Memento Mori รีวิว

NecroCatz Memento Mori


To start with, keep in mind that this is an idle AFK rpg.

Yes, the gameplay is idle. You can't control anything during battle everything is on auto, you can even skip the battle and jump to result screen to save time.
So no, you cant control a character to use what skill or who to target. You can only set them up before battle, make adjustments depending on their skill, and let them be. Outside of boss battle, the game will grind random stages for you so you will always have rewards to claim everytime.

Is this f2p friendly? yes and no. You can easily get SSR here, they're pretty generous so far with how easy to get SSR (note that SSR in this game is SR, whereas you can increase their rarity slowly to SR+, SSR, SSR+, UR, UR+, and LR). There are quite few contents to farm on like the towers, cave (roguelike thing with), pvp, guild raid, etc. Im sure you can get SSR's almost every month with all the grinds. You can even set your own wish list characters that will get increased rate to appear when you pull gacha. But yes, P2W is very obvious here, you pay a lot then you will get in higher ranking.

The cons is probably you will easily get bored by the gameplay because they dont even show the battle, it just illustrations with animation. You can skip almost every battle to result screen. And there is no stamina so you can pretty much spam the battles when you lose, there is limited time to challenge past battles however.

Now lets jump to the pros of the games. The real worth of them:

When i first see their branched servers and vip system, i was expecting some crappy bucks milking idle game. It is still a buck milking game, its business afterall.
But man, how i love the graphic, it has this mysterious and gloomy feel to it. Very fit for the game's theme. The L2D are amazing and smooth, i can watch their animation for hours.

Each character have THEIR OWN theme song. You heard it right. Every one of them. Their own specific song tied to their background and personality. I love a lot of their songs, they're even sung by famous singers. What's more amazing is they got both Japan and English version, same melody, same song, without losing their own meaning. They really did a very good job on this. I won't argue if this game is actually a music player in disguise.
The characters itself is voiced by famous voice actors too, you will probably noticed immediately.

I'll be frank. This game is lacking main story. Only tutorial that tells that the world is devastated by raging witches. You who inherited the staff power will slowly restore the cursed land and save those witches back to their sanity. That's all, and there is no further story. However....
You will be given memories, stories about each characters, story about their pasts. Each narated by the character itself, with a good and emotional voice acting. I almost brought to tears quite a few times reading those. They're very well voiced.

Gameplay is idle game, can easily get boring.
The real deal in this game is the masterpiece in their art, the musics, the witches' sad memories.
I personally hate most idle game, more over a P2W game with vip system. But the masterpiece in its art is too good for me to pass. This is probably the first time i'm willingly staying on a p2w idle game like this. I actually enjoyed playing casually in it. I can afk in home for hours only listening the song while watching the idle animation.

EDIT after few weeks of playing:
Good game with trash publisher management. Been weeks and no event. No compensation from maintenances. Just limited banners one after another. So there's that. Turn out it is the typical greedy idle game. Watch out and keep that in mind before trying to play the game for the gameplay. Will be updated if they changed their mind or i quit first.
knight hart Memento Mori


Man, it's disheartening how reviews are based on "I don't like the gameplay, so it's not good". This is an AFK RPG, story driven game. You come here because you don't want to do the same thing over and over again, instead you like watching those numbers changing alone without much input
The game as an afkrpg, is easily the best I've ever played this game year.

Beautiful art, incredible VAs, superior music. This is intended for you to play it as a movie. You'll be transported to a different world with your senses, and keep going forward to reach the end of the story. Tbh, it doesn't feel like you are expected to farm intensely. Please give it a try, and treat it as a movie and not something that wasn't your typical genshin clone stuff.
7Lords Game Hunter Memento Mori


Memento Mori Gameplay:
Hùng Nguyễn Phi Memento Mori


What do the kids think these day?
This game is a masterpiece.
If you dont like a gameplay, their music taste outplays all the ignorant sh*t you listen everyday.
Spoil: Every single character has their own themed songs.
Micochet_23 Memento Mori


Graphics: It has an old rpg vibe, but with the modern moe chara design. I can say that the artwork could be enjoyed also by non-weeb players.

