The music game in Wanna One Go: The Musician.

The game is entirely in Korean but the commands are simple. the songs in it are mostly Korean songs like AKMU, Beast, AOA, etc. However, there are some foreign songs that Koreans like, like the widely popular Frozen theme song.

♬ ♪ Music in your daily routine, musician ♬ ♪
It is a music game that plays various genres of music directly with piano and other virtual instruments. Each note down from the top is the actual sound of the music, and you can hit the notes to rhythm to complete the music.

♬ The largest music source in the country regardless of genre
The latest popular K-POP, pop songs, ballads, classical music, OST, and 1,000 sound sources!

♬ Loose play mode
Music World: Play each of the songs on stage with a variety of instruments!
Music List: Directly from the desired song to the instrument! Playlist!
Buscar: Play along with the voice of the buscar!
+ Time travel, on air, extreme, couple mode, challenge friends, etc.

♬ Select and play a real instrument voice
Piano: Grand piano, electric piano, vintage piano
Other: Acoustic, Classical, Clean, Distortion, Gayageum, Electro kit
Drums: Standard, Studio, Electrum

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On stove
Gráficos Gameplay Valor Históra Áudio 4.6
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