Machinika Museum Resenha(s)

Saya Thono (Ruinenstadt) Machinika Museum


only chapter 1 and half available until you buy it full game , total 7 chapter
Griucty 3759 Game Hunter Machinika Museum


Oh-Ho! Me and my machine, we will solve EVERYTHING! Behold Martians, we are UNSTOPPABLE!

You're a researcher of paranormal being and your goal is to understand how everything you are dealing with is working.
It's a game of pure reflection..
The only thing I want to understand is, how this guy manage to have a job like this.. Really i'm jealous..

Anyway, all the ambiance is amazingly good. I just think that it is too 3D... Yes, It's really great and the fact of moving the screen And everything around you is really peaceful, it's fluid and all that, it's good but the 3D design is a little too 3D for me..
A calm ambiance for this kind of game is a good match. Well done.

However... A game like this is not free hehe.. Of course what did you think.. On the "demo" you discover the machine of duplicate and that is it... Not a lot but it is really promising!

Good game! [害羞]
dylan foucher Machinika Museum


le seul problème c'est qu'il est payen
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