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game như c*c. mịa quà newbie ko bằng 1 góc của A9. gameplay thì tạm được. tạo hình char thì đa số như trong hent ra, toàn hàng múp, quái vật 3 đầu, trừ Nemesis với Barton là ngon cơm. Rate thì lờ. Mịa cày như chó, Quay sml toàn nhả đám rác. Lúc ra 6 sao thì cho con Connoloz gì đó cầm gậy xúc tu, tính gắn tag tentacle gì à. Migard với Irridon của t. Reroll thì còn ko được như A9
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Early review: holy tencent suprise me with how they do in this game, i always thought this game will be p2w with tencent hand in it but tencent prove me i am wrong

-Gameplay is like mix between arknight+ pattern game
-there's 4 element in this game, wood(green), fire(red) thunder(yellow) and Ice(blue), and you can do combo with each element with 5 unit in one party which a lot of fun
-3 star, 4 star and 5 star is not weak if you use them right and of course 6 star is strong but sometimes 6 star is weak compare to 3-5 star like genshin with 4 star and 5 star thing
- and in some stage you have to use your brain to complete the stage itself
-the 5 star that you get in early game is op, dayna is her name that we can get through completing the mission and the main girl in this game will help you blast through the early stage super easy

-Good systems with 1-2% rate for 6 stars , this game don't have a pity systems, the systems is like this, if you don't get 6 star character for 50 rolls, the rates will increase example : the rate is 2% and you pull 50 times and no 6 stars then in 60 pulls your rate will increase to 4% or more
- currency easy to get at the start of the game, currency kinda hard to get at endgame but it's still obtainable and the game still has no event right now so have to wait for event

Just normal microtransaction with monthy packs and some nice packs in it not to crazy like My hero academia: the strongest heroes that put paywall on everything

story is quite good, you have to see yourself to review it because i don't want to spoil the story in this comment, i'am already at chapter 7

And the very great thing in this game
- when you already clear chapter 7 you will unlock "old seal" featured, in old seal we can get 4 6*characters for free from each elemets, but we can only grind one at times so expect a lot of grind to get that 4 characters

This game is suprise me because how good and fun it is, but i still scare that tencent can screw this game anytime they want, hope they will not do it because this game has a potential to be like arknights

I will give this game 4/5 for early review, this is my review, you can disagree if you want to
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Someone ruined my rating n opinion .So ,here new section again

Its good but too bad, your unit can't get exp from battle but instead you need to play resource to get exp material then you need to upgrade them fast because first card max 30lv ,if u ascend ,the max will be 40 and continue 😢
That's why you will need a lot of energies ,huhu.

The units are good and beautiful .But ,i think they need male units too ,not only female..

The story also nice and the bgm. You also can chat with other players and the unit itself.

Btw, im surprised Hiro also voice a character. No wonder his voice sounds like Syo 😭 i dont check the VA for others, have no time to read all data🤔
I hope they will add male more, need to refresh my eyes ✨

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Day 1 AK doctor here, first time I make a review about a game so please bare with me, I noticed a lot have been comparin' Alchemy Stars to Arknights & considerin' it as a straight out copy-paste which isn't that far off from the truth but not quite exactly, it has a soul of it's own & I'll be breakin' down the similarities & differences and decide for yourself whether the game is up your alley or not.


- To make it brief without spoilin', it's set in a fantasy world where you're the last of your kind & on the verge to existent with no capability of actual fightin' but you get rescued one day by the female heroine & the journey starts from here, you being a navigator to the characters called Aurorains, guidin' them in battles against the enemies called Eclipsites with your telepathic abilities & about discoverin' the mystery behind the MC past & such, it has lighter tone compared to AK where it's set in a post-apocalyptic settin', dark, grim & heavily full of text, while Alchemy Stars leans more on the colorful & not that much serious of a story from what I've played since there's only 8 chapters so far that all combined felt like 1 chapter of AK in terms of story length, too early to judge since there's lots to be explored in the future, like events & such, there's also 3 extra chapters as well, overall not that great but not bad either.


