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After a near-death experience, you're accepted into the prestigious Angels' Academy, a celestial school nestled among floating islands and ethereal landscapes. As an angel-in-training, you must learn healing, music, and flight to earn your wings and return to Earth. During your studies, you develop close relationships with your handsome angelic classmates: the stern Evander, the charismatic Caelum, the compassionate Raphael, and the enigmatic Azrael.

Together, you navigate the complexities of love and friendship as you uncover secrets that could change the fate of Heaven itself—because beneath the Academy's seemingly perfect facade, dark forces are at play—fallen angels who threaten to upend the celestial order. Can you rise to the challenge and show that love can conquer even the deepest divides?

Prepare to soar above the clouds, uncover hidden secrets, and find out if love really does have wings. Embark on a celestial adventure where your choices shape not only the future of Angels' Academy, but also your own!


Evander — The Alpha Guardian

The prefect of the Guardian House, Evander is renowned for his combat prowess and unyielding dedication to his duties. With a single wing and a reputation as the academy's 'golden boy,' he sets high standards for everyone, including you. His critical view of your admission as a human is hard to ignore, but beneath his arrogance might lie a story worth discovering. Can you soften his harsh exterior and find the source of his relentless ambition?

Caelum — The Charismatic Herald

As the top herald at Angels' Academy, Caelum is responsible for delivering messages between realms. His lively personality and playful charm make him instantly popular, but his casual attitude sometimes leads to trouble. He jokes about being your 'personal cupid,' but deep down, he's wrestling with the pressures of his prominent family. Will you be the one to help Caelum find his own path, free from the weight of expectations?

Raphael — The Compassionate Healer

The leader of Healers' Haven, Raphael's gentle demeanor and empathetic nature make him a beloved figure at the academy. He's always ready to help the injured, but his caring heart hides a history of tragedy and loss. Raphael’s burdens run deep, and he struggles with the pain he's witnessed. Can you help him heal both himself and others, and find solace in your growing connection?

Azrael — The Enigmatic Reaper

As the head of Shadowsoul, Azrael's role as a reaper and angel of death has earned him a reputation filled with whispers and rumors. His mysterious aura might seem intimidating, but there's a deep loneliness beneath the surface. Your compassion draws you to him, but delving into his world could be risky. Will your empathy be enough to save Azrael from the depths of his own despair, or will his darkness consume you both?
Gráficos Gameplay Valor Históra Áudio 3.0
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