CODE: SEED - A Song of Spark

CODE: SEED - A Song of Spark

CODE: SEED - A Song of Spark



As a player who played the previous Code:SEED game in 2020-2021, for the sake of a quick overview I won't point out an entire review like usual - Instead point out pros/cons than the base game.

+ Generally better UI interface
+ Revamped character models (most of them now have Live2D which is always nice)
+ Re-worked some of unit tier and skill tree (usually good but not entirely 100% is)
+ Retain the friendly newbie events and stuffs, now with better access to get exp to get started much consistent (I'd personally consider that as the biggest improve than the base game back in 1 or 2 year ago on the base game)
+ Core gameplay now also make it more simple and easier to keep on track, even if you'd stuck in awe for a while like me :)

+ Translation issues (of course it has to be, about the same as the base game)
+ Not so well Opening? (The default language of the game set as Simplified Chinese, though it can be set back in the Setting once you done the 10-min unskippable tutorial. Yet it's kinda an inconvenient for non-Chinese learner like me cuz that'd have drop the hype of playing by a lot if not because of the base game vibe)
+ Heavily rely on Social interact (aka Alliance). I'd consider that a bit extra challenging if you're going to play solo in this game to be fair.

For old Code:SEED players: Definitely yes.

For new people whom just play for the 1st time and not know about the prequel: Depend on how much you'd care about the combination of Match 3 + SRPG genre, plus gacha intensify like other gacha games have as well.

Thanks for reading my review :3

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