N-INNOCENCE- | English

N-INNOCENCE- | English

N-INNOCENCE- | English

Severus Snape


So many people review hating on this game just because they can't play it outside of NA. Well, guess what, the same exact thing happened when it released in JP and got region locked to JP only. There are many games I wish I could play but are region locked to Japan. Yes, it sucks, but why hate the games for it? I just don't understand these people.

Overall, the game itself is fun. They've given us QoL updates regarding resource farming right out of the gate, which JP version had to wait for months to come through.

Gameplay is engaging enough that you don't just auto everything and forget you were even playing the game.

Story is nice to read in EN, since I did play a couple of months on JP when it released. Sure there are some typos here and there but I personally don't care, so long as the general context makes sense and nothing is messy.

Rates and prices are fair, and actually have good value packs if you want to spend. You don't need to chase all the SSR characters at alll, even 1* rarity are upgradeable to max rarity and do just as well.

To haters - you are free to complain that you can't play all you want but that doesn't help your cause. There are many other games on the horizion, just move on to something else at this point. Posting a terrible review only because you can't play is just childish.

To potential and current enjoyers - good luck with the pulls and have fun!
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