- Character designs are aesthetically beautiful & vibrant, it has lots of variety of unique characters in which they come in 4 different elements (water, fire, forest & thunder), all being L2D, they gain extra artwork upon ascendin' the characters, the system is similar to promotions in AK, also the story has some CGs that happen in between when goin' through the story, durin' battles or dorm they appear as 3D chibi models which I think are nicely made.


- A mixture of great ambient, classical & electronic OST which varries dependin' on wherevever you're in the game (homescreen, stages, boss fight & so on) to set the mood right, not much better than AK but still pleasant to listen to nonetheless.


- To whom who played AK, it's pretty much the same minus the recruitment system, it's splitted up to four banners at first, (beginner) banner which is 50% discounted that guarantees you 6* in the first 21 pulls then it disappears, next is the (limited) banner which is similar to AK which features a 6* on a rate up then gets added to the perma pool after the banner duration is over, it guarantees you a 5* in the first 10x pulls & the pity is accumulated & get carried over to other future limited banners if you didn't get a 6* by then, third type of banners is called (mainstay) which what you could call it standard, it's just there permanently with all the characters that are in the current pool, next would be the (RRR) short for rotatin' recommended recruitment that features a 6* & a 5* every 21 day or so, similar to the limited one, it guarantees a 5* in the first x10 pulls .. note that banners don't share the same pity count nor the currency used to pull, mainstay & RRR one type of currency while the limited one is of a different type, about the rates it's pretty much like AK, 2% for 6*, 9.5% for 5*, 4* for 33% & 3* for 55.5% and the pity starts to kicks in after 50 pulls then it adds 2.5% to 6* rate after each pull & onwwards till it reaches 100%, you can exchange items & characters by usin' the currency you get after pullin' in the gacha, similar to green & gold certificates in AK, if you're fine with AK gacha then you most likely won't have any complains here.


- Noticed that lots of people consider the gameplay similar to AK which is totally wrong while AK being tower defense & has strategic elements to it, Alchemy stars is more on the offense side while havin' totally different gameplay style, it leans more to the puzzle-ish, strategic & a bit of RNG, each stage you enter you're greeted with a huge floor with 4 different colored tiles (red, blue, green & yellow) scattered around which you use to utilize killin' the waves of enemies with a formation of 5 members each have different elemental attribute & skills dependin' on whom you pick, some being converters that change the tiles colors to combo better & do chain skills, others are supporters that provide utility, heals & buffs/debuffs, detonators that deal AoE damage, snipers that hit multiple targets from afar and the list goes on.

- One of the major complains that I noticed people say that enemies & stages gets repetitive, which clearly isn't the case as you further progress into the story new enemies & mechanics keep gettin' introduced to make the experience feel fresh & challengin', auto mode unlocks after you finish a stage manually & you can even set it to 2x speed and tell the game to repeat the stage by the X number you set the command at, it has the same promotion system in AK like elite 1 & 2 but it goes up to ascend 3 but fortunately all stages are guaranteed to drop the items you're farmin' for with different quantity and not just one of that said material which in AK you can be left empty handed after burnin' your sanity (called prism in this game).

- There's dupe system but like AK it isn't of any means necessary, just a bit of a boost, characters are already useful from the get-go, what also worth mentionin' all rarities are viable and can actually be used like AK, my current formation consist of only one 6* that I got from the beginner banner while others are of lower rarity, one being the female heroine (Vice) 5* that's been given to us like (Amiya) from AK & I managed to fully 3* the entire 8 chapters (except the last boss) with no issues whatsoever, people say the stages are heavily reliant on RNG or whatever but in fact as long you get the hang of everythin' (character skills, mechanics & such) you can plan accordingly & set the board to your advantage to clear the stages easily.

