RWBY: Crystal Match Resenha(s)

Fabricio Smole RWBY: Crystal Match


the game is cool but there is a bug when i try to play the next level the game crashes
oak_xd CH RWBY: Crystal Match


[開心]สนุกดีในเวลาว่างเเละไม่ใช้เน็ต ชอบมาก(เพราะชอบเรื่องrwbyเเละไม่มีเกมrwbyเล่น)
Klein RWBY: Crystal Match


Buen juego para los fans de de RWBY, es el último juego de esta franquicia para dispositivos moviles
AlyneM Game Hunter RWBY: Crystal Match


Okay, I'm a huge fan of RWBY. I've also played several Match 3 Puzzle Games before. If you're fan of both, you'll love this game.

Though the mechanics may be similar to other games like this, they did their best to make it unique while incorporating the RWBY theme in it
-It has a story in it, with the Chibi characters portraying them
-The characters are unlockable and they have skills that help you in the game. You can even get costumes for them that increase their stats
-It's online, with the ability to add friends and such, but also seems you can play it offline since I was given the choice before after a bad connection (I'll have to verify this properly)
-There are special modes in some stages

It's laggy at times though, during large effects or multiple power up triggers. Some animations aren't as smooth as I'd like them to be. It would've been more pleasing to the eye
A lot of features are coming too, and Battle Royale is one of them. Hopefully it doesn't become too much of a P2W
Jessica Ayre RWBY: Crystal Match


love this game and how you can customize characters and how ever round is like a battle
Rabbin8ter RWBY: Crystal Match


As someone who wasn't a big fan of the show itself and hasn't been keeping up with it at all, RWBY Crystal Match is your typical Match-3 game. The visual style takes after the spin-off Chibi CG cartoon of the show, which always looked pretty wrong to me. Regardless, the game pulls off the same style very well, especially with the animation. There's barely if any voice acting and a total lack of a story beyond a few nonsensical opening cutscenes. The sound isn't all that impressive or great. Gameplay is your standard Match-3 fare, with hardly any innovation to the typical formula. There are "special events", which add a bit more urgency to complete the stage as fast as possible, but that's about it. There's unlockable costumes (and purchasable characters) that grant various special abilities and buffs, though I never found the need to buy or upgrade anything, let alone swap characters. It's also buggy and slow at times. RWBY fans might be better off skipping this one.
OG Gamer Palm Springs, CA RWBY: Crystal Match


a lot more interesting that I expected. the
group battle dynamic is pretty interesting and I can see myself playing it for an extended. of time.
Andre Garcia RWBY: Crystal Match


El juego es muy bueno, pero no se porque no me deja crear una cuenta, dice que mi conexion esta mal, pero todo lo demas funciona bien con internet
Ronnie Harris RWBY: Crystal Match


Dan006 RWBY: Crystal Match


If you are a RWBY fan you may like it, if not there are better match 3 games out there
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