natural This game has just been released, I just updated it earlier when I started playing it was a bit laggy but it ran out smoothly, and some are already perfect! let's play the game hehh so cool! not playing, definitely regret it! [哇噻]
moonka blin Rhythm Hive


короче чет легко играть честно говоря
у них хард это как среднее в суперстаре тип..🤚🏻😔
Essveidy Gomez Rhythm Hive


Es un juego muy bueno en cuanto a jugabilidad y graficos, es muy sencillo de jugar y muy entretenido 💜
rikasuzu Rhythm Hive


енджун краш ворвался в сердечко

упд: суперстар был лучше
Clara Nguyen Rhythm Hive


Since it's only beta, there's not much to it.
·Graphics are great!
·Music 999/10 (of course it's great so...)
·Gameplay so-so / IMHO, SSBTS had a better gameplay to me. Only time will tell if SuperbCorp ever try to enhance it.
·MISSIONS. Something to do in the game. Like, events maybe? Hopefully on the 28th, they'll be an event to welcome the users officially with more ways to gain currency and cards.

Overall, I enjoy it. Waiting eagerly for the official launching.
Raccoon Ch Top Contributor Rhythm Hive


📌Rhythm Hive' เกมมือถือใหม่ที่มาพร้อมกับเพลงของ BTS, TXT และ ENHYPEN

พร้อมกับเพลิดเพลินไปกับเพลงดังๆ ของวง BTS, TXT และ ENHYPEN และสนุกกับการเก็บรวบรวมการ์ดสมาชิกของแต่ล่ะวงที่คุณชื่นชอบ
Nat Rhythm Hive


Tengo descargado el juego desde sus inicios y e visto como tiene fallas y más pero me cuando lo anunciaron me esperaba más ya que habian quitado súper star BTS pero no es ni aburrido ni divertido y para algunas cosas exige pagar y más.

en cuanto a los gráficos y sonido creo que en los gráficos puede mejorar un poco más y el sonido eesta bien.

lo único malo es que en todo este tiempo han sacado temas especiales y evento y para las personas nuevas va a ser imposible o casi imposible conseguir esos temas y creo que eso desmotiva un poco.
Yuki Rhythm Hive


Stan Enhypen for better life
Ta Song Rhythm Hive


정말 여러분들의 제안이 보인다면,정말 제발,이전 SuperstarBTS처럼 개선할 수 있을까요?정 안되면 다시 서보내도 되는데......이전의 것과 비교해 보면 정말로 이것은 너무 형편없다.기대했는데 정말 실망이에요.
Moise Kaluku Rhythm Hive


j'adore ce jeux mais je redémarre a chaque fois est il me dise redémarrer le fichiers de mise a jours et c'est j'espère que vous pouvez réglé ce problème
Мун Юй Rhythm Hive


ритма хайв убивает не играцте в него я поиграла и я у меня отвалилась нога
Dxy Rhythm Hive


i guess i just really like Bighit Entertaintment thats why i rated it like this, but im being honest and i actually like it.
It's a good game except the fact that this or this may not be a bug: whenever i play the chapter stage on the second one and finish it im pretty interrupted by the fact that when its done and loads it says "network connection error" every single time, and whenever i restart it seems ive lost that one stamina to play again and it also did not save the progress ive made.
I played it again and again trying over and over and each time losing that stamina, i had 63 stamina gone to 52, but the error is still there. It doesnt seem to be a network error since im the only one using it and the network is stable every time but i would really love to get some help from whoever or from the gamers playing it if you have experienced this and can help get rid of it id appreciate it a ton. You can say i have not made any progress since day 1. 🐻
mwnayura Rhythm Hive


honestly this game is pretty solid [鬼臉]. the game is f2p friendly if you're not that competitive. you can decorate diaries and stuff but im not really into that [難過]. the gameplay is very similar to pjsk so its pretty easy for me to get comfortable. but there is one problem, i usually play on 11.0+ speed and bcuz of that i always tap the notes too fast when i play, even with max speed (9.0), it became kinda hard to full combo [大哭] but im slowly getting there! and honestly thats pretty much it, i like the game but i just hope theres more to setting [委屈]


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