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Starry Love is an otome RPG developed by Entrepreneur Game for mobile.

[Hundreds of styles and fashion to choose from]
The ever-changing fashion style and rich matching outfits allows you to be dressed from head to toe, from the coolest futuristic style to being a sweet loli, you lead the ever-changing fashion trend and tonight, the spotlight is all centered on you. Don't forget to put on your makeup too. From the mature style of a Korean to the sweet style of a Japanese lady is all included! Do you want to be an innocent looking angel or charming and devilish looking? It is all up to you!

[Handsome guys full of personality, thrilling dates]
If you are favoured by the God of Luck, you will get to have some wonderful encounters. Domineering presidents, newbies in the entertainment industry... 5 different beautiful men and there will be one that will capture your heart. Meet, date and chat online, with sweet conversations giving you a real emotional experience.
[Manage your own team and increase your ability]
You build your own team. Recruit members, expand the size of your studio, power and make the streaming business flourish. A strong team will be your backing on your acting career, solving your issues and have a stable life.

[Interesting Events, not missing out on both work and entertainment]
In your free time, you should also have time of your own apart from the busy life of an artist. You can go out for a walk and have an your favourite afternoon tea with your favourite guy, go shopping at clothing store to buy new clothes for yourself or study with your team in the Library. Even if you are shopping aimlessly, there might be unexpected surprises waiting for you~
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5 Avaliação(ões), 3 Comentário(s)
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