The Witch's House Carta de Jogo

泣染酱 魔女の家

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Player Name: 森林的某个魔女

Introduction: 一周目通关纪念 考虑到内存问题二周目是倍速模式就不玩了 在一周目通关后会有特典【魔女之家】新作制作决定的情报 p3是翻译 死之记忆收集率100% 魔女之家 天下第一 新作再会

Kyuu 魔女の家

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Player Name: Ellen & Viola

Introduction: I love this game very much(≧▽≦) I've been played it in PC before. The story is interesting, and the ending is mind-blowing. I thought this Android version is in English but actually in Japanese. So I'm trying to understand, ahaha... nvm, overall this game was very good^^ Btw I immediately made the this fanart after playing the game^^ I hope u enjoy it

AWT48负责人 魔女の家

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Player Name: AWT48负责人

Introduction: 为啥一直黑屏啊

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