Sound: Like the developer intended, music & the voice acting are the main sale points.

Gameplay: It's an idle game, don't expect too much. But, the battle animation is beautiful. It's truly idle, you can fight & claim everything very fast.

Storyline: It's about journey to cleanse the cursed areas & girls/witches' tragic story.

Value: You can't deploy dupes in the party, the dupes are for extra stats boost & increase level limit for chara. Don't forget to check the shop. Gacha will grant you more power randomly, because the rate has an unmeasurable probability.

Tips: If you go f2p, don't waste your gems for chara gacha (maybe 3k only for first quaranteed sr chara in cursed banner), use it instead for discount pack in 'fes release mission' part.
kio Memento Mori


people will flame me for this, but this game is EXACTLY like destiny girl. main difference is of course, the gorgeous graphics and the amazing soundtrack. not gonna lie, the art and music is the only thing that keeps me going to this game.
gameplay wise, is auto battle and the girls will do everything for you, no strategy (maybe some unit planning) and just level them up higher for each stage. afk farming is okay i suppose, like idle on destiny girl.
the trials (adventure cough) has almost everythinf in destiny girl as well. the cave space time (lost garden), the infinite tower, the dispatch system, and many more.
gacha is okay, the game gives you many crystal and gacha cost 3000 for 10 pulls. the girls had okay skill (some are kinda useless though)
of course this is just my opinion and since i play destiny girl for so long. if you dont play that game, maybe this game is enjoyable for you.
and i do expect huge updates like destiny girl did and make the game more enjoyable with new features and such. i dont think ui change are neccesary because the game is already gorgeous
all in all, you can play and try the game. again, music is MASTERPIECE
Akanocchi Game Hunter Memento Mori


Honestly, I'm usually not a big fan of AFK RPG games. BUT this game really blew my mind! First, the beautiful waterpainting style art really caught my attention. The colors are blurred beautifully like a dream! Next, the background music is amazing! I have listened to the character songs previously but I didn't know they will be played on main page. If you listen carefully, the music lyrics matches each character personality very very well. Then, I will like to mention the story. Main story is very short, but there are many character stories. I don't usually read character stories because they are mostly introductions. However, this game made the characters lively and let them tell their own story. Lastly, gameplay is similar to Princess Tale. I really appreciate the effort of having different VAs for each character and their songs. Each character really touched my heart. Please give it a try~ ♡
Brambory Memento Mori


Пришла поднять рейтинг этой чудесной новенькой игры, любителям расслабляющего афк гейминга привет, остальные тоже присмотритесь. Стиль у игры просто шикарный - аниме акварелью, ммм. Музыка - приятный фолк, напоминающий саунд Мадоки Магики да и вообще похоже на Кларис. Позвали крутых сейю на озвучку, они узнаются с первого же прослушивания диалогов.
Все девочки милые, у каждой есть своя личная песенка, все удачно анимированы, просто глаз радуется.
Если коротко - выходите из игры, занимаетесь своими делами, девочки лутают монетки, девочки прокачиваются. Боевка игры по факту нарезка кадров, но зато каких, они нарисованы в том же стиле, что и девочки, в очень приятной гамме, в общем, ставить на x2, а тем более на x4 строго не рекомендуется мной.
Если вам нравится что-то похожее на афк арену или, может, фуд фэнтэзи, то попробуйте поиграть :з
Asuna Yuuki Memento Mori


Este juego es una maravilla visual y auditiva! Aún estoy enamorada de la OST que tiene y esos diseños de personajes hechos a mano con acuarelas... Uff 😍

Si, es un idle/afk, pero el como se ve el combate y eso... En serio, dadle una oportunidad.

Cómo dije antes, el diseño de TODOS los personajes son absolutamente una belleza y el como están realizados, cuanto cariño hay puesto en cada uno de ellos... La música es uno de los puntos fuertes de este juego, las canciones están tanto en inglés como en japonés según como tengas las voces y eso, la verdad es un plus! Es algo que no te va a desilusionar.

