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Vickygy GLOBAL RELEASE We're finally getting global release y'all!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh อ่านข้อความ
Isabelly My plush Ayn very cute!!!♡♡♡
QooApp News NetEase Games' For All Time Otome Mobile Game is Heading to Japan! For All Time is a romance adventure game in which the heroine has a special ability to transcend time and space!
อ่านข้อความ NetEase Games' For All Time Otome Game is Heading to Japan - QooApp News For All Time is a romance adventure game in which the heroine has a special ability to transcend time and space. Players will follow her journey to travel between the real world and the parallel world, as well as interact with the ikemen characters!
Sakura Grace To Get In Someone posted a guide to get in the chinese ver., but an easier way to enter the game is to download For All Time - Korean instead of Chinese. It is a lot easier than the chinese one! อ่านข้อความ


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