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Reminder: You can only download this on Google Play. Link your account to a Konami account or Google Play to bind the account or you'll lose the data!

I'm not gonna sugarcoat this: the UI is very cluttered 😂 You can choose who you want on your homescreen (Partner) but they'll be stuck inside a holographic box where you can barely see them cuz the Duel button takes up most of the screen. And cuz the Duel button takes up so much space, everything is chucked to the side. They even try fitting your Ace Monster in between the tiny space left and it's constantly flapping around + the background itself is animated so it's crazy overwhelming. I've been playing this daily since the global release but I still have difficulty navigating the buttons. Kinda wish there's settings to toggle some of it off, but so far, graphic settings only work for the duel animations itself. And putting it on low settings will just pixelate the characters which is just kinda bad. (Also kinda wish the partners take up the homescreen like other gacha games. That's the whole point of selecting a partner, isn't it? 🥲)

You can have various characters as your partner! I hope they add more characters tho, that'll be really nice. So far, only 2 main characters in each series is available. You can unlock the protagonist immediately, or unlock the other one by beating them in a Tag Duel.

They have interactive lines. Just that... because they're kinda not as visible compared to the Duel button, it's a bit difficult to enjoy them 😭

It's pretty easy to farm gems for it when you're starting out. You can choose which UR card you want when you create an account too. I got a few URs pulling, there's also a few UR-guarantee tickets you can get from completing quests. Animations are nice, I really love the gacha screen when you pull!! It looks so cool 😭 You can also trade duplicates for other sane-rarity cards in the store.

Edit: Just cuz numbers matter to some, I'll list it here as well. For the gem gacha, the rates are broken down into:

1st & 2nd card pull: SR 1% / R 24% / N 75%
3rd card pull: UR 3.5% / SR 6.5% / R 90%

I'd advise you to do a full 10-pull every time for better odds so you don't waste your gems. Don't ever do a single pull (common sense for gacha players, but I'm gonna state this for newcomers)

If you're a whale, there's a paid gacha as well with better odds. Since this game made a lot of countries available, they've already provided the prices in your currency. But have mercy on your banks! 😂🙏

The lines your partner say is fun, I enjoy them 🤣 Duels themselves don't take much effort to understand, but because every YGO series is included, the terminology and mechanics can get mixed up. Make sure to read carefully if it's a Synchro, Linked, Pendulum etc., cuz some skills only works for specific types of monsters. If you don't know how to make a deck, there's an auto button that'll slot in optimised cards for you depending on what you have.

Tag, Ranked and Raid duels take up most of your missions and dailies:

Tag is where you and your partner battle AI of any character depending on the series with various difficulties. You can get gems, upgrade materials, new profile pics and other stuff from it. Sometimes, you'll get "Character Parts". Those will let you unlock characters and up their trust level limit. On default, the character trust limit is lv10. Feed them Character Parts and it'll increase to lv20, lv 30, etc. (If you reach lv11, you can get a card sleeve of their face on it! Duel in style! Let everyone know you love the character! 😂)

Ranked is a 4v4 between you and other players (sometimes an AI appears too). It ends when either 8 turns is up or someone dies first. Some Google Play reviews are valid in their concern about this mode cuz it ends when someone dies first, right? Sometimes all the players gang up on you to achieve that, which can feel like you're being bullied into a corner. Definitely the most intimidating to play 🗿 Skill issue

Raid is very fun imo, you and 3 other players go against a raid boss and get upgrade materials here. You all share the same LP, and since they're all your allies, sending monsters their way heals the whole party, so I really like the teamwork needed.

I'm still a little clueless navigating, haven't looked online if there's guides for farming but what I dislike is how when you need materials to upgrade cards, I'd wanna tap on it and see where to get them. They don't do that, so you just kinda find it on your own.

The graphic settings doesn't have much to disable, or I just can't navigate properly 🤣 My phone heats up like crazy playing this game, and I tend to lag and delay whenever I play a Ranked or Raid duel. You can't really speed up animations or autopilot your duels if you're busy, unfortunately. That's only available for Tag duels (and even that, you have to play quite a bit to unlock the speed up animation part)

Edit: I also wanted to add that because of all the animations and not-really-helpful graphic settings, 8 turns for a duel can take forever for some people's devices. And there's no quit button once you're in a duel. You can surrender, but it'll take you back to the homescreen and send you back into the duel anyway. So that's another tedious part about the game right now.

Just like the UI, it was a little too much so I had to turn it down in the settings. Poor Chazz, I won't be able to hear him scold me if I kept the volume on default 😂😂😂 But I enjoy the soundtrack. Glad that there's a lot of voice lines! Love that.

As it stands now, you play events to get upgrade materials and character tokens to increase their max level. You can also earn more accessories like profile pictures, card sleeves and mat. Stories aren't that deep, some are funny tho

In duels, you can tap on your profile pic and open up the dialogue menu. You can either spam stickers or default text for other players to see in Ranked and Raid duels. While I like this concept (asking others to heal or maybe send a monster in a specific lane), it doesn't really have much viable options for such communication. Maybe they can add-on for this and make it more useful to move with teamwork cuz I don't really know what spamming "Win" "Win" "Win" would do to help 😂💦

Now this one, I haven't touched that much yet, but on the homescreen, there's a chat bubble on the top where you can access forums. You can chat with other players here, which sounds nice. But since the game's new, I have no clue how the conversations are like over there. I mostly just see others asking for friend requests to complete their missions. You can add them as friends and then also chat with them like that!

You have a block list if something goes wrong, but I'm a bit confused why the block list is limited to only 30 players 😂 You can't search for random users too, you need their ID. So if you wanna clear those friend request missions, the forums is where you should go.
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Yugioh Cross Duel Gameplay :
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Everything about it so far is great!! The interface and connection are a little laggy, but that might just be me. The Ace Monsters are insanely strong, as well as the Super Rares; its easy to get materials when you're first starting out to customize them. The game just came out so theres not a lot of card or accessorie options, but i can't wait to see more!
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Instructions for installing YGO Crossduel
Because the Game is not currently available on the Vietnamese store and many devices may have incompatibility errors, I share how to install it for those of you who want to play as follows:
You find the game via google if the indicator is not available in your country, just fake vpn can be installed through the store and fight freely.
If you encounter an incompatibility error, you need the apk installer to download on taptap or Qoo. After downloading and installing, if an error appears as shown below, you have to continue with the next step. This error is due to the game's increased security, so it must be confirmed by ggplay.
Now you need to use your PC to open Bluestack and then log in with the ggplay account available on your phone, find the game via ggplay in Bluestack to install it to ggplay to save the game settings. Then you can log back in with your phone to be able to play.
Have fun!!!
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i downloaded this game from google play store fyi..

and this game must be downloaded from Google Play Store if you want you to play this game..
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Mampir kk ya: https://youtu.be/U3F3KkCIB_g
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