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Its rare to get a cute guy like him but.....This game is so awesome that i have oppertunity to get a guiet guy. i rate it 5 stars for that. love this game soo much[色色][色色][害羞][開心]
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Doesn't take up much memory, I like this. The storyline and gameplay are also great. Simple and casual. The development of Nao's character is also interesting. Great job!
Anw, this game can be played offline!

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This is so amazing~[色色] The storyline is great. I like that there 4 endings[開心]

Ps: Nao-can,you so cute!![開心]
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I think it is amazing keep up the good work😊[微笑]
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Yet Another one of SEEC's masterpieces ❤ The gameplay is nice and so is the story. Nao is really cute 😭
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Overall this was a very short but decent experience

The gameplay is very simple and repetitive but that's to be expected with these types of games
At least they give you an option to manually speed it up a little

However I have some issues with two of the endings (Spoilers after this line)

Or generally the entire part of the game after the "choose for him" choice

I don't have any issues with Cross dressing if the person wants to cross dress

But Nao doesn't seem to want to cross dress

In fact there are *several* scenes dedicated to the fact that he does not want to cross dress.

And also the fact the Protag immediately thought of making him cross dress and made him cross dress without even bothering to ask if he'd want to or if he's okay with that prior to forcing him to do so is just very gross to me.

Trying to take photos of someone without their permission especially when they've shown they do not want you to take photos of them is also extremely cruel and inconsiderate and it made me dislike the protagonist a fair bit to be honest.


Moving on to the actual endings

First off
The "Dark Side" ending

Initially this ending seems really realistic

After being essentially used and manipulated by what Nao perceives as his only friend he shuts himself in and starts missing school.

I felt really bad for him during the intital mid-dialogues before the one with the full image

And then he... Pins the Protag down to the floor while talking about how he's a "man"
It doesn't explicitly show what happens after that but whatever its implying I DO NOT LIKE IT

This also just comes out of literally f###### nowhere

You could argue the Arrogant ending also comes out of nowhere but that one at least has some reasoning (The fact he got exposed to positive attention from women by acting like this, which he didn't have before + his pre-existing notion that men like Ryota are popular with women which was established before on multiple occasions)

This? Has no reason to happen whatsoever

Why not just have a (still bad) ending where Nao becomes depressed after being used by the Protag and as such drops out of the contest, but is still willing to give the Protag a second chance even if what she's done heavily damaged his trust of her and strained their relationship?

Or idk just something that ISN'T THIS?!

I get that SEEC has some darker themes sometimes but this just seems like pointless shock value that came out of nowhere.

Now for the other ending
The "Princess" ending
Which is treated as if it were a good ending

Which just...

The fact that one of the good endings is achieved by using Nao and lying to him (judging by the phrasing of the choice, this is canonically Protag lying to Nao) is just lovely /s

If this was a story about a person with manipulative tendencies then this'd be fine but the Protag has never acted like this either before in the story or in different routes so what the f###???

The scene with Ryota mistaking crossdressing Nao for a girl and then having it revealed it was Nao during the contest was meant to be funny

And I guess it was

But it's not funny enough to make me enjoy the ending

The most screwed up part was at the very end of this ending when Protag starts referring to Nao with she/her pronouns?

Which just



I'm hoping this is some error in the translation from Japanese to English because if it isn't this is extremely gross.

If this story had something implying Nao wanted to be more feminine or wished to be a girl or something

Like literally anything

Then maybe I could understand it partially

But the story consistently and continously implies the EXACT OPPOSITE so what the hell.

What is the reason for using she/her?

He's not a trans woman and he explicitly says he wants to be perceived as a man multiple times on multiple routes

He's crossdressing. This is said multiple times.

Those are completely different things.

In fact I'd argue they're the exact opposites.

So this whole ending was just really disgusting to me

What doesn't help is the fact I got the endings in order of Arrogant -> Prince -> Dark Side -> Princess

So after Prince everything started going downhill essentially and it left a pretty bad taste in my mouth

And like

We could've easily avoided the whole manipulation, lying and misgendering thing while still keeping the exploring Nao's more feminine aspect as the point of those endings so why did they have to do this.

Or just... Have Nao be okay with Crossdressing or actually enjoy it a little prior to Protag lying to him if you REALLY wanted the Crossdressing

But well overall

Nao is still cute

Even when he's crossdressing but it'd be much cuter if he wasn't forced to crossdress by the Protag

And for the remainder of the endings and the parts before the endings his progression feels pretty real to me and I like him as a character

I don't really like the Protag in the dark side and princess endings because I don't like people who use others for their personal enjoyment (+ in the princess ending specifically are also liars)

In the other endings she's also likeable though

I can't really say the story is good if I didn't like half the endings on objective points

But overall
The story is just ok

Everything else was good

(Also this isn't related to the rating whatsoever but the first version of Nao is the cutest actually don't @ me)
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If you like games with storyline and love
this game I recommend to you
iSCREAM Jimi-Kare : My Quiet Boyfriend | อังกฤษ


i like that they have a back story and the whole story itself so far feels continuous.
i would also like to point out that i'm glad that it doesn't feel so repetitive like the other ones i tried.
definitely gonna keep this game for a long time~[微笑][色色][開心]
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Well I really like this game I haven't finished yet but I'm really love it! o(≧v≦)o Is just nao is just so precious I rlly love him!!!! 💕
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Honestly for an offline tapping game which doesn't take a lot of storage. It is quite aesthetically pleasing easy to play and at the same tine quite fun. All someone needs to have is the time and patient because honestly it takes quite some time to reach the end of the story
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Nao kawaii 💕
Thaeko Jimi-Kare : My Quiet Boyfriend | อังกฤษ


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мне нравятся персонажи, рисовка и сама история, но как я могу этим насладиться, если вся игра это какой-то кликер? с каждой главой количество нажатий вырастает на 100 раз. моего терпения хватило лишь до 5ой главы. 600 раз тыкать на экран и смотреть рекламу каждый раз, чтобы приблизиться к цели всего на 30 кликов? и всё это ради одной главы из максимум 15ти страниц? да пошли вы нахуй, тупая дешевщина для показа рекламы
Angelina01112004 Jimi-Kare : My Quiet Boyfriend | อังกฤษ


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i love it 😆
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