Pedro Sena Destiny Child | โกลบอล


Garbage MC design and annoying voice. If you gonna have a protagonist, do it like Persona. Have the protagonist be voiceless, so at least the player feels like he is part of the story, instead of just watching as a 3rd party. Or better yet, why not just have a faceless protagonist like every other mobile game? Or at least one with a less horrible design. These types of games already lack interactivity, at least acknowledge the player's presence. Take all mobile games of success: FGO, GBF, AL, GFL. The protagonists in those don't have a lot of development so you can put yourself in their place. Gudao and Gran have neat and simplistic designs and are voiceless. Commander in Azur Lane and Girls Frontline are just you.
Also it's censored. Thankfully you can bypass that, but for me it wasn't worth it because of the aforementioned issue.
KPCahyadi Destiny Child | โกลบอล


Same as japanese version that got censored except now you can easily navigate thru menu and stuff because the language barrier is now gone, the one thing that make this game stand out from the other gacha is the fact that this game was friendly, untill the recent update that introduced the VIP system and literally make the game appeals gone from 75 to 0 in an instant.
Neo-Lance Destiny Child | โกลบอล


I can't stop playing!!
şevki kara Destiny Child | โกลบอล


PrinceDraco 101 Destiny Child | โกลบอล


seems really zoomed in, I assume this has been censored or something.
UltraInstinct Mekah Destiny Child | โกลบอล


Nice Game.
Start Zero Destiny Child | โกลบอล


Waiting For Global Version Was Worth The Wait
Lukas Maklifski Destiny Child | โกลบอล


Its even more f2p friendly than the jp version
เดอะ กิด คร้าปป้ม Destiny Child | โกลบอล


LoneStar Destiny Child | โกลบอล


I got epona and abaddon in 330000 coins summon
I'm so lucky to get 2 5 stars
charlie davis Destiny Child | โกลบอล


this is really good
Talii Yeager Destiny Child | โกลบอล


Agnieszka (Agnieszka XIII) Destiny Child | โกลบอล


not good :/ weird animations and crappy gameplay, don't download it.
Jimmy Bong Destiny Child | โกลบอล


very fun
John Smith Destiny Child | โกลบอล


Terrible. Just play the KR version instead.
Mikell Davis Destiny Child | โกลบอล


this game is great if your enemy Fanboy or a person that love this game over the graphics and great for you and you should get this game
ReDragonRize Destiny Child | โกลบอล


great played the JP version and I'm glad the finally made a Global 😊
Schavel Destiny Child | โกลบอล


Downloaded this for Miku but this main girl (the one in military outfit) just makes me want to kms I've never hated a character design that much so welp seems like I won't play this game since I feel like I'll see her a lot
Winnick Destiny Child | โกลบอล


ZeroHound Destiny Child | โกลบอล


Quite differ from JP..the good thing is the language barrier only [睡覺]


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