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Really Scary! Horror Photography is a horror puzzle for mobile, developed by マリネアップス. In this game, players need to observe the picture carefully and tap the ominous part.

We will guide you to the world of psychic photography.

Did you understand ...

If you download this you will witness "it".

Contains over 150 photos.

Is it a message from the spirits who stayed in this world?

Why did "it" appear?
Please take a closer look.

≡≡≡≡ Operation method ≡≡≡≡
1) Observe the photo carefully.
2) Find the mysterious part.
3) Tap the place you think is the correct answer.

≡≡≡≡ Recommended for people like this ≡≡≡≡
・ I want to squeeze while sticking to my lover ・ I want to experience the fear of forgetting everything on a lonely night ・ I want to play casually on a free night and regret it because I am too scared.
・ I want something that I can play with my friends and work

≡≡≡≡Caution ≡≡≡≡
* There is an urban legend that if you tell a lot of scary stories, the spirits will come to you.
* It is not recommended to clear all stages in one day.
* Please note that this app cannot provide any compensation even if any psychic phenomenon occurs in or around you.

BGM Amacha Music Studio
Gráficos Gameplay Valor Históra Áudio 0.0
Ninguém classifiou este jogo ainda
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