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Unreal Life is an adventure game developed by room6.

Unreal Life, the popular indie game with such accolades as the "New Faces Award" from the Japan Media Arts Festival, is finally available on iPhone and iPad!

Let's travel a beautiful pixel-art world in the company of a talking traffic light.

This is one of the first titles from the indie game label "Yokaze", bringing you games that draw you in their world with their atmosphere and emotional experiences.
"And now, for today's story."
After losing her memories, the girl could only remember one name—"Miss Sakura".
She set out to find Miss Sakura, aided by a talking traffic light, and by the power to read the memories of the things she touched.

"Unreal Life" is the story of her journey.
Compare memories of the past with the present, solve mysteries, and follow the girl and the traffic light in this atmospheric puzzle adventure game.


[About Unreal Life]

Puzzle-adventure gameplay:
- Control the girl called Hal and explore a beautiful pixel-art world
- Hal can read the memories of the things she touches
- Compare memories and the present to solve puzzles

Multiple endings:
- There are four different endings to the story
- Your actions will influence the ending

[You'll like Unreal Life if...]
- You like adventure games
- You want to lose yourself in a beautiful world
- You want to forget about real life for a while
- You love beautifully detailed pixel-art

Published by room6
From the Yokaze label
Gráficos Gameplay Valor Históra Áudio 5.0
4 Avaliação(ões), 1 Comentário(s)
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