SAKURA School Simulator

SAKURA School Simulator

SAKURA School Simulator

Kim Ngân Nguyễn


Tôi thích trò này lắm luôn á. Tôi biết ứng dụng này lúc tôi định tải Sakura school dưới dạng APK. Sau khi tôi cài app này, tôi đã có thể tải xuống game này.
Thanks so much Qoo app !!(>^ω^<)[賣萌][開心][微笑]

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this game is the "shitty but enjoyable kind of shitty" game. it's basically yandere sim cheap mobile knock-off sandbox ver, but with mafia, rocket launcher, random cat thingie, killing machine child, even jetpack. but eh it still pretty enjoyable also ad didn't play properly lol, i unlocked all hairstyles with watching just 1 ad



My nephew (and me) love this game so much, probably the best school simulator I have ever played. Somethings I would like to be added in the game: 1. Multiplayer feature, the game would be far more fun with it. 2. Make it possible to keep the relationship with a random NPC (currently the students, teachers, sellers, facilitators, and playable characters are dateable), I love some of the random NPCs. 3. Long haired NPCs girls, and add princesses in the castle too [開心]

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