Utawarerumono Lost Flag รีวิว

Sherrice jackson Game Hunter Utawarerumono Lost Flag


Yet another game that I was waiting on that turned out to be a huge disappointment.

Tutorial is super quick but you have to download over 1GB (took me about 15 min to get through the tutorial and the download)

The game is mostly auto with you tapping for skill use. The graphics also look a little bleh for a game that's been made in 2019. The art is fine by the way. I'm strictly speaking about the actual gameplay portion.

The gacha has a 5% rate for the highest rarity in the game but the problem with that is they have what amounts to weapons in the gacha. The highest rarity units have a 2% rate while the weapons have a 3% rate. This alone is enough for me to not bother with this game. They give you one free 10roll at the end of the tutorial. You get 1100 gems to start with and that isn't even half of what it takes to do a 10roll (takes 3k gems.)
killugon Utawarerumono Lost Flag


ok. after 8 months of deep game play analysis here is my review.
(edited at 22 July 20)

-The Graphic
is without doubt a disappointment
tbh even Utawarerumono 2002's Pixel Art look better.

- Gameplay
start out as a auto battle and then you press skill between that.
it's a little bit too simple but it's can be fill this void by some Boss mechanic
which will made you think about skill timing a bit.

There is no element system in this game, an outright insult to Utawarerumono franchise.
before start battle the enemy will show an icon,
if you match enemy icon with your unit, you will deal 50 percent more damage and take half damage from enemy.

AP in this game is scarce and I mean it. 1 AP per 6 minute when the farming spot cost 18-21.
you may considering use gem to refill AP(100AP : 100gem)
to guarantee event item instead of hoping for a single pull(300gem)

There is a restriction that your unit will not gain more level then you(A player level)
to grind player level you must pass NEW stage. and if you stuck,
good luck and rage to your heart's content.

With the new introduction of HanaFuda mini card game
their reward can finally let you upgrade those low star (after half year ffs)
which tolerate those poor soul that have bad Gacha luck.

- Summon (skip this if you will whale anyway)
if you know about FGO then know that this is worse.
after you get all those gem in the story, you will get a questionable 30 gem from daily quest
and around 150 per 7-days login when there is no login event.

there is very huge gap between "this is usable and outright garbage"

a tip for starter is you MUST reroll to at least have 2 SSR unit
(a 1 SSR is able to clear all stage in this game at the moment but that limited to those that know how to play)
After you have strong enough team to complete VH4 or VH5
I strongly suggest you to save your gem for Anniversary event.

despite all this negative review and you still want to play?
then welcome to the club.

if you want more information there is a discord
and wiki https://utawarelf.miraheze.org/wiki/Main_Page
Zupah Utawarerumono Lost Flag


Disclaimer: I am a huge fan of the whole Utawarerumono franchise so my review is biased. This is also mostly about my personal experience while playing.

I really love the game. It has most of the meaningful Utawarerumono characters besides Haku and Hakuoro and also new characters since the story of the game is a new story. Sadly the story is quite difficult to enjoy for a non Japanese speaker since it is all in Japanese and isn't voiced, so reading Japanese is the only option.

At the time of writing this review there is a swimsuit event ongoing and they seem to have a new event every month or so.

The art is what you would expect from the Utawarerumono franchise really high quality, except for the gameplay 3D models, which are surprisingly low definition.

I personally haven't used any money into the game and have rolled around 80 gacha rolls in a little over a month. The free to play aspect seems good so far, but I have cleared most of the base story chapters which have been the biggest source of gems to roll the gacha and I'm afraid that my rolls might slow down significantly. Gacha rolls overall have been very good and I have already gotten 8 3-star units which are the highest star units. You can power up units all the way to 5 stars, but the gacha will only give you 1-3 star units.

Gameplay has been pretty good so far and the game definitely doesn't get too grindy as it regularly gives you tickets to autoclear already 3 starred stages in an instant. This also means you can easily level up new and weaker characters by using them in a team while clearing a high level stage with a ticket, since the ticket clear doesn't seem to care about the strength of your chosen team. After a month of gameplay I have reached the level of 39 at which I have cleared the whole base difficulty story maps and unlocked the full story so far. I have also cleared up to halfway in hard mode. In the current event I have cleared the base and hard difficulties without much difficulty, but only 2 out of 3 of the very hard difficulty maps.

The biggest downside is definitely the beginning of the game, as it will make you download the game for a very long time and then after you think you get to play, there will be a second big download. But after these two the only downloads are updates.

