akari fukuro77 TEARS OF THEMIS | จีนดั้งเดิม


I hope this game had an English version :)
Kurl TEARS OF THEMIS | จีนดั้งเดิม


Really fun to read. MC is a lawyer with actual personality, is smart, and the game does not shy away from giving her a good design. The main selling point are the guys but I really love the MC! Worth a play if you can read CN, theres some translations out there too. If not, I'll pray with you for an EN version❤️

edit: EN announced!! Yay!
Azizah Atmayani TEARS OF THEMIS | จีนดั้งเดิม


After play it for one month i will give honest review and sorry for my broken english--

I looooove this game! (and i hope there's global server, but until today i enjoy chinese version👌)

i really really adore the graphics--well, MiHoYo never dissappointed their player for giving them beautiful graphics. SR/SSR card are moving a bit, it makes me amazed when my first play lol. But their new update is highly amazing because R card has background already (before they only gave plain color based from their character).

when you enter the main story, they're full voiced even their minor characters have it! i kinda suprised too because it's my first time playing game and they added voice to minor characters.

I like the gameplay too. You can "auto" and it will play alone (but dont forget to increase your card strength or you will lose ksks)

I played it until chapter 4 and i havent continue again but the storylines are not so boring and im curious everytime im done the story lol.

But this game is kinda large. It's already 2GB and almost 3GB in my phone--i dont know if you think it's not big because theyre full voiced and their characters moving, but for me it is;; You need to save spaces a lot, especially for their update. They will tell you how much spaces you need to their update.

I think that's all, and it's my first review on qooapp;; I hope they release global server in the future.
とん仮面ライダー TEARS OF THEMIS | จีนดั้งเดิม


Yến Nhi Phạm TEARS OF THEMIS | จีนดั้งเดิม


English version please [微笑][微笑]
Raccoon Ch Top Contributor TEARS OF THEMIS | จีนดั้งเดิม


Tears of Themis เกมแนว โอโตเมะ สะสมการ์ดตัวละครหนุ่มๆเพิ่มความสัมพันธ์จ้า
Arcee Autowor TEARS OF THEMIS | จีนดั้งเดิม


Игра просто шикарна, но когда можно будет увидеть её в переводе на русский? Просто неудобно то и дело переходить из игры в переводчик.
karine ying TEARS OF THEMIS | จีนดั้งเดิม


MelekPınarbaşı TEARS OF THEMIS | จีนดั้งเดิม


sadece bir otome oyunu değil. dedektif, avukatlı fln filanda var. muhteşemmmm. hikayesi apayrı bi konu. anlatmaya gerek yoh. görüyorsunuz. gonuşmuyorum.
Kagura09 TEARS OF THEMIS | จีนดั้งเดิม


The graphics are very beautiful, full voice, even NPC has a voice, I heard they will provide a Japanese dub, using live 2D, I also really like the story(*・∀・*), I hope there will be an English version in the future❤

Size: 3,5GB (can be 4GB in the future) ♪ヽ(*´∀`)ノ (Sorry broken English)
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