Cinema 14 - Intriguing Mystery Escape Game รีวิว

Cloud-gazer Game Hunter Cinema 14 - Intriguing Mystery Escape Game


This game is one of those games that has so many confusing puzzles that you won't know the answer unless you looked it up on a gameplay-- and that experience gives me anxiety and also frustration whenever I play a new chapter. Although the anxiety is a good sign of the game being immersive, I'd say that devs should lessen these weird puzzles with little clue found in-game.
Another problem with this game is the translation, it does its best to present the situation but since the mistakes are very obvious, it ruins a good part of the experience of the story.

I do say that the game is pretty good at establishing a scary scene and it's very nerve-wracking whenever you have to choose in the choices or when you're unlucky to have entered a room with an active entity.
The game has a great potential with the visuals and sound effects, and the story.
et.senpai Cinema 14 - Intriguing Mystery Escape Game


Honestly its a really good horror visual novel mixed with puzzle solving. Its not really scary but the story it self is interesting and capturing plus its totally free which makes it god damn amazing
Naranja Explorador de Juegos Cinema 14 - Intriguing Mystery Escape Game


muy buen juego los sustos y el misterio aparte la historia nada mal el problema es bastante oscuro [暈] pero el puzle esta genial
Mộc Trà Cinema 14 - Intriguing Mystery Escape Game


game lỗi vcl[發火][發火][發火][發火]
BabyP1nkPr1ncess Cinema 14 - Intriguing Mystery Escape Game


It's a very interesting story, even better as it has several languages ​​... My problem is with the moments when you have to click on the screen at the right time, it is very slow and sometimes it doesn't even work there, you have to see many advertisements to get through
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