Ooga Ooga!:Tribe Simulator รีวิว

BlackMacaron Ooga Ooga!:Tribe Simulator


It is a game required internet connection to enter the game and after that you can go offline for in game (doesn't matter anyway). It provide tutorial at the early game and after that player could decide on their own for upgrading things and stuff. Most things can be obtained for free or watchings ads OR by making additional purchase. I am F2P so I don't make any purchase. The bgm and sound can be adjust from the setting but they really sound like environment in ancient times and having those hyping vibes.
Forgot to mention, leveling the characters(that you have) required their experiences and also money which can be obtained during their hunting session.
There also buff which was refer as ancient relics, they provide buffs and additional support for your character during hunting. This game is a bit idle and casual, if player don't know what they should do, they can refer to the missions given and also there are attendance rewards.
I don't know what else to add so this is kinda good game despite the design is really hilarious(for me) and hope other people would enjoy the game.[難過]
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