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If you like horror games or are looking for one, you will love Doctor Warden.
In order to complete the game, Doctor Warden must explore the creepy abandoned hospital and confront her fears. She notices suspicious noises easily, so you have to be very careful not to make any loud noises.

You find yourself trapped in a creepy hospital. Solve the riddles that await you there and escape from the dreaded wardens and mansions. Install this game and experience the scary and fun horror. Doctor Warden is a free horror game.

There is an abandoned hospital where you can find no trace of your grandma and grandpa.
There are no neighbors there to help you! So you are forced to do everything by yourself. The days you have left are limited, so act quickly and quietly.
The evil abandoned hospital has a variety of tricks up its sleeve, so search every shelf and drawer.
If you look around carefully, you may find some things that you can move.

If you run into an evil doctor, Doctor Warden will grab you and stab you with a large syringe to put you into a deep sleep. Sometimes it is important to hide in your wardrobe and let the situation pass you by.

Why are you being held captive by her? Do you ask your neighbor for help?
Or will you solve the riddles in the room to escape?
Doctor Warden is still being updated with new ideas!
If you're a grandpa who doesn't like scary stuff or a kid who likes granny horror games, take note.

How to play Doctor Warden

Hide, run, and escape from the mansion.

You have five days to escape.

Practice mode to explore the abandoned hospital without problems.

Multiple difficulty levels to suit your needs.

You have to be careful not to make any loud noises! 

Survive by hiding in your wardrobe like the hero of a horror movie!

If you are having problems understanding the game mechanics, please activate the practice mode.
Share the best experience full of thrill and fear with all horror game lovers!
Are you ready to hide? The most important thing is to enjoy the adventure escape game.
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1 Avaliação(ões), 1 Comentário(s)
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