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永遠の7日-終わりなき始まり | City of Forever 7 Days - Endless Beginning Gameplay: https://youtu.be/AsA1x3fCZ8A
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ถึงแนวเกมจะเปลี่ยนไปบ้าง แต่ผมก็เป็นผู้สั่งการที่ SIMP น้อง Ann อยู่ดี
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Pros :
- Storyline didn't change from original game
- Seemingly Improved graphical aspect
- No overpriced market items
- Character Roster
- Gameplay compared to OG game
- Can be considered free to play as it's an idle game
- No energy system
Cons :
- Gameplay compared OG game
- Rate up of characters in gacha

I can't seem to find many cons, means it's a decent made game. As a player of the OG game, I found the gameplay as a huge stepback. The reason I wrote the gameplay as pros as well as cons, is based on the player. If you like idle games (with extra mechanics like skill timing/team building/pvp) this is for you. If you love the original, you'd probably be turned off because of the gameplay change. But since I considered the story as top notch, I'd play this a bit longer.

P.S i missed kachigo, and I got her, now I'mma be stuck in this game for long cuz of her
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Me sorprendió el regreso de este juego a Japón, pero esta vez rediseñado.
Muchos aspectos de esta entrega son destacables y dignos de elogio. El trabajo que han realizado para reinventar y volver a lanzar este ejemplar me parece plausible.
El BGM, la interfaz y los SFX son buenos, la historia resulta interesante y los diseños de los personajes (apoyados por su motor gráfico) me parecen encomiables.
El gameplay es tipo idle, estrategia, touch-action y RPG. Las cinemáticas de las habilidades en combate me gustan y las cargas de los materiales (assets) es eficiente, así como su renderizado. Sin embargo, al parecer lo mencionado tiene su límite o punto de quiebre, digo esto debido a que he sufrido una mezcla de imágenes que conllevó a varias distorsiones visuales en algunas zonas de la pantalla. El error se da después de un rato de interactuar con la IU y al reiniciar la app, todo volvía (temporalmente) a la normalidad.
Al final, si no les molesta que la orientación de la pantalla sea vertical, les recomendaría echarle un vistazo y/o probar este título.
Primeros minutos: https://youtu.be/wQ8RJTSS3no .
Nota: Lástima que la orientación de la pantalla no fuera horizontal.
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So as a player of original game, I thought this version is a rerelease. But the whole gameplay style has been revamp. It is no longer Hack and Slash, but idle game now. The story is still same, but player did not have decision matter anymore, it is straightforward tell storytelling instead. Atleast the new ultimate is better. Otherwise just decent.
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City of Forever 7 Days ก็คือเกม Eternal City นั่นเองครับเกมเก่าที่เซิฟเอเชียไม่อยู่แล้วแต่จีนเอามาเปิดใหม่อีกเกมตัวเดิมเลยครับ
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*** This is NOT the RPG hack-and-slash visual novel you remember from 2019 (though if that's what you're looking for, the Chinese server is still available here on QooApp).

An interesting revamp to a promising title that failed to maintain its popularity. This version of City of Forever is an idle game; while still making use of the original's story and characters, the main gameplay of this version is waiting for your established team to drum up enough resources for you to level them up and proceed to a stage's next level. Progression is as fast as your gacha luck can carry you-- people who are fortunate enough to get a good balance of characters can possibly cheese their way to two or three stages ahead everyone else, but for now there's no real need to speedrun the entire thing in the first place.

Gacha rates aren't anything special, and the free gems you get trickle slower the longer you play. There are two kinds of PVP: the usual where you compose a team with your best-built characters to square off against someone else, and another version where you have to make three whole teams for a best-of-3 match against your opponent. The ranking and rewards for both PVP versions are separate, meaning you can reach higher with one and struggle with another, but that also means double your weekly PVP rewards.

As you can probably tell, the game can be really P2W, PVE and PVP-wise. And I'm not just talking about the fancy SS-tier characters either-- the option to buy resources to build your characters faster is also available for those willing to spend some cash. Otherwise, you're going to be stuck waiting for resources like the rest of us.

There's also not much to events, but I guess it's also because this version is relatively new and the devs know that majority of the playerbase are still working their way to mid-game. I know I for one am stuck waiting around for my main team to be strong enough to beat 6-18, so....

That said, what really carries this game (for me, anyway) are the graphics. It's a lot smoother, more stream-lined, and the additional Ultimate animations are beautiful to watch. It's a nice casual game where you check in once or twice a day (for dailies, usually) and then wait for reset. If you want something to pass the time, why not give this one a go?
Mashiro Game Hunter City of Forever 7 Days | ญี่ปุ่น


Graphics : 5/5 | Animasi 3D yang bagus, ditambah efek skill yang oke.

