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◈ Introduction ◈
The Gran Knights, the Las Knights, the samurai of the Great Continent, and even the elite of the Gerus Empire fought against this battle, but the situation was overwhelmingly unfavorable.
Their lonely battle ends in defeat...
It was supposed to be that way.

At a desperate moment, the world is rewound 10 years ago by the power of Eve and Lilith.
For Russ and his friends, a second chance to save humanity has arrived.

There, the black dragon and the army of darkness are once again threatening the world...
Complete quests, fight monsters, gather friends,
Let's overcome the crisis that comes again!

◈ Adventure in the Esprogen continent, the Great Continent, and the Gerus Empire,
Build relationships with veteran warriors and make them your friends!
By exchanging, combining and developing skills,
Build your own powerful knight group!

◈ Let's make the base of the knights luxurious with your friends!
Sometimes there are special effects and powerful strengthening effects!
By managing the base, the entire knight order will become stronger!

◈ Raise a legendary knight group and overcome the trials given by six spirit kings.
Prove your strength and get powerful rewards!
Grow with challenging challenges held every week!

◈ Get stronger by completing weekly events!
Enjoy various mini-games every week, such as "Three Match", "Log Light Survivor", and "Monster Capture"!
The rewards are not “mini”, so enjoy them to the fullest!
Gráficos Gameplay Valor Históra Áudio 3.2
40 Avaliação(ões), 58 Comentário(s)
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