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Escape your daily routine to the serene village of a cat in Meong Mart! Go on an adventure with Coco, the amnestic cat turns into the mart manager, to help Tory’s mart from failure.
Meong Mart is a fun-filled simulation game where you will help Coco to increase the mart benefit. You need to expand your products in the mart. But before that, you also need to grow your own products on the farm.

Before available in English, Meong Mart has first gained popularity in Korea. The cute cats have been getting on Korean’s attention long before. Furthermore, Meong Mart will also be available in Bahasa Indonesia soon. And the best of all, this cute farm and mart simulation game is free to play!

How to play Meong Mart
- Grow and stock various kind of fresh fruit and vegetable
- Customize your farm to fit many kinds of crops
- Bring your fresh products and sell them in the mart
- Hire more crew to help expand the mart

Features of Meong Mart
- Connect with your friends to visit or even give some help in their mart
- Keep your daily login checked to earn various items every day
- A hidden mystery within the exploration feature

Meong Mart is developed by NokNok, a South-Korean game developer. It is then published by Agate in English and soon in Bahasa Indonesia. Take part in making Meong Mart a better game for a better experience in our Facebook Group!


The minimum requirement for this game is Android 4.4W+ with 2GB RAM.
We apologize that this game is still under development so there are still many bugs and shortcomings. If you find bugs and other issues in the game, please send a report to cs@agate.id.
Meogrammer Team
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3 Avaliação(ões), 2 Comentário(s)
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