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Sherrice jackson Game Hunter ヒーロー’sパーク


app size ~800mb reroll time takes 15-20min. you can skip a part of the tutorial. biggest problem is the download

okay so the game doesn't really do anything new. it combines certain elements from other games so its slightly different but not by much.

the characters look good and the voice actors are great.

gacha rate is also good at 5% for a ssr. it also let's you choose a ssr to start with. and it gives enough for a 10roll as well as a few singles.

the gameplay is pretty simple which is where the game falls short (there's only one skill that you hit. everything else is auto) but it's damn sure better than a lot of the garbage we've been getting as far as otome games are concerned.

even with the gameplay being as simplistic as it is I'm going to stick with it.

edit: game won't be receiving updates once maintenance hits on August 5th. Not surprised. my interest in the game dropped significantly since i made this review.
Akarashi Arashi ヒーロー’sパーク


Played this for a long time and such a waste to stop, especially cause it's a dead game now.
Game still runs and gacha rates still good. No repetition cards, they convert it to Feathers that can help you get tickets to roll better cards.
Currencies very easy to obtain, Diamonds and Kiseki(their common currency) can be obtained purely via completing missions and Battles.
Card graphics are beautiful and superb. Such a shame there's no more update. Game is heavy due to usage of sprites in Battle. My phone is Huawei and it takes time to load each section/page and Battle.
Main stories voiced and actually have many veteran, great voice actors voicing them. The protag is un-voiced and very standard otome game female. But don't worry, you only see her in Stories, not in the gameplay.
Like other games, emphasis on real-time to level things up(Main Attraction, Time Attractions, Battle Point(like stamina) replenishment).
Because of Battle system, cards have skills(for higher rating cards, they can change despite being the same character), Special Moves, character combination combo, etc.
I like this game because it doesn't completely go Auto like A3!, Twisted Wonderland, or BlackStar that has sections where you have to wait for the characters to do things on their own. In this game, it's equivalent to the Battle section, but, you can immediately skip the Battle and get your rewards directly. Only Boss Battles require you to manually let them auto Battle, even then you still need to manually press the Special Move button. Tho the Battle sequence is mainly on auto, you can speed it up by x1, x2 or x3 and I assure you it's fast. In fact, you need to finish the battle in a time duration or else you'll fail the Battle and "Lose".
Jokyexe Top Contributor ヒーロー’sパーク


El juego se ve interesante pero en mi opinión es muy frustrante sus tiempos de carga enormes y a veces se cierra sin razón (coste que juego en un celular decente :/ )

Su propuesta de juego es buena, pero esta demasiado saturado de muchos datos, necesita una muy buena optimización.
NasailaAkira ヒーロー’sパーク


suka ada bug atau ngelag gitu, itu aja sih. Makanya sampe sekarang baru beberapa kali doang gw mainin ╯﹏╰
Lin ヒーロー’sパーク


ジャンヌは俺の嫁 ヒーロー’sパーク


Interesting approach on otome games, great characters, great rates. 5% SSR 10% SR. The gameplay is a bit too simple but still fun.[開心][開心][開心]
Selenae ヒーロー’sパーク


This isn't a true otome; there is no romance between any of the guys and the female MC. However, despite that, this game is still very entertaining. The level of polish and attention to smaller details is absurd - the animations within the game itself are some of the best I've seen in a mobile title in a long time.

The game is stupidly generous, too - at 5% for an SSR, the game spat out 6 SSRs for me on top of my starting chosen SSR, Hayato Takamizu for a total of 7 SSRs without spending any money. That is unheard of.

Even with the simple, automated gameplay, and and a severe lack of a romantic element, the premise and generousity of this game have hooked me enough to make it my new main game. As long as events aren't ranking, that is.
Peerawutgaga ヒーロー’sパーク


- The graphics are very good. The story scene and cards are beautiful. Although there is no animation scenes but only the still images are impressed. The character designs are good.
- Actually, I play this game with sound off, but I turn it on sometimes. The balance between BGM, sound effects and actors' voice is fine.
- The game play is good. In my opinion this game is time killing game which you spends the time unattended. The game play is simple, but there are many features to try.
- The gasha rate and it prices are reasonable. You can survive the game without paying. At least, you can buy every event gasha once.
- The paid players are significantly different from the free players. The event cards can help you compete the ranking easier because it multiply the scores.
- The software quality may be the worst part of this game. The game is very slow on my device (Nokia 7 Plus), which is should not be. I would suggest that the developer should improve the game performance as the first priority. There are a lot of defects found since it was released but almost defects has been fixed so far.
- I haven't tried the game support.
- The overall game is fine. The game concept and game play are simple, but simple is the best. If the game improved the performance, it would be one of the best game in this category.
MnL ヒーロー’sパーク


This is really A GOOD GAME!!!
Love the art and voices. Love the story. Good and simple gameplay. I have fun playing this (≧∀≦)
the loading and lag is annoying but... give them time to fix it.
Melur Fatima Haris ヒーロー’sパーク


Interesting concept with the usual simple otome gameplay system. Haven't read the story yet but i had fun with the intro. Characters are good, same goes for the voice actors. I don't really understand about gacha rate since it's just been released recently (and 1 of my hero teams is so weak they can't even finish the easy course bc no SR/SSR among them 😂).
Overall, i like this game and want to keep it (bc i like the tokusatsu/magical boy-ish concept ehe). The downside is the loading time - it took me a whole day of trying to install and play, idk if it's just my phone or my connection or something with the app itself. Even now, it needs to download something whenever i open the app.
I wish for the app to thrive and develop without rushing things that might ruin the game 🍀
Orenji.P ヒーロー’sパーク


Amazing game. I Like it!
CanameMik Top Contributor ヒーロー’sパーク


Another game with valkyrie connect battle system (idk what is it called af) even though, it seems pretty interesting...

it has some kind of park management, so you can do people's request to get rewards. also they gave you an ssr of your character choice even though the game is still hard for me, idk probably i just can't figure out what to do lol

also this is an otome game right?? it's rare to see another female character beside the mc in otome games af.
「asagi☆ 」 ヒーロー’sパーク


this game is all fun until there's an update and I can't log in in days because the data just won't download....
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