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?️ 14 Endings. ? Your Choice, ? Your Destiny.

She is trapped in Cinema 14 and her only way out is to finish the movie.
Escape from the clutches of the unknown dangers.
Survive the hall of horrors and watch the reels of mystery unfold.

Unique game features:
? Jumpscares!
?️‍♀️ Intriguing storyline
? Original soundtracks and scary sound effects
? Interactive scenarios
? Unravel the mystery with your choices
? Animated visual graphics
? Challenging and randomized puzzles
? Quick-time reactions
? Story and Casual game modes

Read the Prologue:

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Cinema14, available in English and Chinese.

**This app saves new data automatically when you return to the Cinema. Save the file locally.
**Every time a checkpoint is reached, you may continue from there in case of exiting the game

* This is a single player mystery horror game, not v multiplayer games
* Any deletion of the cache and data, or uninstallation, will result in data loss. Only In-app purchased items will be retrieved when reinstalled.
* Play offline with paid version!
* Please make sure internet connection is available for free versions, depending on area and download speed, loading periods may vary.

Cloud saves are currently not supported.
Save files are kept locally, uninstalling removes saves.

Cinema14.net Privacy Policy:


Mystery visual novel, Horror survival, Escape the room, Exploration adventure, Puzzle, Reaction game? You got it, it’s all in the anime inspired Cinema 14.

The girl whose first date turned upside down found herself trapped in between the life of two unfortunate sisters.

Rumor has it that one must finish the movie for the curse to be lifted. The mystery trenches deep as a series of events lead her into a strange room where a menacing 8-feet demon stalks her for an unknown reason. You can't run. No angels will help. Hide in the shadows, stray away from the eyes of the grotesque monster. Tap to escape from death. It will leave no corpse behind.

Will she leave the strange place knowing the truth? Or will she fall to her demise in the consequences of the choices she makes? You decide.Her fate lies in your hands in all 14 endings, each that will reveal little truth and ultimately deciding the past, present, and future.

Cinema 14 is story driven. Immerse yourself with the original music as you read, but be on the alert! At any time you may need to react quickly to the time-based events or die! Find out the true identity, hidden agendas and rely on your own deductions to pass the final verdict. Be haunted by the truth.

World items are scattered randomly each round is played. Find the hidden objects, craft and combine to use on clues! Solve challenging brain teaser puzzles in all 14 Chapters / Levels. Find all the telltale signs, it’s time to put your IQ skills to the test.

@%&#!!! Jump scares? Don't toss your phone! Get fun scares as you explore!Share with friends, invite them to join the party and see how they react! But what is a spooky Japanese doll doing in that room? Goosebumps!
Gráficos Gameplay Valor Históra Áudio 4.1
15 Avaliação(ões), 6 Comentário(s)
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