N-INNOCENCE- | English

N-INNOCENCE- | English

N-INNOCENCE- | English



Can be quite repetitive and intense grindy. But if you savy and just alike me, whom only care about gameplay perspective alone then N-Innocence is actually decent on it own right in my eyes.

Not gonna lie, about 3/4 of the game is pretty much cope from another gacha game Fate/Grand Order: most notable is the familiar UI interface, rock-scissor-paper type counter, event format, etc...

Also, I'm no weirdo when it come to IP block sort of things (happen before in Blue Archive back when the initial Global launch), but I trying best to give a positive light rather than insult it. Clearly, if you do pay attention of using VPN wise (I'm ofc not from Canada/U.S to start with), so just ignore the game instead of bombard it reviews with 1* whatsoever.

Never play in the original JP, so I sort of curious when it released the Global ones. Been playing for 15 days (about 2 days after the EN version lanuch), technically I have a little of favorite with the motive of side-scrolling RPG combine with beat'em up element - although the optimize of the game is kinda... punky. I used emulator to play it instead and it work just fine. That's one bright side of the game in my opinion.

Like I said above, N-Innocence is basically a "clone" FGO in term of overall UI interface etc... So it kinda depend on your opinion if you like or hate it asset. To me though, it's not the main focus I cared so I give it a pass.

Gacha? It's sort of similar to FGO, too. But the one bright side is it lack of variety cards compare to it - giving you a slightly better chance to pull if you looking for salty moments. F2P style sound dubious, but as I mentioned at the start, if you just hype in the game for daily grind and manage to last for about a year, it eventually will paid off for itself. I'd not say microtransaction here is bad because the lack of PvP element, but unless you love to support the dev without hesitate - then personally I tend not going for topup too much in it.

Storywise is a journey of the ptgist got lost in the wander as Alter, he/she need to fight all the way to get back home of Earth. The Avatars - which are playable characters you can play, mostly inspired from mythological legend is an interesting piece of trivia. That being said, it share the similar formula to... again FGO. This is the 4th time I repeated that already.

Overall, it may seem generous that I give this score of 8/10 despite the flaws people pointed out. But this is the highest rating I can give after consider all pros/cons all together than trying to go with the flow of 1*. The game itself is alright, it just a bit of FGO vibe that is basically cope from it, which I both like but also a bit of uneasy at the same time. Other than that, it still a soild game to give it a try at least.

And of course, ready your VPN because you need it to bypass the login sequence - after loginng in you can turn it off and play the game normally.
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