Sherrice jackson Game Hunter Helios Rising Heros


App size: 735MB. The tutorial is pretty quick. Pretty sure it only takes like 10 minutes to go through it. The download took another 5 so it's about 15 minutes per reroll.

Okay so this is another RPG for girls. That means there really won't be much imagination when it comes to game play (you select the order in which they attack and you can designate when they can use their burst skill.)

The story so far is okay and the graphics as well as the sound are top notch (I especially like when the units use their burst skill.)

My main problem definitely lies with the gacha. The game has heroes as well as frames (which if I am understanding correctly are for certain skills) in its gacha. There is a 5% chance for the highest rarity (4*) but it's split between heroes and frames. Heroes as you can guess have the lower rating at 2%. Frames 3%. At 3* you have a 5% chance at a hero and a 10% chance of getting a frame. 2* is where they are even at 40% each. Even if you do a 10 roll you are not guaranteed a hero. All you are guaranteed is something at 3* or higher. After 100 rolls in a specific gacha you are guaranteed a 4* hero and it's split between whatever is in that specific gacha. At the start you are given a 10roll ticket as well as 235 gems to start. It takes 300 gems to do a 10roll so that's alright. During the tutorial you are given the choice of selecting one 3* hero of your choice.

I would have no issue with rolling for frames, but they should've been placed in another gacha. They are pretty important so people would have to roll for them regardless.

As far as whether or not I'll play I'm not sure. I'm not desperate for a new game to play (The new tales of game is out and I do have things to do there.) The voice actors that are listed is the main reason I tried the game out (I like most of them and one of them is in my top 3 as far as favorites go.) It's the main reason I'm debating on whether or not I'll play. Game play being second as it's decent enough. I suppose I could reroll and play until I end up getting pissed about how I'm rolling more frames than heroes and then quit, but I'll see.
xeru Helios Rising Heros


I love this game ! The graphics and the art is so beautiful for a turn-based game like this. The game is also kind of generous because in 8 months of playing, I experience getting many things by just logging in to the game. There’s also a way to collect some needed things when patrolling and I can say that patrols is really helpful. You can also earn rubies in a lot of ways which is good but getting 4★ hero is so hard especially when it comes to my bad luck sometimes [大哭]

But yeah, It’s worth downloading. The game takes 1.15GB in my phone but I’m not sure if it will increase so I will be preparing my storage lol. Lastly, My favorite thing here is the animation in each burst. Especially the animations in 4★ heroes, I just find it pretty and addicting. [鬼臉] So that’s all. I recommend this to y’all if you’re interested, give it a try atleast. It’s pretty fun !
Kanned-Mei Helios Rising Heros


Main thoughts, I'd say that (overall) the game is very nice, especially for it being so early in its release. There's nice artwork that looks similar yet sets itself apart from Happy Elements' other games, fully voiced story lines (I'm a fan of voice actors, so it's always an added bonus to be able to hear their emotion flowing through their lines!), and pretty high quality animations and effects. A nice mix of casual and involved gameplay, cool characters with unique abilities, attributes, and powers from different backgrounds, my gay self is blowing up at the seams with excitement! But, there are quite a lot of glitches that interupt game flow 'n such, leaving many players unable to even open the game.

[IN-DEPTH REVIEW BELOW *very wordy, sorry;;]

I will say, I'm gonna draw a lot of comparisons to HE's other games (mainly Ensemble Stars) due to the three games being very similar, and this game feeling like a lovely mix of Basic & Music because of how much more fleshed out the game seems with it removing a lot of prior flaws 'n such.

To start, the game has 4 different *sectors; Blue North, Green East, Red South, and Yellow West, all of which having their own group of (abnormally attractive) heroes.

The gameplay is very similar to my experience with *HE's other games, like Last Period and Ensemble Stars. The game leaning more to Ensemble Stars (obviously, these boys are gorgeous), but with more hints of Last Period to give off the battle-game feel and vibe to match the characters and story. The gameplay itself is a turn-based battle system with waves of enemies to battle. The battle system is simple, with it being fast-paced while also sprinkling stuff like a simple type advantage system (like the weapon triangle in Fire Emblem or type advantages in Pokémon, for those who are familiar with that) involving the 4 different elements/power types (like Ensemble Stars!! with Volume, Performance, and Dance or Music's 4 elements, like Glitter), meaning your heroes have a weakness type, but also a type it's more resistant to and strong against. You battle in QUESTS (like PRODUCE in Basic or LIVE STAGE in Music) using your team of chosen 4 heroes with up to 3 add-ons on each hero called 'frames'. Frames are one of the two pullable types in this game's gacha (the other being heroes), even going as far as being very similar to the heroes, having better art the higher the rarity. The frames power up your characters, provide bonuses, and offer skills to your heroes in battle. The frames, like your heroes, come with an element/power type, and matching the two can have great effects! But, matching your heroes with frames with that same hero in it will give them a new skill (if in the main frame slot, sub doesn'tgive you a skill), so it's up to preference how you choose to take on quests. And, each hero and their other variations come with bonuses that are applied in battle when using certain characters together in a certain order, so that's another nice detail.