Sound : 4/5 | Untuk BGM nya agak kurang menarik dan menonjol, tapi VA nya udah bagus

Gameplay : 3/5 | Sama aja kayak game Idle lain. tapi ini lebih susah, mau upgrade karakter aja dibatasi, harus nunggu sampe level sekian dulu, ditambah rate gachanya untuk karakter SS terlalu kecil. dan reward untuk kelarin stagenya sangat sedikit dibanding game Idle lain. kalo kalian mau main game Idle sih, ga gua saranin fokus ke sini, kecuali untuk sekedar nyoba gapapa.

Storyline : -/5 | ga gw baca storynya, jadi ga gua kasih rating juga.

Value : 4/5
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the graphic looks better and polished than the other one and the animation is smoother, there's still some sound bug but it doesn't affect the gameplay so much, the gameplay feels more simple although i still prefer the other one, the story line is still the same and incredible as always the ending and characters stories can be obtained very easily, overall i love this game and i would recommend to play
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เป็นเกมที่สนุกดี ในอีกรูปแบบหนึ่งของซีรีย์นี้ แต่เกมในช่วงหลังปล่อยออโต้ยาก ต้องคุมเอง
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So I played this for the first time, and speedrunning this since i'm at my workplace hhhh

I love the graphics, bgm and stuffs, it feels very nice to hear and look at. Animations are smooth, you can trt changing the settings according to ur phone specs just in case its a bit wonky and laggy (if you have it), my phone is not that new so I shot up to 60fps and it works better.
Phone doesn't overheat and plays well so its a merit for this!

Dont ask about the storyline since my japanese vocab is too limited that I can only read a few, but this looks like it takes place on a modernized place but infested by monsters (its obvious ik just wanna state it hhh)

Gacha rates, well, i think its a bit sad that SS drops are 0.07%, depending on respective banner but not even 0.1%. For S characters, its something like 0.87% which is quite high, i forgot about A drops but its really high thats all I can say. Not me being salty but I just have one S charac for my 1st 10 draws, i'll update when i've played longer. Starting of the game, we gonna have several gacha tickets for free but yeah, depending on ur luck, you might/might not get nice 10 draws haha. Pity system is there but it varies depending on the banner. Saw this one banner having a 150 max pity, I- //cries

Gameplay wise, its kinda like Destiny Childe but having deployment points as a mean to use ur skills, yeah sorta like that. Normal attacks are automated and you only need to press your skills when you have enough points. It has arena and other places, unlockable via completing the storyline.

Shops and currencies, i would say the price is okay. Its almost just like any other game prices, 60 diamonds for ¥100 or so and other stuffs. I saw battlepasses but i forgot to check their prices, do check it out and inform here maybe haha

Basically some of these are just my experience playing the game for a short while, if there are mistakes i'm deeply sorry and you can correct me in the comments for everyone to note ^^ sorry bout my long review, have a good day~
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ดีใจมากเลยค่ะที่ทำเป็น idle เพราะเล่นเซิฟจีนมันต้องอ่านเนื้อเรื่อง(ซึ่งอ่านไม่ออก) ตัวเกมเล่นเพลินๆเรื่อยๆ ภาพกราฟิก,เพลงคือดีเหมือนเดิม ดีใจที่ได้เจอน้องแอนอีกครั้ง[開心][開心][開心]
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เอามาทำใหม่เป็นเกมส์แนว เทิร์นเบส ลอกหรือ ตอนใช้ท่าไม้ตายทำออกมาดีมากเลยครับ
HMS_illustrious City of Forever 7 Days | ญี่ปุ่น


i miss the old one better than the new one
Shindromend City of Forever 7 Days | ญี่ปุ่น


a unique idle game with original characters.

but very slow in the story process, developers are too cruel when create stage in stories and events, because basically, account level is the main key to increase power and hero level.

so we will take a long time, to reach the desired account level.

lack of events and too few features.
but overall very good to play in spare time.
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จากแนว action มุมมองด้านบน กลายเป็น idle ไปซะแล้วกับ EC เกมขายฉากจบ กาชาอย่างโหด(ในสมัยเซิฟ SEA แต่ล่าสุดเซิฟเกาหลีปิดไปเดือนกว่าแล้ว qooapp ก็ยังไม่เอาออกจาก store ซะที) ส่วนความสนุกอันนี้ก็แล้วแต่คนชอบนะ เพราะมันเปลี่ยนไปแนว idle
M Atha City of Forever 7 Days | ญี่ปุ่น


[色色] best game is back but in lite version 🤣
Nguyen Vo City of Forever 7 Days | ญี่ปุ่น


Hmmmm... Good game !!
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City of Forever 7 Days - 永遠の7日-終わりなき始まり (JP) Gameplay

Mathias Juan Miggelo City of Forever 7 Days | ญี่ปุ่น


I miss playing the rpg version of it.. If only those publisher weren't that greedy, (especially XD global, it is suck). Those were days


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