In conclusion: if you're a fan of Utawarerumono and gacha games, you will like this game. And if you don't take it too seriously, being free to play seems completely viable.
Derrick EE Utawarerumono Lost Flag


For people who complains about the game are 100% not utawarerumono fans, since the very first series, it has always been the storyline which fans pursue.
Nguyễn Phú Thịnh Utawarerumono Lost Flag


Gameplay too bad .
Graphics in 2004.
Audio made me remember that time i convert video to 3gp and watch it on stupid phone in that time .
OP where ? I can't see it .
ไวตามิลแชมป์ Utawarerumono Lost Flag


มาสะทีกับเกมซีรี่ Utawareru ฉบับมือถือแท้ๆ
ภาคนี้เป็นภาคที่มีเนื้อเรื่องออริของตัวเองเลย ในส่วนเนื้อเรื่องคนที่ติดตามซีรี่นี้มานานคงไม่ต้องอธิบายมาก

งานภาพสวยอาร์ตเวริ์คสวยมาก~~ แต่ตัว3Dกากฟุดๆ

แต่ที่มาตกม้าตายสุดๆผมยกให้ระบบการเล่นที่เป็น RPG จ้า~~ฟาร์มหนักๆแบบปุริคอน คงอาจจะเพราะผมไม่ชอบแนวนี้ล่ะผมเลยมองว่าเกมมาตกม้าที่ระบบการเล่นตรงนี้

ส่วนถามว่าน่าเปย์ไหม หมุนสิบโปรโมชั่นการันตรีนางเอกภาคแรกกับน้องแฝดอยู่หน้าตู้แบบนี้ คือสำหรับแหนบอยซีรี่นี้ มึงเอาตังกูไปเลย!!
Petteri Hyyppä Utawarerumono Lost Flag


The story and characters are as interesting and entertaining as you would expect from the Utawarerumono series. I would definitely recommend it to anyone that enjoyed the previous installments and has basic understanding of Japanese. Personally I'm using a translation app to assist my mediocre reading skills.

The actual gameplay part is nothing special. Gacha mechanics combined with solid tactical battle of some sort might make a fun game if everything was geared towards a great gameplay experience rather than maximizing profit, but unfortunately that's not the case here. Collecting characters you know and care about can be fun for a while, but everything tends to get repetitive after a while.
khor Eng Chin Utawarerumono Lost Flag


root phone cannot play
愛美琴 Utawarerumono Lost Flag


Please realese global version
Raccoon Ch Top Contributor Utawarerumono Lost Flag


Utawarerumono Lost Flag[害羞]
เกมนี้แฟนๆคงเยอะน่าดูไม่ขอรีวิวอะไรมากละกัน สวยงามใช้ได้ดีๆ แต่ความเห็นส่วนตัวคิดว่างานเส้นสวยมากครับในภาพวาด 2D
Faiz Okazaki Utawarerumono Lost Flag


best game,.. make me happy everytime seeing the chara!!!!
MIRA CM Utawarerumono Lost Flag


Me encanta este juego, tanto su modo de batalla, como su parte visual e historia. Es increíble. ♡♡♡
sodsip Utawarerumono Lost Flag


лучшая игра для занятых людей, девачки[開心]
нет бессмысленно долго растянутого гринда (привет, фго), просто обожаю эту игру

p.s. акваплас, дайте мне мою Анджу в костюме горничной, умоляю[大哭]
tyrilanel Utawarerumono Lost Flag


Okay, after 1 year and half playing it, i think i can give a good review of it. I'll give details, this will be long guys.

i'll be honest directly : the only point that keeps me playing this game is that utawarerumono is one of my favorite universe ever.

if you understand japaneese, the story is realy good with brand new characters added to the universe and now they're working on voicing the whole story. i'll not expand much on it.

New accounts:
the early game is quite pretty hard for the genre. at least from my memory. Every stage has some mechanics you have to respond in some ways or the fight becomes really hard. And with the limited choices of new accounts this is sometime extremely frustrating.

game's routine:
i'll speak more of the end game and so gache routine of this game since that's where i am now ... so here's what awaits you if you stick to this game :

every month has its event, and the event lasts the whole month. Stages are unlocking at devs' will during it.
the combat mechanic somewhat feels nice for a gacha game, with good mechanics you have to think of and all... but feels unexploited to their full potential. The really good eelements wheel from utawarerumono games is... not really there anymore. Your can only get bonuses if you match the enemy's element, no disadventages.

it makes me come to the main problem or strenght of this title :
once you reach a certain critical mass of strong units/mirrors, you don't play the game anymore. Your daily routine is to buy your daily stamina items from all the shops, gulp them down, use skip tickets on the event node of your choice, collect reward and see if you can take something you want from the event shop with it. You don't even get to use your units daily a single time of there's nothing new.
And if there's something new you don't see them long either. there's so many teams able to just instantly burst down enemies down that whatever the "very hard" nodes gimick they can try to throw at you, you just instantly delete them within 5 seconds of fight.

Every 3 months, raid events are held alongside the usual one : you farm the usual event to get access tokens for the raid event in the shop.
raids are boss fights, with multiple phases, and you have to build up to 5 full teams that will take the fight one after another in attempt to beat it. this is the only challenge of the game as for now, and it makes you actually finaly play it. You can enjoy your synergies and watch them work here, and it's pretty damn nice imo. And the raid rewards are genraly interesting.

