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Management of full free Mitsugu to two-dimensional daughter-in-law working in black bytes (!?) Love (!?) Simulation game!
So, now, it is the birth of black byte warrior!

◆ story ◆
Every day that completely wallet fits daughter-in-law of the smartphone has become lightly, that the acts would have been home guards ...
There you containing, black bytes untimely black companies ...! !
Salary only when the quota achieved, the payment amount commission, moreover Wan'ope.
drenched claims, many of the calls for the correspondence.

The "manager Tsu ... !!! Seriously unreasonable Hey ... !!!"
"Go for it !! customers are waiting for you! ... Well, Otsukare Mr. ♪"
"Devil Tsu ... !!!!! (tears of blood)."

Okay ... heart of the daughter-in-law because always there beside ....

And accumulating the salary Mitsuge to daughter-in-law of the smartphone! The more Mitsugu If Mitsuge to the affection UP!

Q: What are you working in black bytes for what?
A: It is because of the daughter-in-law (Kiritsu

Mind is it's turn of motivation switch After me! Good luck hero! Hero Hold hard there.
Your future is ... surprisingly bright?


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◆ voice cooperation ◆

※ This game is fiction.
Gráficos Gameplay Valor Históra Áudio 3.7
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