- It has dorm system but not quite the same to AK, where you need to switch your characters now & then when their mood drops low, or of need some actually management by the player to utilize it day & night to generate some benefits, no there's none of that here, you can just place your characters & they'll do their thing with no involvement from the player, & you can actually interact with the characters & get to know them better by tappin' on them, unlike AK where the purpose of the dorm is get exp. cards, gold & such, in Alchemy Stars you can get prism (sanity) on top of what regenerates automatically same to AK, 1 per 6 minutes, and stages have fixed costs, goes up to 24 where I reached in the story, there's a workshop to create higher rarirty materials that unlocks later in the story, on top of that a dispatch system where you can send a formation to get materials & gacha currency along with what you get daily which I calculated to net you 10+ if not more pulls a month beside the first time rewards, branch, growth, achievements, sign-in & spire (challenges floors), those can get you 80-90+ pulls the first month, in addition there's pre-registration & giveaway rewards they handed & keep handin' us till this day ater after launch & I heard people say the game being so stingy which honestly baffles me.

- There's a rogue-like mode that refreshes every week in which you clear stages & boss fights ascendin' to upper floors which grants currecny to buy more pulls for gacha, materials & so, similar to AK annihilation mode but the stages vary in type & not just a fixed perma stage, good to mention that your characters have fixed levels & such, so you don't need to worry that you're being underleveled or lackin' in ascensions (promotions) or so.

- There's an end game system that unlocks as you go way further in the story that is similar to (Azur Lane PR system), where you do tasks to unlock four powerful 6* of different elements which is nice to have, & perhaps more characters will be available in the future, also when you at least unlock one of these characters, a new mode unlocks in which you can fight multiple bosses that are way challengin' for gacha pulls if defeated.

- Like AK no PvP, game is completely PvE which I wholeheartedly appreciate.


- Only complains I can say for the time being is that the font that is chosen in some places around the game doesn't look right & gives a cheap feelin', also the game is 30 FPS locked in stages which felt like an issue at first but I adapted quickly to it, U.I sometimes lags a bit & doesn't have that smoothiness of AK but I hope the devs. are already aware of that and workin' to fix these issues, despite those complains I pointed out, the game is an absolute breath of fresh air, with how unique the gameplay is, I highly recommend it to those who like strategy & puzzle games that want another game which doesn't feel like a full time job like what most gacha games are nowadays but quite the opposite, being genuinely fun, there's lots of room for future improvements down the road & I can feel it, all in all a really pretty nice game to have as a side just like how AK is.


- Play Alchemy Stars.
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Me gusta mucho que en el gachapon al hacer 50 tiros tus probabilidades aumentan de 2.0% a más cada tiro que hagas hasta llegar al asegurado 6*.
El gameplay de mesa con cuadros es muy entretenido sobre todo al hacer combos, cuadro azul haces combos con personajes azules si estan en el equipo y así con lso otros atributos x color de cuadro/personajes. Ejemplo si en tu equipo tienes 3 amarillo (rayo) y usas 6 cuadros amarillos los 3 personajes de rayo harán combos seguidos. Y así con los demás colores. El farmeo está por ahora normal . El ap o stamina del juego es poca pero es muy barata recargar, los diseños y voces son muy bonitos. No lo veo tan rng ya que hay varios personajes que te Dan cuadros de X color.
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[色色][色色][色色][色色][色色] Indonya mana nih sepi bgt dah. pdhal dah rilis nihhhhh oiii
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game hơi ko kho để chơi nhưng chơi đc ko tệ
game chơi giống aknight
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Primero que nada no esta en español, solo abrieron un servidor para latinos. El juego trata de batallas 3D modo chibi por turnos, en donde tendras que mover a tus heroes por las casillas, segun el heroe elemental que tengas. Peso total: 2Gb. con 500Mb.
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Game thú vị lắm ạ. :3