Os recomiendo muchísimo este juego, es super adictivo y es realmente una HERMOSURA de juego! 😊
Yoro Memento Mori


tbh i never liked idle games genre as whole but this an rare exception.Its kinda feels like crime this game to be an idle game but well honestly It's decent one.
I really like the art style it's very polished.
Sound effects are good and music is superb.
Character designs are also well done and have well done backstories.
Storyline isn't that bad for an idle game but it's still simple but not bad.
Gacha is also not bad as well.
Overall I recommend it for it's music rlly [厲害]
Silverion Memento Mori


This game is dying hard, the progression wall is too much, the rewards for playing daily is too low

I feel bad since I like the graphics, art quality, VA... but damn the developer is so stingy with the rewards thus making this game dying so fast

I think 70% players already gone, sad state

Yeap its officially abandoned game, the previous banner cant be pull anymore even on normal banner

Dailies still tedious and boring, rewards getting sad each day

Feels weird and pity at the same time for this game, its like the dev intentionally want pepo to leave
HAnakitallra Memento Mori


เกมเพลย์ค้อนข้างเฉยๆค่ะ แต่งานภาพกับงานเสียงคือดีมาก
Lou Memento Mori


Music & Art:
You're in the right place. It's stunning. However, I'd love to see animated character when I click on them. Some characters remind me of Soul Tide, look alike.

Nothing much to play at the moment. Basic turn-based game. The skills of the units are not polished, just some basic form of attack.
Recently I played Slice and Dice. Man you gotta try that. The combat system is much more sophisticated.

I don't see any problem with the VIP system. There are special packages when you reached certain milestones. It says like 700% discount. But well, you can find something better in Monthly store.
It's nice at first. It's fun when everyone is running for the top in the 1st day. However, when you take a break and look back at the game, It feels blank. I don't know what should I strive for in the game. I'd rather wait for someone to collect the music and share it on the internet cuz It's the selling point.

Once again, if you are looking for a decent turn-based game, try Slice and Dice. You may need to buy the full version but it's worth it.
NAISSU Memento Mori


the graphics and character designs are very, very cool, especially the background music feels very calming. But for gameplay, maybe some people will be disappointed because you will only be presented with a visual video screen of war and insert images of your hero characters.

If you think the gameplay will be like afk arena, konosuba or pricon. you are very wrong. I think the gameplay is quite unique, coupled with good visuals and music. This game is quite interesting!

for diamond and gacha system I have not dared to give my opinion. because this game has just been released, so we still have to do some deeper searching.

That is all and thank you. 😘
Panumas Nimsomboon Memento Mori


เกมแนว Idle ที่งานภาพ ลายเส้นสวยมาก ๆ แถมเพลงเพราะมาก เอาไว้เล่นชิวๆ เสพงานภาพ + เพลง

เกมมันอาจออกมาแค่เฉพาะกลุ่ม เกมมันคล้าย เกมสมัยก่อนพวกแนว text bast แบบอ่านนิยาย

ก็เหมือนแนว idle ทั่วๆ ไป เกมจะฟาร์มทรัพยากรให้อัตโนมัติ เรามีหน้าที่เอาทรัพยากรมาอัพเกรดตัวละคร ให้เก่ง

มีอารีน่า ไต่หอคอย ลุยดันแบบโร้คไลค , ส่งตัวละครไปหาของ , กิลด์วอร์

กาชา มีการันตี ที่ 100 200 , ส่วน300โรล จะเลือกตัวละครได้ หรือใครอยากได้ตัวไหนจริงๆ ก็เติมเงินซื้อเอาเลย เกมมี ระบบ VIP ด้วย

เกมมี ระบบรี ในหน้าจอหลัก ขวาบน กดเมนู รีเซ็ตเกม

พื้นที่เกม 1.3GB - 2.7GB (แบบดาวโหลดทั้งหมด)
ZoooOOOooo1 Memento Mori


Well. . . . this is afk anyway. I don't expect too much

Graphics is the one that really make me fascinated, it's not your everyday L2D they really put their effort to it. I love it.

Sound is another one that got me, especially some of the characters have their own theme music. The battle music fits the condition displayed. The VA is really good too, you can feel their emotion poured to the characters.