Speaking of frames, I want to bring up a relatively overlooked problem relating to them and the gacha. Like I mentioned, there are two types of things you can pull from the gacha: Heroes & Frames. But, the problem is that, when you *order, you're pulling for BOTH. There is no way as of launch to pull for one type, even within the lower rarity gacha. The problem seems rather minor, but will definitely get more annoying as the game progresses and you really only need or want a new hero or just a frame. Seems as if the more complex the game, the harder the gacha gets in HE games.. Problems with the Orders aside, the gacha itself is very comparable to HE's other games (which is a whole other problem within itself). The rarity system is ranging from 1* - 4*, and the combined pull rate for the highest rarity, being 4*, is 2%, and individual pull rates being .5% (at least so far with the Orders at launch, as focus or birthday orders in the future may have increased rates). The gacha uses the main in-game currency, being gems, at 300 for a 10-pull (guranteed 3* or higher on your first) and 3o for an individual pull (that's what I'm calling
'em at least), but also regular coins for the lower rarity gacha (like scout tickets in Ensemble Stars where you can't pull higher than a 4* card) using 3,000 for 1 pull, and 30K for 10.

Back to gameplay (the more simple/casual side, at least), there are a lot of features from Basic & Music that were implemented into Helios. There's a customisable room for up to 4 heroes of your choice (like the Office in Music except you can save up to 100 different room layouts and reload 'em whenever) with purchasable furniture and decor using home tokens that are earned from sending your heroes off on patrols to protect each of the 4 sectors at once (like Work in Basic using both the work from Ensemble Stars! and the new work from Ensemble Stars!! to do 4 at once) for a time period of your choice (30 minutes - 10 hours) to run in the background (in case y'all haven't played Basic, you can still use the heroes you put on patrol in QUESTS, it's just a time-waiting farming sort of thing), with higher time spent patrolling giving a larger total of rewards. Though similar to Basic's work system, there's more (optional) interaction with enemies that show up every now 'n then in any of the sectors you've sent out patrol on that can easily be beaten by literally just rapidly pressing two buttons to contain the threat and save citizens, leading to more personal rewards from both the enemy and the citizens. Though, there are these medals that are used to *evolve heroes that can only be found (with the slightest chance) on story quests and on patrols that don't even drop every time, even at 10hr intervals. And with there being 4 different medals matching the 4 different sectors, there's gonna be a problem if you just want to evolve your heroes but can't because you don't have the 5 or so medals of the hero's sector. Speaking of hero growth, this game, unlike Ensemble Stars, has you have to spend coins to level up, stack duplicate frames, and upgrade heroes/frames outoside of quests (like in A3). I don't personally like this feature, since there might come a time where I just want to use my level up tickets really quickly to level up a new hero I got only to realize I need 30K coins just to level up to 40;;

Final thoughts, I highly recommend Helios Rising Heroes! It's a nice mix of HE's previous successors, and an even nicer mix of casual & more involved gameplay and idol & battle games. The characters and story is nice, their voices all very unique and expressive. The animations and effects expressed through sprites, the menu, and even the focus orders are all just amazing and show just how much work was put into the games and making everything speak for itself and oozing with charm. It's easy to pick up and put down, and so far seems like it'll meet a lot of high expectations and hopes. Especially hoping they improve on tbe gacha and fixing the glitches! I want more people to be able to play this and would love to see the game grow.

*HE stands for Happy Elements, which is the company behind the game.

*Sectors are basically units/idol groups like from Ensemble Stars, or troupes from A3, etc.

*Order is what the game refers to the gacha as, like Ensemble Stars calling theirs 'Scouts'.

*Evolving a hero is just like blooming a card in Ensemble Stars by reaching a certain part of the idol/hero road.
Ciel Game Hunter Helios Rising Heros


very precious at first when I knew that it was the company of happy element the devlopper. Then I knew immediately this game will be extraordinary , the story is good all voiced , same for personal stories and that's something other games don't have , but the most important thing is the battles , it's not they're minis but the whole character fighting I really like that, my fav boi is Ren and his burst is so cool ❤️ .The rate in the gacha for 10 pull is 300 the most normal one and it's easy to get gems so I don't have anything to complain about ...maybe one thing's ...super ....hard get a 4stars card that's all apart that little problem I recommend this game and I'm secretly hoping for an anime adaptation. Am I the only one who dance in the game settings ?😂
makkuchan Helios Rising Heros


