Re: 제로부터 시작하는 이세계 생활-INFINITY | 중문간체버전

Re: 제로부터 시작하는 이세계 생활-INFINITY | 중문간체버전

Re: Zero Infinity | Simplified Chinese



One of the minuses: it’s a gacha, it is clogged with all kinds of rubbish, and twisting it is expensive.
The second minus: it often hangs and Rem appears and for this you go out with a mission without a reward.
The third minus: the plot, to go through the game in order to find out what you saw in the anime is stupid.
Of the pluses only: the schedule.
This game shows how greedy the developers can be.[難過]

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갓겜 중국 실명인증 관련으로 막히시는분 많으신거같으니 뿌리고감 徐正虎 320826198601241239 汤杰 320382198512253450 朱大方 330726198206300020 陆慧媛 432524198411122827 刘云儒 152301197006221576 张晓敏 320621198509233524 史曜维 320382198406138635 陈鑫 321283198508042636 年伏利 340321198310051173 张宝成 320722198512126318 傅利 320722198502134226 廖丽莎 430522198704090043 夏晓伟 320583198608221098 李丹 320305198702060489



빨리 한국에도 나왓으면[大哭][大哭]

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