Mình chơi được 1 tháng hơn nên về nhận xét thì cách chơi strategy để qua các màn dễ hơn A9, một chút thôi nha. =))(Về art hay cách chơi mình sẽ không so sánh với A9 vì mình tôn trọng game với nhau). Art đẹp, về Voice thì là Nhật bản lồng tiếng nên dễ nghe

Tuy nhiên, nếu bạn thích cách chơi sôi động battle cực căng thì nên suy xét, vì về phần gameplay thì nó thuộc dạng pha giữa puzzle và rpg (suy nghĩ, dùng não kéo ô theo màu để thành combo mạnh phụ thuộc vào team lửa, cây, nước, sét của bạn) nên nếu bạn dễ chán thì chắc con game không hợp với bạn đâu ạ.

Về việc cày nâng cấp Aurorians (các con tướng của bạn) thì game bắt buộc bạn phải cày nhiều (cày nhiều x3) để kiếm nguyên liệu nâng cấp cho mấy ẻm (cày vàng, cày nguyên liệu để lv up vũ khí, break mấy ẻm). Yên tâm vì game có autoplay giúp bạn cày trong khi bận nên bạn không cần phải lặp lại thủ công làm gì cho mệt.

Và mình khá thích cốt truyện của game, và cả tính cách nhỏ xíu của MC khi tương tác với các Aurorians nữa. Mình cũng đặc biệt thích phần tương tác với các con tướng của mình, vì bạn sẽ biết được quá khứ của mấy ẻm thế nào. (Cute lắm :') )

À, về phần gacha thì cỡ 10 - 20 lần bạn sẽ ra được 5 sao, thỉnh thoảng game hơi lật rate bạn sẽ có 1 em 6 sao một cách rất surprise. Mà 5 hay 6 sao không mạnh hay yếu, cái này phụ thuộc cách bạn sắp xếp team của bạn và lv up mấy ẻm như thế nào. :3

