Can play a application from "expert" to "beginner" widely.
The mode which can be idle freely in Free mode!
Treasure mode of all 92 stages which an interesting rule exercises! !
Please enjoy the second of the Infinity series.
○Rank system
"Rank point" is added in "Victory of each mode"
Renk-up is the rank that "rank point" is "Constant value"
Let's aim at the best rank "AAA" !!!
○Free mode
Can play free setting.
A rule and various rules, freedom can usually set the number of the games more, too.
○Treasure mode
All 92 stages which a special rule exercises at random!
A collection item can get when I win in the stage!
In Treasure mode, a certain character breaks into it.
When win to the character who broke into it; new mode!!
○Secret mode
A special story can look!
Let's play Treasure mode, and let's win to that character!
Gráficos Gameplay Valor Históra Áudio 3.1
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