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Build your own city, expand different transport types and grow in richest factory empire in the world!

Work hard, make your wild dreams come true, grow rich!

Boost your productivity - earn idle cash by making strategic decisions, manage your train, car, airplane, ship fleet to lead your business into huge profits. Find optimal way, invest into transport, factory or population growth! And don't forget to expand!

Your city skyline will be the ultimate one! Give it a big shot and become leading company of the industry. Establish profitable idle balance to earn milions. Don't rely on fortune, enjoy your adventure - grab every opportunity , increase your idle income, invest and research new technologies!

Become the boss with richest tycoon, so NO capitalist in the world can compete you!

- easy-to-play game for every player
- it's idle mine profit from factory products and others
- 40 unique products, 30 trains, 20 cars, 15 ships, 10 airplanes
- different challenges to complete
- important business decisions
- manage your business
- constant management challenge
- nice animations and great graphics
- more town simulations to move on
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Ninguém classifiou este jogo ainda
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