Gameplay: 4
Art + Music: 4.5/5
Story: 3.5/5

Tuy game mới ra, các tướng aurorians còn ít va đang phát triển nhiều. Mình tin là game sẽ khó hơn trong tương lai. [白眼]
Nói chung thì chơi lâu cũng sẽ chán này nọ nhưng mình vẫn rất thích game này. Lúc đầu thì mình chơi thấy hơi chán nhưng về sau nó hút thật sự. =))) Cho nên mình cũng chẳng ghét gì nhiều lắm.
Cái này ý kiến khi mình chơi game, còn bạn chơi thấy hay hay không phụ thuộc vào cảm nhận của bạn. ;)
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แปลกใหม่จัดๆ ตอนเห็นภาพตัวอย่างเกมแรกๆนึกว่าจะมาแนวเดินหมากเหมือนหมากรุกอะไรพวกนี้ แต่ไม่ใช่เลยผิดจากที่คาดไว้ เวลาคอมโบได้จนMaxโครตฟิน แถมด่านและบอสเกมนี้ทำมาท้าทายพอตัว ยากมาก5555 ต่อให้มีตัว6ดาวก็ยากอ่ะ เพราะด่านบอสหลังๆมันออกแบบมา...กวนส้นมาก555 ต้องจัดหาตัวละครที่มีสกิลเหมาะกับด่านดีๆเลยมี6ดาวแต่สกิลดันไม่เหมาะกับด่านก็ทำไรไม่ได้อยู่ดี แต่ละตัวจะมีขอบเขตและสกิลต่างกันไป ด่านหลังๆเกมนี้ชวนหัวร้อนได้อ่ะ แถมเน้นดวงพอตัวด้วยเวลาบอสมันกลางเขตจะใช้สกิลใส่เรา แล้วช่องสีที่เราจำเป็นต้องใช้เดินหลบสกิลบอสมันดันยาวไม่เลยเขตสกิลบอส ดีไม่ดีมีให้เดินแค่ช่องเดียวอ่ะ ซวยสุดๆโดนบอสอันติหน้าแหกไปT^T ต้องวางแผนเก็บช่องสีเผื่อไว้หลบสกิลด้วยอ่ะ หรือเก็บอันติตัวที่เปิดช่องสียาวๆได้ไว้ใช้ยามจำเป็นต้องหลบ ยิ่งด่านที่มีพื้นขยับได้นะ คิดหนักเลยเพราะต้องคอยทำคอมโบเยอะๆฆ่าบอสให้ไวๆเพราะมันมีเทิร์นจำกัด แต่ถ้าอัพเวลสูงๆตัวโหดก็น่าจะEZแหละแต่ตอนนี้เกมพึ่งเปิดผมเล่นมาถึงด่าน3-13ไปไม่รอดแล้ว ยากมากต้องฟาร์มหาของมาอัพขีดจำกัดเวลอย่างเดียว...แต่เกมนี้ใช่ว่าจะฟาร์มง่ายไปซะทีเดียว ของอัพขีดจำกัดเวลหาดรอปยากมาก ยิ่งตัว6ดาวหายากสุดๆ คือมันก็หาได้แหละแต่ใช้พลังงานโครตเยอะในการฟาร์ม เกมนี้โดยรวมคือดีย์ และแปลกใหม่มากสำหรับเกมแนวกาชา และ...เพลงเกมนี้เพราะสุดๆมีระบบที่ผมชอบที่สุดด้วยคือมันมีคอลเลคชั่นรวมเพลงในเกมด้วย!! สายเพลงถูกใจสิ่งนี้จัดๆและสามารถเปลี่ยนเพลงหน้าล็อบบี้ได้อีก และมีคอลเลคชั่นพวกฉากCG เนื้อเรื่อง บทพูดความสัมพันธ์ตัวละครต่างๆรวมเก็บไว้ให้เราเข้าไปดูอ่านได้ทุกเมื่อ แถมงานภาพสวยมากจริงๆ ชอบงานอาร์ตเกมนี้สุดๆ ส่วนกาชาก็รู้ๆกัน ไอคนดวงดีก็ได้ไป ดวงซวยอย่างผมก็ได้แค่4ดาวรัวๆ555 แนะนำให้ดองเพรชไว้เปิดการันตีเลยดีกว่าดีสุด ยอมอดเปิดกาชาเพื่อตัว6ดาวที่ได้แน่นอน100% 55555 อาจจะนานหน่อยแต่ก็ดีกว่าเปิดตลอดทุกรอบที่เพรชพอเปิดแต่ไม่ได้6ดาวเลยLOL
yuki amatsukaze Alchemy Stars | โกลบอล


Badly designed battle system. They put a lot feature for boss enemies yet nothing for us to take an trick. With limited turn, they put player at very small error margin while player must evade and build attack pattern. You'll know it when you stuck at spire lv 13 and a lot of boss. Theres one with 50% evade so you cant really attack directly to them and takes a couple of turn to bait them to trap. And last chapter boss can't be even hit close with his attack that delay skill cooldown.

And alot of grind with very small stamina regen.

Story is so basic.
Celine_Chan Alchemy Stars | โกลบอล


Alrite, just finished chapter 3, and honestly I had a harder time figuring out the bad part of the game than clearing the stage, so here's my review
I don't really need to talk about the Graphics and Sound, right?

I'll talk about the story first, so far it's so good unlike most of mobile games nowadays, never once did I get tempted to push the skip button.

Next is the gameplay, it has a unique gameplay that's somewhat good to test your strategic ability especially with lot's of different(though sometimes similar) chain skills and active skills, so pick your formation carefully.
Overall it's quite balanced, except one thing, THOSE GODDAMN STUNS ARE HELLA ANNOYING, I mean, look, I have a REALLY HARD time comepleting a certain stage(3-7 or 3-8?) with 3 stars 'cause it got a Giant that could stun you again and again after a few turns, not to mention that he got accompanied by a FRIGGIN' HEALER! (well, my team is somewhat under-leveled at that time so I guess it's also partly my fault)—whoopsie, I got carried away

Alrite, on to the bad part,

•The Prism(Stamina) recovery speed is so low compared to the consumption rate, that it's barely acceptable, I said it's barely acceptable because even with 0 prism, you could still play some certain stage that requires other resource or just straight out cost nothing's(Secret territory and Extra chapter).

