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TASOKARE HOTEL is an adventure x escape mobile game developed by SEEC, the maker of The Prison Boys and Infinite Prison.
It has the following versions: Chinese, Japanese.

- The Escape & Adventure Novel is a new type of the mystery game (escape game) with a long story. You can enjoy reading the story as well as solving the mystery in the Escape & Adventure Novel.
- The volume of the scenario is more than ten times other Escape games. Basically you can play free of charge (in-app purchase).
- This is a mystery and detective game by revealing the mystery of the incidents as well as enjoying the story.
-There is a gallery mode to see the graphics you obtained in the story with a full screen.
- Everyone can play the game easily.
*This story is fiction. There is no relation with real people and organizations.
*Saving data is automatically carried out when you complete a stage etc.

◆Character Voice Acting◆
Rika Momokawa/Koudai Sakai/Kanehira Yamamoto/Natsue Sasamoto/Yuki Nagano/Yusuke Shirai/Takashi Narumi
◆Ending song/Insert song◆
Title: Meitei - Inebriety -
Singer: Rico Sasaki

◆Game Overview◆
Title: Tasokare Hotel
Category: The Escape & Adventure Novel
Price: Basically play free of charge (in-app purchase)
Official Site: http://se-ec.co.jp/appli/tasokarehotel/
Official Twitter: @TASOKARE_HOTEL
*Please note that there is a possibility that it is unstable or it cannot be played depending on the internet connection or situations.
- If you delete cache or data of this app or uninstall the app, all purchased items and data in the app such as game progress are deleted.
- The app has no responsibility to update or recover data etc. Please be responsible for your management of data and the app.
-We do not pay purchased items etc. back to you. Please note it in advance.
- We do not recommend you to use a tablet for our app. For some smartphones, there is possibility that it does not work well.
- Please play the app with a good internet connection.
(*Otherwise, data might be destroyed.)
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Gráficos Gameplay Valor Históra Áudio 4.8
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