если смогу вырероллить 4* Грея, то будет вам пять звёзд и объективное мнение

UPD: В связи с выдачей тикета, с помощью которого я смог получить Грея, пишу обещанный нормальный отзыв:
• В игре отличный геймплей. Анимации высокого качества, приятная озвучка всех движений; если не использовать авто-мод, то есть над чем подумать (как сочетать способности, какого парня отправить первым, когда лучше всего применить скилл), но на ивенте, честно сказать, проще играть именно с авто, ибо переигрывать один и тот же баттл надоест.
• В офис до сих пор зайти не могу, поэтому пять звёзд игра от меня не получит никогда, уж извините. (Хочу кормить Грея капкейками, а не ловить вечную ошибку >:((
• Карточки безумно красивые, причём любой редкости. Фреймы тоже.
• Гача дно, думаю, с этим согласны все. Буду копить только на лимитки Грея, ибо иначе у меня просто не останется денег. Всех остальных буду брать только с ивентов (которые, к слову, довольно легко проходятся).
• Патруль штука прикольная, можно немного понаблюдать за тем, как чибики бегают по карте, иногда что-то говорят.
อย่ามีปัญหากับช่องเค้า Helios Rising Heros


เนื้อเรื่องคือมีวัตุแปลกๆที่จะนำพาหายนะมาสู่มนุษย์ จึงได้มีการรวบรวมคนจาก million state มาสู้เพื่อความอยู่รอด


มาต่อที่ออร์บมีสูงสูด3อัน(ที่อยู่ตรงรายชื่อฮีโร่ในโหมดbattle)ซึ่งนั่นคือรอบที่เราสามารถเลือกฮีโร่ได้ มีอยู่2สีคือสีเหลืองกับสีแดง สีแดงถ้าใช้จะตีแรงขึ้น
ชอบสุดคือ union attack เป็นการใช้สกิลBURSTฮีโร่2คนขึ้นไป และคนที่เป็น4ดาวแล้วโจมตีคนแรกจะมีอนิเมชั่นที่เห็นแล้วแต่งค่ะ!!!
มีฮีโร่สกิล เช่น โจมตี,เสริมATK,ฮีล,ลดDEFฝ่ายตรงข้าม ฯลฯ

สามารถตกแต่งห้องได้ รู้สึกว่าเฟอร์นิเจอร์ต้องไปซื้อเอาตามเมืองซึ่งแต่ละเมืองเฟอร์นิเจอร์แตกต่างกัน ให้ของขวัญฮีโร่

ระบบนี้ง่ายๆแค่ส่งฮีโร่ไป2คนต่อ1เมืองเมื่อไปเจอศัตรูแค่กดเข้าไปจิ้มจอรัวๆ บางทีเจอชาวเมืองมาให้ของขวัญ

Cyde Helios Rising Heros


well, there's still bug.. since it new release. i wouldn't mind tho. it's super laggy at battle in potato phone like me.. i hope they will add optimization for phone like me (or maybe you). like more advance graphic setting or graphic while battle setting in the next patch.. but, yea.. still hoping tho QwQ

overall, good game. if my phone isn't potato, i would really enjoy this game. the game full size around 1,8gb (when you entirely dl data through setting). gacha.. pretty low, but okay for me. graphic and ui are similar to ensemble stars. well, that's from me.
ashefe Helios Rising Heros


𝔣𝔩𝔢𝔲𝔯𝔩𝔢𝔢 Helios Rising Heros


Сижу просто, смотрю на это вот все... Типичные хэппиэли, что я могу сказать еще?
Оформление прекрасное, мальчики красивые, сюжет обещает быть интересным, музыкальное сопровождение тоже на уровне, но гача все портит.
Вероятность выбить нужного тебе персонажа до ужаса низкая. Это на самом деле обидно и печально, потому что видно, что, по сути, разработчики ориентируются на «донатонли» плееров. Конечно, всем нужно кушать, но это уже перебор.
Сносить не буду, ибо игра заинтересовала, однако отрицательные эмоции все же присутствуют.

Витенька прекрасен!! [開心]
OnOrOffBR Helios Rising Heros


This game is just AMAZING, another one on my list that made me like it so much and stuck in the game, I literally lost my life just doing Reroll's to get Akira's letter lying down, there were more than 50 Reroll's, and I'm serious, I counted them all, and in the end I couldn't catch him. But the game is really good, I recommend it highly, just don't get your sleep because of this game [委屈][害羞][發困]
とん仮面ライダー Helios Rising Heros


すべてのキャラクターはハンサムです。 私はこのゲームが一番好きです。[開心][開心][開心][開心][開心][開心][開心][開心][開心][開心][開心]
Cherry Khanh Ngan Helios Rising Heros


game hay, đồ hoạ thì cũng được vì tạo hình nhân vật lúc chiến đấu không được đẹp cho lắm nhưng đánh giá chung là tuyệt vời vì nhân vật được lồng tiếng nghe đã tai lắm, còn đẹp trai nữa[開心][開心][開心]
ohnoblm Helios Rising Heros