•There isn't a stable way to earn Lumambers(not yet, I hope) and the gacha rate is so-so, except if you have a worst luck ever possible such as myself, just the other time, I do a 10 pull in the permanent gacha to only get 4 Angels and some other low-stars aurorians without a single 5* much less a 6*[大哭], I know low-stars aurorians ain't shit, but they ain't so great either.

Well, that's my honest review, a pretty long one at that :'|
Panumas Nimsomboon Alchemy Stars | โกลบอล


เป็นเกมที่แปลกใหม่ดี เกมเป็นแนวแทคติก SRPG , ลากสีเดียวกัน Max ที่15 (การลาก คล้ายๆปลดล็อคโทรศัพท์ อ่ะ) เกมสนุกดี คอมโบดี ตัวละคร งามอาร์ตก็ดีงาม

ทุกเซิฟเปิดพร้อมกัน คนไทย จะเล่นอยู่ Sea (Thailand)

ระบบกาชา ถือว่าเรตดีอยู่ ไม่เกลือ กดครั้งแรก มี5ดาว 1ตัวแน่นอน กดตู้แรก ครบ 21ครั้ง มีการันตี 6ดาว (พอได้6ดาว ตู้ จะหายไป)

ขนาดเกม 2.61G
Hasawa Alchemy Stars | โกลบอล


เอาไปเลยเต็ม5คะแนน สวยทุกอย่าง สกิล ตัวละคร เท่ น่ารักครบ ใครชอบpuzzle , กลยุทธ์ น่าจะถูกใจ แต่ระบบค่อนข้างฉลาดน้อย ถ้าเปิดออโต้ เล่นเองสนุกกว่า ฝึกสมอง ปล่อยออโต้ไว้เก็บresource อย่างเดียวฮ่าๆๆ ส่วนตัวแล้วติดใจสายฟ้า ไม่อยากเติมเงินก็เล่นได้ยาวๆ ช่วงนี้ล็อกอินแจกของดีอยู่ เรทกาชาดีมาก สำหรับฉัน ได้สีทอง ไม่ยากเท่าไหร่นะ 6 ดาวก็ดวงใครดวงมัน ไม่ซีเรียส เพราะ ตัวละครแม่มเท่ทุกตัว
cluelessowain Alchemy Stars | โกลบอล


Alright, since I've seen other reviews, I just wanna let everyone know this:

The game DOES have a pity system, it just doesn't have spark. You will get an assured 6-star in 90 pulls. (2% for the first 50, then increasing chances afterwards) if you somehow don't pull one before it. However, it is not assured to get the banner unit (50% chance usually when getting a 6-star), unfortunately. The gacha aspect is kinda bad because of this to be honest. If they added spark it would've been much nicer.

The gameplay is pretty refreshing, and because of its nature, it is pretty unit-dependent (arguably roll-dependent). This also means that you can't just stack units altogether and expect to win, since it requires a good amount of strategy and skill-combinations.

The game has a full-auto repeat feature. As what I've observed, I might be wrong, it checks which tiles makeup your team first (say if you have 3 or 4 Water units, it will prioritize Blue Tiles) then checks the longest path and moves towards there. So take it as you will, you need to see if the team you chose works in auto.

The story itself is pretty nice. It becomes especially good in the game however because it's accompanied by pretty dang amazing art and music.

It's pretty worth to try, especially if you want a gacha game that finally has a considerably new battle system.
Vinnia KP Alchemy Stars | โกลบอล


First of all, my main language is not English so I'm sorry if you find any grammar errors. Here are my reviews.

