StoneAge World is an MMORPG developed by Netmarble.

◈Embark on an adventure in StoneAge World!◈
Immerse yourself in a prehistoric world brimming with various dinosaur pets!
Trainers! Ammo up with ropes and stones to capture rare pets and head to Tectonika to stop the rise of the Machine Life!

▣ Game Features ▣

▶ All the charm of the classic PC game comes to mobile!
Find and capture pets in the field!
Grab your ropes and stones and capture rare pets!
You can even get pets from hatching eggs! Dress up in costumes for even more fun!
Explore the world of Tectonika with your pets!

▶ A simple, touch-controlled strategic combat system!
A fluid battle system that changes depending on your elements and skills!
Try raising your pets in unique ways to make them the strongest they can be!
Trainers can equip weapons to join the fight, too!
Customize your battle formations and fight your way!

▶ A prehistoric life exclusive to StoneAge World!
Have fun riding the Manmo Bus, delivering Eggs, and more!
Give flowers to a trainer you like and maybe do a little dance!
Collect different ""Life"" rewards every day!

▶ Embark on an adventure in StoneAge World!
Play 5-Player Raids like Margu's Labyrinth and the 100 Challenges Dojo!
When you’re done fighting, join your Tribe for a barbecue!
Stop Kingcobi's attack and protect your Tribe!

Gráficos Gameplay Valor Históra Áudio 3.0
30 Avaliação(ões), 13 Comentário(s)
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