Zerum Azur Lane | Inglês


Cute boatgirls in a game that isn't a pure rng simulator like certain other game with shipgirls in it.
I must applaud devs for sticking with people that will actually play this game, not SJW and NOT CENSORING ANYTHING. So many limp dicked devs/publishers lately are censoring their western ports of mobages because they fear SJW. Guess what, they won't pay your bills, they won't even play your games in first place. Lying about lack of censorship and calling it "localization" just proves how dishonest some devs can be, removing original content = censorship, localize my butt.
Anyway, where I was going with this is that even tho I dont have time and I'm already HEAVY invested in JP version of this game (started playing soon after its release, rank 101), devs showed that they care about community so I will be spending some $$ on that sweet skins for my 2d tittyboats that I don't own on JP.
After NepNep event I realized that translation got much better and isnt really a problem anymore.
Jimmy Kudo Azur Lane | Inglês


-Loved the game when i downloaded it.
-Deleted it cause of studies
-Got worse Marks cause my waifu was looking at me from far away...felt really sorry
-Realised that this is not just a Game but a man's happiness and dreams come tru
-Redownloded the game today, reunited with my dear waifu and GOT A 10 IN maths So that has never happened before in my life....happiness over 9000 umu
-Moral of the story... never let ur waifu be away from u *sniff be happy and may the devs live on.
CáMuối Azur Lane | Inglês


Anh em Việt Nam đâu rồi, tôi muốn thấy những cánh tay của các bạn 😀
LafGo Azur Lane | Inglês


Заебись game.
Не очень заебись game.
Eucliwood Hellscythe Azur Lane | Inglês


-Altera Approve it
The Entire Equine Azur Lane | Inglês


Avoid the EN server like the plague, play JP instead.
The localization team have proven to be completely incompetente time and time again, and the game is becoming a fanfiction shitshow since the translators have free rein to do whatever they want.
NikolaeLutece Azur Lane | Inglês


Cansado de gachas llenos de sal y que no te dan un solo dorado? quieres una comunidad bastante honesta y con buen trato a sus fans? soportas las actulizaciones de cada dia? Pues este gacha es para ti, sus requisitos son altos pero es el mejor gacha Full F2P que te vas a encontrar por estos lares. Vale cada minuto que gastas en este buen juego
bearpixels Azur Lane | Inglês


If you are interested in Warships, Anime Girls or Shoot’em-ups, this is the game for you!

If you are interested in morre then one of the subjects above, then this is DEFINITELY the game for you!!!

In Azure Lane you collect, control and interact with warships represented by beautiful girls in a fantastic anime style that combines warship elements into their clothes and accessories. Gameplay is fun and relaxed: a simple shoot’em-up with even an auto mode to make life just that much easier.

The Gacha system to obtain new waifu— I mean… new warships — seems fair enough. You can acquire new ships, new equipment, battle enemies, re-stage real historic battles ou just keep watching the beautiful Live2D animations that bring the girls to life! Oh, and if you’re getting ideas, don’t worry… You can marry them too…
Sir. KK Azur Lane | Inglês


Black screen :'uuuuu
angel Azur Lane | Inglês


A ver, la primera vez que jugué este juego solo existia su version japonesa y a dia de hoy ha mejorado muchísimo.

este juego cuenta con un arsenal infinito de shipgirls cada una de ellas con su respectiva rareza y mejorables en cuanto a estadísticas y armas.

Algunas de las shipgirls cuentan con animación 3D en el menú principal (como las starters) y para conseguir buenos barcos no se requiere mucho material (ni suerte) aca todos sacan de todo.

lo mejor tambien es el tema de las skins que son de lo mejor y que cuenta con maneras para farmear experiencia y afecto a tus barcos sin la necesidad de jugar (mientras estas inactivo) ademas que para comprar las skins puedes sacar gemas jugando misiones en experto y sacando 3 estrellas en los mapas.

Yo en lo personal lo he jugado por algo de dos años hasta que lo tuve que dejar porque consume nucho tiempo (se te van las horas sin darte cuenta)

puntos negativos encuentro el tema de la extrema sexualidad por las Lolis (que ni lo disimulan) lo que llega a aburrir luego de un tiempo y el tema de que no salen todos los eventos que salieron en el JP... pero en cuanto al juego como tal y lo que busca lo cumple muy bien.
Gay Cactus Azur Lane | Inglês


Lets start from the top: Azur Lane is EXTREMELY fair with drop rates, this is probably the kindest game you'll ever come across when it comes to character summons/drops and doesn't require p2w at all (unless you want cute/sexy shipgirl skins). I havent spent a penny on this game once and I've gotten nearly all the ships my heart desired and progressed quite far in the story without much struggle. If you love cute/sexy anime waifus/daughters this is the game for you, no matter what youre into AL will have you covered.