Balance :
i'm speaking of power... so let's talk more about it.
the gap in power between units is stupidly high. Some units are auto include in all team given their abilities (hello haku!) while others are barely usable, as for any gacha games you would say. that's right i'd answer, but if there is a nnew gimick and you lack the new character/mirror to fight it... you're up to build a broken team to brute force it, and you'll have to roll or it given the strong powercreep there is.

which lead me to my last point but not least of this review : the cursed RNG of gacha games.
so lets start with the basis : forget about getting a good gems income in the game. if you do your homeworks correctly, you get 30 gems daily, and 150 from standard loggin through the week... that's a whooping 360 gems a week... for a game that needs 3000 to roll the gacha 10times... event rewards are not saving the day on that point too, if you want to roll... you'll have to save alot of time.
at least there is roll tickets to save the day : with each events (so each months) comes 40 tickets to collect through the shop, daily loggins, or event score milestones. so you have 40 rolls each months, that are only usable on the event banner and are only available for their event... no saving on them between events.
each event introduces 2 new units per month, divided in 3 banners through it : a 2 week character banner will appear first, then a second banner will appear 1 week later featuring the 2 of them that will last until the end (revealing the 2nd character at that moment) then the 2 last week will have the 2nd character solo banner. You can use your tickets on any of them. there is a pitty systems, that gives you a rate up character from the banner after 10 multi rolls, but singles and ticket rolls don't count on that pity... so don't count on it unless you're a whale.

aside of those banner there's also an advent banner each month, which features characters/mirrors unique to this kind of banner and a double SSR rate. raid events can provide 10 tickets for those ones. else it's up to gems, event characters are not in so it's a hard choice to make.

because yes : event characters and mirrors are increasing your event points gain, points you can trade in event shop for goodies... and not having bonuses from gacha is seriously shutting down your ability to get everything you want in this shop in time.
So limited rolling ressources and tought rolling choices you have to make are leading to frustration, and frustration is leading to looking for more gems, aka buying them... it's well made and they know their stuff, it's really easy to fall for it in utawarerumono lost flag, they're pushing you to the gacha like few game are doing it and you don't always notice it... be really aware of it if you plan on playing it.
Min Suk Kim Utawarerumono Lost Flag


This fking collection of painful fail does not deserve name under Utawarerumono. Aquaplus please remove this game on market. This shit is ruining whole franchise...
Shinigami Game Utawarerumono Lost Flag


this is my favorite game other fgo and arknight [開心]
Replay Utawarerumono Lost Flag


Esta bastabte bien, la historia te la puedes acabar en 1 semana, y los niveles más dificil si tienes suerte en 2 semanas, luego hay más como las excavaciones que requieren varios equipos pero es sólo eso, contenido para los que quieran explotar al máximo el gameplay y meter dinero.
Ahora si no te gusta Utawarerumono realmente no le veo punto jugar, el gameplay es entretenido en mi opinión pero no suficiente como para justificar jugarlo solo por ello.
La historia esta buena y los diseños(2d) también y eso es lo único que buscaba en este juego, por lo que contento.
fyrion Utawarerumono Lost Flag


Dessus depuis le début il y a plus de 2ans maintenant .
Je trouve que le titre s'est bonifiés avec le temps. Beaucoup de choses ont été amélioré depuis le début que se soit avec la gestion de la stamina ou le contenu en jeu.
Chaque moi il y a 1 a 2 event permettant de récupérer 30-40 tirage sur la bannières, sans compter les crystaux en plus.
Le jeu est devenu intéressant avec le nouveau contenu proposé. Il n'est plus question d'avoir le meilleur perso mais de trouver les combinaisons de perso/miroirs a utiliser selon les map.
Avec les pact15 ajouté il y a environ 1 ans, les vieux perso on commencer a etre re balance pour etre de nouveau efficace.
Pas tout les perso peuvent finir en 5* comme dans Princess Connect.
Il n'est pas nécessaire d'avoir 5-6x le même perso pour le maxer, une seule fois suffi.

J'aime bcp la sélection des perso qui sorte. C'est pas comme idola qui sortait 6-7x le même perso avec un skin alternatif. Ici on retrouve les perso de Uta1-2-3 mais aussi quelque perso venant de d'autre jeux aquaplus ainsi que bcp de nouveau personnages créé pour le lost frag.
Visuellement ce n'est pas une tuerie mais j'aime l utilisation des modèle 3d un peu chibi de la trilogie originale.
Pour la partie musique ca reste du très bon: des nouvelles pistes ainsi que des reprises.

Un bon gacha qui malgré des début très imparfait s'est très amélioré et bonifié avec le temps !
kleinWinWin Utawarerumono Lost Flag


Sadly I can't really read Japanese but it's possible to play the game.x3 Though I can't tell much about the story. Waited so long for this game!x3
Ajin Utawarerumono Lost Flag


If I have to be honest, this game disappoints.


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