Очень зацепила графика и персонажи. Про сюжет пока сказать точно не могу, но я уверена, что игра обещает быть интересной. С гачей есть некоторые траблы, а именно низкий дропрейт, но я не нахожу его слишком плохим, в принципе под пивас пойдет
Грей лапушка, уже назначила его своим сыном номер один
Macaron Chan Helios Rising Heros


Since it's happy ele I know they won't be too generous about the gacha system, but overall this is a good game. But I don't understand why the battle is so laggy, my phone can run HI3 and many 3D battle, as well as 2D battle like FGO smoothly, but why this game can't, idk, hope they will improve this soon.

The gacha rate is fịne, just like FGO but increase the rate, 5% for 4 star character cards and frames. I like the artstyle, remind me of EnStar

The UI is clearer than EnStar, but it's kinda...plain? I'm not good with words so sorry haha. The boys are so cute, them all fit in my taste *lick over screen*.

The battle, ah yes, the battle, remind me of Senjyushi * Silently cried* but more strategy, you can chose the order, there are skills activate, there are link combos. It's good, but not that deep, all I do for now is auto, hehe if they have boss fight in event then it's will much B E T T E R.

I uninstall it for now because i will wait for more events and the fandom.
Garururu Gato Helios Rising Heros


Really fun game with lots of fun features you can enjoy even as a very laidback player!

The characters are all lovely and very interesting, with their own issues that get addressed through the story. A detail i love is that all characters have some sort of interaction between them! The voice actors all do a great job and even some big names are part of the cast too. Important specially for the seiyuus fans out there: helios releases songs and drama CDs too, so you have lots to enjoy even outside the game.
The main story is completely voiced and gets updated with a new chapter periodically! It's really interesting and the events in the stories are usually connected between them, which is really cool. You can see and actually feel the characters grow up as time passes!

The gameplay is pretty simple and can remind you of games like azur lane, arknights or even fgo. You can play on auto without much problem to get things done, but more strategy will be needed for the harder stages. You can easily get all the important event rewards without having to play too much, no matter how weak your teams are! It's fun to set higher goals for yourself once you get stronger, though.
The cards are adquired both through gacha and events. The more copies you have the stronger you'll get, even for 2* characters! The gacha is usually kind, the spark system is good (30 rolls for the max rarity character) and each 10 rolls you are guaranteed a max rarity character. Those cards have a special animation that is always amazing! Lower rarity ones only get special motions but it's still fun to see what they come up with each time.
There is also a room you can decorate with the furniture you get from events or buy in the areas (no real purchase, game coins only). You can have the chibis of the characters there and visit random rooms too!

If the art is what matters most to you, helios has some truly amazing illustrations! The quality is very high and won't betray your expectations!

Overall, it's a very enjoyable game with great characters, super interesting story and easy to play! It's very kind to f2ps too (overly so, even) so unless you are too weak to gacha (understandable) you'll be able to play without having to open your wallet. I do recommend supporting the game though! They have some cheap monthly packs that are very worth it and even a monthly pass that gives you game money each day you log in.
I love helios a lot and hope everyone can have such a good time enjoying it like I have been doing for months already!!
💌 Helios Rising Heros


A pretty good graphics for a turn-based game. The gameplay is so fun especially while watching each 4* burst animation. It’s kind of addicting ngl but the gacha is kind of idk.. It's really hard to get 4* but oh well, I love Gray so I'll stay.
花子 Helios Rising Heros


Je n'arrive pas à ouvrir l'application ;-; ...
est-ce qu'il y'a moyen de faire une mise à jour pour arranger ça ?
Hoshishi Helios Rising Heros


For what I've played until now, it's a RPG game that is similar to others. Otherwise, the gameplay is pretty easy to understand, and the fqct that it's made from HappyEle ensure an AMAZING graphic too! Heroes are cool and handsome as usual, and the story is pretty ok too for now. I'll give it a try and let's see how it'll go 0w0
ケツァールソチトル Helios Rising Heros


Here is the review based on my personal opinion.

1) It's a gacha so yep grind and sadness when we don't get our favorite characters is expected. So I won't say much about it xD. It do give 4* character at the start from gacha.

2) Gameplay wise it's truly amazing. The fighting part is quite similar to fgo or epic 7. I am sucker for battle x solo husbando collector games. So if anyone has same taste I shall highly recommend it.

3) There are few glitches and bugs tho but I do hope
the dev fix this issue. In high performance mode it drains my battery quite fast. [開心]

But either way I shall say it's a awesome game worth giving a try !!!


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