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RUSPINI Antoine Brave Frontier | Global


J'espère que la version globale reviendra un jour, car cela me manque beaucoup. C'est dommage que la version jap continue contrairement à l'autre version. Par contre, je recommence une partie et....j ai que 3 gemmes. Je n'ai meme pas assez pour faire UNE invocation. Donc ce serait bien de donner un peu plus svp. Ca sert à rien de donner 3 gemmes si on peut rien en faire. Donc je me trimballe Eze que j ai choisi au début et 2 unités pourries telles que Burny et Sparky. Voilà donc soyez sympa parce que je vais pas aller bien loin dans l aventure avec ca. Mais comment je peux farmer des gemmes si j arrive pas à avancer avec ca ? Merci.
ĐậuXanh Brave Frontier | Global


Try it! [厲害]
CleverSicks Brave Frontier | Global


This was my first ever gacha game ive ever played when i was a kid. Seeing it being shut down is really heartbreaking for me. Had many good memories playing this game and ill never forget them. This game is really special to me, Its been a long ride my old friend but i guess its time to say goodbye. You will always be my childhood game and ill never forget you. May you rest in peace Brave Frontier.
phantom Brave Frontier | Global


oh my god. well this game is definitely different from the majority of games that ive played over my few years of having a phone.

first of all, this game really needs you to grind alot for the gems (basc currency to summon) by doing either the story or the events (the first clear/rewards for clearing). the leveling system is pretty easy to understand, good main/support characters aren't impossible to get for a f2p like me.

story wise : its a pretty decent story which I can follow. of course its not so good that i just listen to the dialogue n read the text, not at all HAHA. other than that, its okay

gameplay : hahaha the memories that I get from my countless hours of grinding this game and falling asleep. but for real, sometimes for me, especially in the later parts of the story, i start to get ridiculously bored of fighting. like im too powerful for the enemies and i try to come up with things to accomplish during the battle like getting more sparks, crits or damage. of course, there are other challenges to do but it's not like im that good yet so i don't bother with it. there's more that i like to mention later on.

sound : its very medieval if i were to describe it. somehow i get this sense of nostalgia from it whenever i listen to it.

graphics : for a game like brave Frontier, its pretty good. of course it can improve but for a rpg like this ,its already alright.

others : there's two things that i want to talk about, arena and that one mode that you unlock when reaching lvl 40. arena in a way has alot of ways to 'cheat'. like of course I don't play it that much but still , i rarely lose and win quite alot haha. of course im not saying that its too easy or whatever. it can hard at times but if you have the right characters and all, you can probably succeed in winning 7-9 out of 10 of your matches. next is the mode tht u get upon reaching lvl 40. i admit, its something that i like to do from time to time when i run out of stamina or energy to play the storyline missions but its not really the best mode to play i guess? anyway other than that, its okay.

overall : ah shit, its a pretty good game.
Simon Uzu Brave Frontier | Global


Jason Brave Frontier | Global


well i alr played for 2 years and for me its not boring at all. its not pay to win game. the event are so many so we can play it everytime. the character also have a superb design graphic. VERY LOVE IT!!!
AniSan Inс Brave Frontier | Global


Salt Brave Frontier | Global


one of the best gacha games ive ever played, no joke. sprites look amazing, the music can put you to sleep, easy to get into, and evolution procedure isnt that hard to grind for
Xelionz Brave Frontier | Global


love the gameplay, character illustration, story, bgm, and developer's kindness~ [不滿]
kurogane yusril Game Hunter Brave Frontier | Global


My best first game, i've played this game since im a kid, 6 or 7 years ago i guess, in my past time i rlly rlly like this game's gameplay cause of this game i love turn based game till now, but for newest update im nit sure like this game cause damage is wtf so op lmao, they can't stable the units like gbf, if the developer can manage units in this game , this is point plus and this game will be more live game (deadgame for now)
~☆Jayson☆~ Brave Frontier | Global


I 100% recommend this! it's really fun! You can do various of activities in order to strengthen up your units, create strong teams and collect more powerful warriors. You can also progress through the fascinating story, my only complaint is you can't skip some scenes sadly... Making your own guild is interesting but time consuming if you don't already have friends who play this game, and fast-forwarding is a major time-saver. Seriously worth checking out if you're interested. :)
Vhyc81 Brave Frontier | Global


Intuyo que el juego murió y aún así lo publican todavía en el mejor de los casos o bien ya saben...
Kouryaku Genbu Brave Frontier | Global


Honnêtement j'avais commencé a jouer a ce jeux au collège avec la version Européenne (Qui a fermé entre temps) et je me suis remis assez récemment et il est toujours aussi intéressant a jouer.
Certe il n'est pas aussi profond que d'autres jeux mobiles mais il possède de quoi faire travailler son esprit : la composition des teams, les orbes (équipements) que il faut équipé pour tirer le meilleur potentielle de ces personnages, le timing de ces attaques pour créer le plus de spark possible.
Bref vraiment plaisant et je recommande de l'essayer. il n'est peut-être pas le meilleur mais il a de nombreuses choses a offrir si on s'y attarde un peu !
BloodLustBeta Brave Frontier | Global


Yet another one of my favorite games to play will soonly perish... It's been a long run, Brave Frontier.

I used to play this game back in 9th grade and I loved playing it for countless hours and the amount of collabs they had back then were a huge bonus for me.

They stopped updating it for almost over a year now, everyone already knew it was time for us to say goodbye to this beloved game.

Thank you Brave Frontier for all the good memories. So long old friend. It was a good ride.
Rathalos Rodelroth Brave Frontier | Global


I played it long ago and I will never get tired to play it over and over [色色]
Riccardo Barbetti Brave Frontier | Global


my favorite game (ita)
autumnleaf 07 Brave Frontier | Global


bel gioco, indubbiamente ha i suoi anni e i suoi difetti ma indubbiamente ha il suo fascino
Veredius Lp Brave Frontier | Global


I lost my account and so im pretty mad at the game that its gone i played so hard to get all the stuff i had and just want it back


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