Eversoul รีวิว

Robinson Rauv Eversoul


Doesn't work in Vietnam, even with vpn. i guess the publisher's ex wife is vietnamese.
GigasXLR Eversoul


Short Version: Solid game with amazing graphics, cool combat, multiple contents and smooth performance, let down by "basic" main story and unnecessary mechanics. Warning though, this game is meant to be a "main game". Not a side game like Blue Archive or Pokemon Masters. Eventually this game will turn into a side game, but there's a lot of content early on.

Super Short Version: Idle game with more hassle, *cough*, content, with superb graphics.

Long Version:

Unfortunately there is no long version. Somehow qooapp kept saying there's sensitive words in my text, but I have no idea what it is. Sigh anyway, I'll make it brief.

Story: Average. Low average maybe since it nearly made me yawn. The story is just a typical isekai. Actually, more accurately, it's like Fate Series (FGO, Fate Stay Night) but way less appealing.

Personal/Love Story: Think of this as Blue Archive's individual stories. Now these stories are much better than the main one. However, it's a hassle. In Blue Archice you can contact them in messenger then start the story. Here, you need to contact them first and then find them in the town. Like why? Unnecessary hassle. This ain't Genshin...

Sound: Great VA work, Great Sound Effects, Good music

Graphics: Amazing graphics. The 3D models, expressions, movements, they're all great. Definitely much better than Time Defenders. Slightly better than Genshin. But not better than Honkai and Tensura....and 7ds I guess

2D Graphics: Amazing. Tons of story CGs. Multiple Live2d. The Graphics are the main powerhouse of this game

Interactive Lobby: Yes they have a character waiting for you in the lobby like Honkai. Though not as superior, it's good enough. You can....tap....on certain places.... I've said too much...Also, highly costumizable lobby like Counterside and SAO Unleash Blading.

Combat Graphics: Super super stiff.... The skill cutscenes look amazing, but combat animation ... it's a static version of King's Raid ....so....like ...RAID SHADOW LEGENDS....

Combat Play: 1 active skill and 1 ultimate skill. Ultimate gauge is shared, so you can fire 1 ultimate skill after the gauge is full. Weird? I know. Like Exos maybe? I forgot who uses the "shared ultimate gauge/meter/orb" system. Basic attacks are automatic.

Gacha: 30 Pulls to hit pity, nice. Unlimited reroll with all characters available to pull from it, nice. Different tickets for different Gacha, be aware of this. No gear/artifact gacha.

Gems: Rate of earning is....decent to low. Better play now else you won't get a great start, due to multiple rewards from grand opening. Or don't, up to you.

Shop: Meh, up to you. Didn't really pay attention. I mainly support games by buying skins or battle pass. Oh yeah, this game has battle pass.

Overall: Good game to try out in this early days of 2023. Will not replace the likes of Genshin, Honkai, Arknights, Guardian Tales, Blue Archive and PGR. This game is meant to be a main game. It cannot be a side game like Pokemon Masters.

Yeesh I said brief but it's actually long as well. Thanks for reading everyone
Mác Lê Eversoul


The game is available for download in many countries, but when entering the game, it cannot be played due to the IP ban. This is a dirty game of the publisher, the purpose is to increase the number of downloads, to trick the players that the game has many downloads to play. I call for a boycott of this game because of their dirty tricks. What do you get with dirty running from such a dirty team. From the beginning, they have played tricks to lure you into a trap, then they will continue to play some other dirty tricks to extort your money. Only God knows. It is best to stay away from bad management teams like this, there are many good games out there and serve you very well. What you gain in this game is just being SCAM.
Kasmi Chan Eversoul


i guess the only redeeming factor of this game is the graphics and soundtrack.. i think i heard a japanese bgm? but no japanese VA..i think they will separate that one or at least add JP voices in the future.

story is generic isekai.

gameplay? well this is an idle game so what do you expect?

gacha is nice at 30 pity but almost no gems/gacha currency in the story mode. you may get a few tickets here and there but that's it.. you will get chloe at end of chapter2 so pretty much you can overpower chapter3 if you can increase their levels and not worry about type advantages.. rare souls can evolve into epic if you can get the same copy twice or get 2 of the same rarity of the same type like jewel princess.. the town minigame is pretty nice! i like the design of the town.
Li Bánh Bao Eversoul


Do cái mỏ của bọn mày chơi game hỗn với toxic quá đấy nên 1 số game nó chặn ip cho khỏi chơi luôn :))) dừa vcl (ở đây là nói 1 số thằng toxic mỏ hỗn, nhắc lại là 1 số)
7Lords Game Hunter Eversoul


Eversoul Gameplay: https://youtu.be/iOb2YRz9a2Y
Vinh Nguyen Eversoul


-idle concept-> garbage
-auto-fight style (like 7knight or princon), very old and boring
*graphic: good
-region block alots of country so it's pretty hard to some player to even log in to game

=>F*CK them, if they not support and dont need player, so let this fcking game die, i wish it will closed in 2-3 month


[ Eversoul ] Best Tier List & Reroll Guide! | [에버소울] [エヴァーソウル] [永恆靈魂]


