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Halloween Chronicles: The Door is a horror adventure game developed by Do Games Limited. In this game, players need to complete different puzzle minigames to explore the ominous world in this game.

Play puzzles and brain teasers in one of the top adventure games! Your goal is to seek and find out hidden objects in these fun point and click adventure games.

We start this activity as a funny Halloween joke, but it turns out to be the beginning of a deadly adventure.Our sister has found a mysterious game in the attic. We prepare almost a ritual to start playing this, but after that the light switches off! We’re concerned that something has happened with our sister as we can’t find her in the dark attic. Suddenly she jumps out of the cupboard. It’s a prank! As soon as we sigh with relief, a real monster kidnaps us and locks in his game! He plans to feast on our energy starting with Samantha. We must stop him before it’s late. We’re about to meet new friends and dangerous enemies.It’s time to rise against monster. Salvation just behind the door.

🎃 Find out how Kriben’s game appeared in our world in the Bonus Chapter!
Your adventure doesn’t stop at the end of the main story! Play the bonus chapter and enjoy another round of thrilling Halloween search and find games.

🎃 Earn achievements playing HOPs and mini-games!
These are special finding object games for the Halloween season. Complete tons of intriguing mini-games hidden and plunge into the spooky atmosphere!

🎃 Tons of collectibles and morphing objects to look for!
Collect stone coins to get armored against monsters, find Kriben’s things to learn how to play his game and gather monster figurines to know what monsters take part in Kribens annual feast!

🎃 Download our wallpapers, concept art and music to enjoy it later!
Solve find hidden objects quests to earn achievements and get access to unique wallpapers, concept art, music, and more!

🎃 Never get lost with a helpful strategy guide!
If you ever get stuck while trying to find out hidden objects, use the strategy guide for help and useful tips!

This game has a free trial part. You can unlock the full version through an in-app purchase.

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Solve puzzles and brain teasers in these great Halloween horror hide and seek big adventure mystery quest games!
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Ninguém classifiou este jogo ainda
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