Gameplay . . . well, i'm not into this kind of gameplay BUT idk even tho I got bored I just keep playing it. It's like something telling me to keep going. Yea this is just slow/not *really* grindy so acceptable for me because I'm a grinders one.

Storyline your everyday church conspiracy. This kind of plot is overused even in animes so I'm not expecting too much. But again the VA make me stay.

Good game with beautiful graphic , recommended for busy peeps because it's there is afk system.

overral: 7.0
mortedevil1 Memento Mori


A Review must be objective
"I dont like AFKRPG" it's useless to say
This game has a excellent "emotional" soundtrack and dubbing (ENG), this game has a simple UI and a good art.
It's a gatcha game, but the autors want the focus is on art and simple history, and personally I was bewitched by the music and the exciting voices during the battles and the lore
This game is original and its not the same clone of other gatcha games

I have not felt the slightest pay to win
radityaafifanto Memento Mori


Impression :
im playing this game when it first release on oct 2022 but im only playing a bit and and quit because my real life. And im trying back again to review it. Honestly there's no much difference

Pros :
- The graphic ilustrastion is really good
- The captivating backsound ( sometimes im only just want to listening the song )
- The ilustration battle is quite good if you doesnt skip battle
- The only event ongoing its when you pull new character banner ( idk if this good or not )
- There's beginner guide on game notice ( hey this is really good )

Cons :
- Banner and banner update everytime
- Click click gameplay ( yes you just click anything on screen and skip the battle
- Skip the battle everytime ( why bother? )
- Too many characters for now
- You need dedicated times and money ( yes because to reach higher BP, you need more dupes characters )

Conclusion :
Actually this game is really good even for beginners because it still have update new servers, of course dont try your luck in old servers, because there's so many dead old player with high BR on arena, and there's guide for beginners if you dont know what to do.
Im impress with the graphic and sound of this game, but the gameplay itself is quiet lack something that maybe you can touch it up more in there.
Maybe in the future i will try playing it again.
ヤスト Memento Mori


แปลกดีหรือไม่เคยเจอแนวนี้รึป่าวไม่แน่ใจ ดีทุกอย่างยกเว้นเกมเพลย์ค้อนข้างจืด อารมณ์คล้ายๆkan***.. haramที่พี่qooเค้าอวย[汗顏]
Areda.Chan Memento Mori


Since this mysterious game arise a few months ago, i was expecting big things. They broke my expectation when they gave news this game was gonna be idle games. But sure, after i heard that i would try the game and i do until now.

This idle games really won a high place in the graphic and sound. Jesus, they even use the word 'Lament'. The background of each character with the lore of the setting really good if they know how to use it. Unfortunately, they killed it. I mean, you have good assets;materials to develop this game to have an extraordinary story. They just killed it. Their Graphic and Sound and Lore is their main sellpoint, but why didn't they use it to make the game interesting. Good concept, good idea, good theme. Even they use word like 'Memento Mori', 'Lament' that shows this is a story of dark, despair, regret, revenge, and hope. Just a short introduction story at the begining? damn, i have a lament now for how this game turned out.

Gameplay, this is from my point of view, i check the ranking of top players and past party (a function in the game to see what set of party that already cleared that specific stage/level) they used specific characters. The same characters always used in top rank, and it feels like this 'idle' game has a Meta or tier or something. Less strategy needed since the game didn't explain the role of characters and type. But goddamn, retrying until you're successful is a pain in the arse.

Last thing, this game is so expensive. i had a feeling before they would have a VIP system and it has. Typical idle rpg, you pay more you progress more. Everything in shop is expensive, the only good thing to purchase is that one package that give you SR character and VIP 1. Oh, the rate for SR character is 3.6%. They have wish list system where you can choose which character will appear on higher rate. But still, it's sh*t. SR characters in the gacha pool include R 'awakened' character. 300/pull or 3000/10pull and for the game situation now, it's hard to get that many resource.

Like i stated above, Memento Mori has potential but Bank of Innovation just trying to kill it. I'm sure they have plan to construct the game better, and i wish they find that path and plans to make the game enjoyable and fun. Moreover i wish the game can last for at least 1 year. Good luck.


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