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Summer's Tale is an adventure game developed by G.Gear.inc for mobile. In this game, players need to take the initiative to talk to different people in the town and listen to their stories. Explore the surroundings to solve mysteries and help out people with difficulties. 

・ It is a stage-type mystery solving game set in a rural town in summer.
・ Solving the requests of the people in the town, playing with friends, etc. This is a collection of various short stories.
・ There are hints and answers for each stage, so even beginners can enjoy it to the end.
・ You can play all stages for free.

[How to play]
・ Tap the area you are interested in to find out.
-You can expand and get items.
・ Tap a person to hear the story.
* You may get hints and items, so talk to them positively.

-Tap the item field to enlarge the item.
-Swipe the item to the enlarged field to use the item.
-Swipe an item to a person to use the item.
-You may be able to use another item for the enlarged item.

・ Is it in the upper left of the screen? You can see hints and answers from the button.

【I recommend this hotel】
・ Those who like escape games, brain training puzzles, and mystery solving quizzes.
・ Those who want to enjoy a short story easily.
・ Those who want to play that summer again.
・ There are hints and answers, so it is recommended for beginners!
Gráficos Gameplay Valor Históra Áudio 4.6
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