When i first played this game i wasnt expecting much from the gameplay and didn't know what to expect, but a bullet-hell mobile game was not what i was expecting! It's wonderfully set up too for old and new players, the layout is easy to adapt to and grinding exp and lvlling up ships is super easy but fun at the same time! it's less painstaking and more satisfying that way!

The graphics in this game are smooth and clean, the character art is superb and the designs are all super unique and they never back out on feedback or memes from the community!

The music is also absolutely incredible and even when it gets repetitive i can never find myself hating it, they also interpate a lot of musical representation too for each fraction and has a lot of emotion!

The story is this games weakpoint: it gets very confusing and is hard to understand, that doesnt mean i hate it though, and some of the event stories have successfully made me tear up multiple times! i just wish it was a little easier to understand..
Another personal opinion is how they lewd the children/lolis in this game, it kinda makes me feel gross but im not the only person playing this game and if thats what they're into i cant judge.
tyto danny Azur Lane | Inglês


great game no need pay to win. love u who make this game. thx
4rm4gorOsu! YT :3 mm Azur Lane | Inglês


belfast la mejor(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤
Shayra Azur Lane | Inglês


I hope for more new Systems and more Events.
Events and Updates a little bit to slow. But the Game himself is very nice. ☆
Sammael Avernus Azur Lane | Inglês


love this game, I hope it will be better and better
Максим Кунгуров Azur Lane | Inglês


Каждый раз, когда я нахожу игры на подобии этой, я задаю себе вопрос:"Как долго она будет еще существовать?"
Особенно чутким к такому я стал после закрытия карточной игры по "Циклу Историй", учитывая уровень той игры. К счастью, эту игру такого не ожидает еще очень долго
Я бросал ее несколько раз, но из-за того, что персонажи игры уже стали родными, а арты с ними встречаются везде, к игре я возвращался быстро и надолго
Я расскажу лишь о игровой части Azure Lane, так как великое божество гача-игр проповедует эффективный фарм, в силу которого я не обращал на сюжет особого внимания.
Игровые механики дружелюбны и не требуют долгого осмысливания, а сами разработчики регулярно привносят что-то новое, как ожидаемые механики гильдий и событий для всего сервера. Скорость развития новичков отличается стремительностью за частые раздачи необходимых предметов и тянок-"старичков"
Гача имеет высокие шансы выпадения SSR редкости, что заставляет меня думать, что эта редкость обесценена. Воппос игрока уже не в том, чтобы выбить хотя бы кого-нибудь, а выбить всю линейку лимитных тянок. Мне, мигранту FGO, это кажется невероятной щедростью. Единственная придирка - ощущение отсутствия тянок в пуле на некоторых ивентах: падают исключительно обычные корабли на подобии WarSpite, а ивентовые - нет
Игру советую всем своим сердцем аниме-задрота
... Azur Lane | Inglês


One of the best gacha game ever
The drop rates of sr is good af
The story line is super good you will love it
The gameplay is good when you are into warship thingy
Overall good the best game my #1 game
Hajime Yagami Azur Lane | Inglês


I've been playing it for 2years now.

The hard grind of 3-4 and other maps just to get the ships like Akagi,Kaga,Jintsu,etc.

The Gacha via building, Event ships have higher Percent Rate to be dropped. but it still depends on you RNG.

You can really get hyped when it comes to the story, the story is all awesome same with the event story.
Amagi-neesama still makes me sad when i reread the event.

Your shipfus turn into 2D characters and control them via dpad, (or just auto it). dodge many torps and suicide ship(CMIIW).

This is a waifu collecting game aswell, Belfast,Enty,Lusty,Hood oba-san,Nagaloli,Amagi,Eugen,etc.
Find you own shipfu that it have your taste.
Mine is,
Best shipfu according to my heart
- Cool Meido ready to fight and server you both in battlefield, or in home. know you better than anyone like to look at your troubled face, and sleeping face.
one of her dialogue calls you "Darling" makes me complete.
Best shipfu according to my preferences
Prinz Eugen
- Cool and Teaseful shipfu, teases you all the time like an ideal girlfriend or wife. calls you in pet names it's the way of them calling their lovers in that way. and my first married shipfu that's been with me for 692+ days.
Best shipfu according to my fetish
- Best kitsune mom, once watches over akagi,kaga.
i would like to give my lungs to her if needed just to help her stop suffering from tuberculosis.

- It's best to spend your gems you get from events,story maps,etc to buy dock space,dorm space(for atleast 4-5 to add slots for exp + affection points). or you can give your wallet and soul to akashi to buy gems and buy skins you choice.

That's all i guess.
P.S I love Eugen as she's been with me longer than any other shipfus, but i also love all of them to the point i could sacrifice myself just to save them.
Jashiell Cortes Azur Lane | Inglês


muy buenas waifus.... #Hailbelfast besto maid y el que diga lo contrario que ponga fecha y lugar para partirle la madr haha
Caroline Nimiko Azur Lane | Inglês


Estos si son gachas, no como los jodidos de FGO :'(


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