If you’ve been looking for Eversoul Tier List, then your search ends here, This Eversoul Tier List guide is pretty useful, especially for those that are new to gacha games. With that in mind, in today video I have prepared The Eversoul Tier List and Reroll Guide.
Asiameme Eversoul


A really well-made game to start off the train for 2023 mobile games. The content the game provides is its attractive point thus far. Lots of features like dating, townbuilding, arena, endless tower, story and event modes, no stamina progression, profile customizations, etc. The game does a lot to provide a decent and comfortable gaming experience for new and veteran mobile players. Overall enjoyable and a good game to pass the time and make steady progression.
Lecaton Explorador de Juegos Eversoul


Los idle RPG están dominando pero esta entrega destaca por mucho sobre otras. Solo espero que el ecosistema de obtención de personajes sea amigable. Lo bueno es que el pity pide 80 invocaciones.
Ya para qué más opinión, pruébenlo si les gusta la "trama" .
Aunque eso sí, me parece plausible que permitan configurar la app (incluyendo los gráficos) antes de empezar el juego y que integren un banner de reroll ilimitado para los nuevos usuarios.
Primeros minutos: https://youtu.be/KNWjDDLsze8
Panumas Nimsomboon Eversoul


แนะนำก่อนเล่น :
เกมมีเข้าแบบ เกรซ / มุมซ้ายบน (สำหรับสาย รี หาตัวดีๆ)

เกมยังไม่มีภาษาไทย มีแค่อังกฤษ , ส่วนเสียงพากย์ มีแค่ เกาหลี , เสียงญี่ปุ่น รอไปก่อน

เป็นเกมแนว idle ตลุยด่านไปเรื่อยๆ Collectible RPG ระบบคล้ายๆกับเกมทั่วไปต่างแค่ตัวเกม กับ เนื้อเรื่อง , เดินในเมือง ตัวจะเล็กๆหัวโตๆ ภาพสวย เพลงเพราะ ตัวละครก็ใช้ได้ สกิวมีคัตซีน

กาชาไม่เกลือมาก , ครั้งแรก รีโรลหาตัวที่ต้องการได้เรื่อยๆ
แถมแจกตัวม่วงมา2ตัว กับเพชรอีก 4000 กว่า กด กาชาได้ 20 โรล, ตู้ปกติ มีการันตีที่ 30โรล

พื้นที่เกม 6.48 G
ゼッドディントン Eversoul


first of all HOOOOOLY SHIITTT THE LAG, game is far from optimized plus it's like their server is about to explode or something cause everytime you tap it goes on connecting...(basically loading) i thought it's my connection at first cause i don't want to blame the game for no reason.. but no i played another game with more internet intensity plus watching stream on the same connection and it was fine so it's definitely on their end, i even tried vpn but it doesn't change.
and then putting those aside i was hoping for regular collection srgp type of game cause i saw their PV and such it does lean towards that so I'm kind of surprised and disappointed at the same time when in the middle of tutorial it basically says idle game with fancy battle animation.
last but not least this is reroll hell if you decided to do so, long tutorial with unskippable cutscene in the beginning, long dungeon battles before you can summon and ofc the drop rates... pfft..good luck.
ItsukaShido Eversoul


It's a very good game. The most attractive thing in this game is it's animation and huge variety of songs/BGM. Since the game is Idle, I don't have to put much of my time playing it. The Love Story is also attractive because you can reach Bad End, Normal End and True End depends on your choices. Overall, it's a worthy game.

I hope they add Friend Match/Fight, though.
Curanberyyy Eversoul


Juego super infravalorado me parece increíble las características que tiene, bastantes otros gachas carecen lo que ofrece este.
Sin duda sere un whale para apoyar este buen gacha
kikianne Eversoul


Honestly, this game is very promising and has a lot of potential. It just depends on how the devs take care of the game in the future, since it definetly needs frequent new events and characters to keep it interesting and worth playing.

But so far, it's a really good start! The graphics are fantastic and the characters and their designs are just gorgeous (I especially ADORE the new character Jiho<3). It also has a interesting system interacting with the characters and I love the amount cgs you get from playing the personal stories.

The game is also super f2p friendly. I have almost every character in the game, and I haven't spent at all, which is a big bonus for me.

In conclusion, I think its definitely worth the try.
Lyle america Eversoul


Gacha rate is good. Town is a little laggy but doesnt really matter much. The dailies does consume alot of your time. Gameplay is generic, Graphics are ok, waifus are excellent, totally f2p friendly.
wasabeeeee Eversoul


Great game, graphics not the nicest, but the animations make up for it, each hero have 2 types of animations, one for ultimate another for skill

Korean voice acted for skills and dialogues

gameplay pretty nice, they have a town mini game too

storyline is pretty nice so far, haven't got that far yet tho

pretty great game overall ♥
Zaharu Eversoul


It's pretty good looking, has voice acting and the models look good both in 2D and 3D, plus it has jiggle booba physics. It doesn't get much better than that, it was made with the cultured community in mind.
Alfe Eversoul


The game is good at all but the servers and supporting is awful because there's no access in some regions and server speed make me mad.I am wasting alots of time for just connecting massage.


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