Story wise: Its main plot is quite common Aurorians vs Eclipses a.k.a Good vs Evil. I'm still on chapter 7-4 so I can't say much. However some of MC dialogues are a bit clichés for me and don't feel like as a someone who was isolated for 17 years.

Visual wise: No need to be asked. It's top notch. Chars & environment illustrations are very well made. UI is clean, neat, and modern.

Gameplay wise: it's a strategy game so casual or dumb players might not like it. Gameplay is simple, straightforward, but complicated af. Anyone who's mad because tiles colors are so random, please use your Converter chars. They are there for reasons. 3*, 4*, & 5* chars are good if you know how to use them. I still use Ms Blanc & Vice (both are starter units) in my water party.

Gacha rate: 2%+ for 6* char. The rate will increase by 2.5% for every 50 rolls cmiiw. Not sure if the rate is bad or not, maybe it's just my luck. I got 7 6* chars from 150 rolls.
Star flares are used for summoning in gacha system. There are 2 types of flares: Special Star Flare (blue colored one used in targeted banner) & Star Flare (red colored one used in mainstay banner). You can purchase them for 300 lumambers each (premium currency, gems, crystals however you call it). Star Flares are easier to get. You can get them from story, spire, and exchanging star gem & text fragments.

Grind: You need quite amount of mats for ascending & raising your char level. The grind is easy to do because of auto mode (unlock it after 3* clear on each stage). However the downside part is prism recovery rate is quite slow. Yes you can get additional prims from Colossus, but still.
Vinzha VYZ Alchemy Stars | โกลบอล


Early review: Game aesthetic is very similar to arknights, from the sound effects, music, and GUI. Also has similar secondary features, like decorating a designated area and farm materials, though I do personally prefer arkights 2d style for the chibi avatars rather than the more blocky 3d style in this game. Gameplay is something I havent personally played before, sort of a puzzle game of connecting as many tiles as close to as many enemies as possible with button click skills you can use on cool down. So far seems pretty simple.

Story is intriguing, of course your character is the person who cant fight but is leading a bunch of actual fighters on the battleground (like arknights doctor). No amnesia that is often used in these types of games, but I guess sorta like, a 17 year old who is one of the last of an almost exinct civilization killed by the leader of the basic enemies in the game (spoilers, the person who is in the cutscene is one of their kind too). 2d art looks good, also has pretty much the same symbols and groups system as arknights. Basically its very similar to arknight other than basic gameplay, small sprites, and the general lore.

Gacha has beginners banner with 1 guaranteed 5 star and 1 guaranteed 6 star within 21 pulls. Obviously not standard rate, but it's good for short term gratification. Sooner or later I'll scream in gacha pain.

Very early, but it's not bad so far.

Edit: From what I can see of the global reviews, seems to be a lot of contention on servers/nationality? ngl I just chose Other in regions because I didnt care I look through all those countries.

Update after unlocking spire:

Gameplay: Since I havent played this sort of puzzle game before, I cant really compare it to the games that share the gameplay style. It's pretty fresh to me at least, and a lot of tile gimmicks are put in as you progress. Something thats a little annoying but kinda of impossible to avoid is that you could get REALLY unlucky in terms of the tile rng, and that could be a bit frustrating because of the turn limit (my dark days of candy crush haunts me... candy rng). Certain characters can bring even more complexity. I pulled irridon, and I usually spend at least a couple of minutes with her skill trying to figure out how best to place her special tiles so I can spawn more yellow tiles. So, the tile rng can be annoying but ultimately its pretty fun. Planning your steps is a must, even if you have teleport characters, since the best strategy is to accumulate as many tiles of the same color as possible to get higher damage, bigger ao3, and a free turn. At least... its satisfying... so I'll keep playing it that way lol.

Story: Ngl I skipped some of it but I plan to go back when I have more time to view the cutscenes. I liked the initial chapter 1 story well enough, though I'm on chapter 4 now.

My opinions on graphics and sound havent changed since initial review. Basically very similar to Arknights, other than the gameplay animation, and the small chibi characters. 2D is nice, though I usually prefer it when the art is all drawn in the same style, but I can appreciate the different artists.

The gacha so far has been decently generous.... but I am lacking good water characters lol. I drew on both the charleen banner and on the standard banner, though thats probably a mistake to spread out my pity like that. Ill probably settle on the standard banner after I get a 6 star on the charleen banner because I dont actually care which 6 stars I get. As f2p, it seems to be decently rewarding for now. I havent been super lucky, only got niki and irridon, and some dupe 5 stars, but I dont plan on rerolling, since I genenrally never reroll unless its part of the game's mechanics for beginner gacha.

Update two, unlocked old seal:

Gacha rates are actually kind of insane for me since I wasnt expecting to get any more 6 stars for a while after the initial generosity (coz its launch yknow, rerolls and all that I'm too lazy to do). I didnt get anything crazy like multiple 6 stars in one draw, but managing to get two more 6 stars when getting draws are a little harder now is quite good for how bad my luck is usually. Is it really 2%? Idk how math works anymore...

Anyways, harder content is beatable with pretty much characters of any rarity, as long as you put in the grind. Old seal contains legendary characters you can get by grinding to finish quests. ngl, unlockable characters is great for f2p, but I'm usually not very interested in getting them (cough granblue eternals) because of my laziness and you dont really NEED them for the current content. Still, they look cool, so I might put in some effort to try and get at least one.

I'm glad this game isnt pvp, though idk how that would work anyways with this kind of gameplay. I like it this game quite a bit! The 3d models growing on me...I think...
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How to reroll with guest acc without root:Go to file manager/android/data & rename com.tencent.baiyeint file(simply adding 1 at the end of file name will do)>do the same to obb file>Clear all game data>remove 1.Be sure to swap servers everytime u reroll(basically 4 max) since u'll be loading the same guest acc b4 u reroll if u choose the same server as earlier acc.U can also use multiple emails to reroll but unfortunately salted email method doesn't work.U can check other rerolling methods online.As for which char to reroll,go check mrguider site.
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Hello, back with Kana and its review again!
I have since been playing at day 3 (a day after server opening), and we shall breakthrough the game below~♪

Graphic : 4/5
Overall, its color and theme are consistent. Perhaps a bit too generic, as I'm still previously poisoned by the certain Mihoyo game. It's still enjoyable, you might as well find some ikemens in the game!

Gameplay : 4.5/5
Similar YET DIFFERENT atmosphere ith Arknights, this gameplay is yet another good floor-matching mechanics. Imagine those cheap game with its matching items to drag, but this time as a trail to your cute Aurorians to fight. This is like a easy yet tricky mode, depends on your Aurorians party.

Storyline : 4/5
Had I reviewed instantly at Day 1, I would've given 3.5/5 as you'll be overloaded with such information at once. To highlight the overloaded information, you need to know that you're NOT THE FIGHTER. You bore a telepathy and capabilities to 'talk' with living weapon named Soroz (yes, I assume Soroz both had two persona, as 'human' and 'weapon'?). But at Chapter 1, you'll eventually sorted the information right away.

My advice is you have to complete both intro and Chapter 1 at Day 1 to process and organize primary information.

Value : 4/5
As of recent I have yet to check the Value. However, as the pricing seem similar to other games, I assume this is affordable to most of us.
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gue kasih full bintang, baik story maupun grafik bagus bngt! gameplaynya juga menarik, mirip" arknights tpi sdkit laen. maen ini game harus puter otak lebih keras lg klo mau dptin full 3 star d tiap stagenya (klo yg ga mau mkr bisa pke system auto battle) berharap kedpnnya bisa tmbhin bahasa indonya. pkoknya ni game menarik bangt buat d coba khususnya para gamer yg suka game strategi.


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