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So far the game is rather fun, but well, I don't think it lives up to the "Genshin Killer" hype. Here's what my thoughts are.

Short version: It's a game with an anime version of Black Desert Online's customization, allowing you to create your favorite anime characters, and has graphics just a bit below basically mobile version of Phantasy Star Online 2.

Now here are the pros and cons. This review will be a long one since I'll include a comparison with Genshin at the end.

Massive Pro:
++ The customization is their main selling point, and it shows. Looks like they put a lot of research and effort into the customization. To the point that you can create just about everyone, thanks to it's customization system and it's extensive library of presets. Take your time in this section, because this will probably be the main point that'll make you come back to this game, for the character you create..... although there is this feeling of "well you look like him/her, but you're not him/her" once you create your favorite anime character.

+ Open world with destructible objects, easy to collect materials
+ Very "agile" character movement, with double jump, unlimited sprint, jet pack and air dash, making it fun to explore the world
+ Fluid, versatile combat. Ground combos, air combos, turrets, elemental attacks, air combos, you name it. Thanks to it's unique weapon system
+ Good VAs
+ Good amount of setting options

# It's an MMO, so you're sharing the world. Which means, first come first serve applies. That is, you'll find certain chests "require repairs", which means someone else already got it.
# Certain chests require keys to get the maximum rewards. These keys are scarce. Without it, you'll need luck

- Teleport's loading time is rather long
- Controls feel sluggish, not as good as Honkai Impact or Guardian Tales, a gamepad is recommended
- Opening chests and searching through stuff takes time due to them applying Battle Royale style "item pickup", which is to say, you don't immediately open the chests like Genshin
- Characters are just not as memorable as Genshin. And that's a rather low bar honestly. The high bars, in mobile game, are set by the likes of Honkai Impact, Counterside, Epic Seven, the late Magia Record, and Kings Raid. So far in Tower of Fantasy, it's Franz that's rather memorable
- Storytelling and cutscenes needs work. The expressions they made are too stiff, like my character is under attack and she just kept smiling. Oddly enough, some cutscenes are more expressive than others, making me think the game isn't fully polished yet and rushed to release. If they delayed a bit for more polish, it would've benefit them more since by then Genshin players should've completed Sumeru and can migrate to Tower of Fantasy to pass the time until the next chapter update

This game has the same problem as Genshin, in which, it's like this game is a "confused child". In it's heart, it's a mobile game, but it tries to be a console/pc game. Hence there are things that just doesn't click with how a MMORPG should be. While it does try it's best to be a MMORPG, such as having world boss, it lacks certain key features of a MMORPG. Namely:
?? Lack of skill tree and character's combat abilities are tied to gacha. Unlike the traditional "level up your character, upgrade your combat style".
?? "Hidden Content". Typically contents are shown to players, locked behind level requirements. Showing the players what to expect in the future ensures you got their attention for at least until they open all contents. Hiding what contents are available and only showing them after you reach the level requirements discourage players, letting them think there's no more features left to unlock isn't good. By doing this, the story of the game will have to do the heavy lift of keeping the players interested in the game.

Well that's my thoughts on Tower of Fantasy. If you're a Genshin Veteran and have "completed" the game, I would recommend this, so you can play while you wait for the next Genshin chapter update. Unfortunately for Tower of Fantasy, Sumero is just around the corner, so I doubt a lot of Genshin players will migrate. If you're not a Genshin Veteran, I recommend you stick to Genshin or start playing genshin instead, if you're interested in Open World. If not? Go for Honkai Impact, that's the best out there. The experience difference between Mihoyo (aka Hoyoverse) and Tencent (the maker of Tower of Fantasy is under Tencent) is just too wide and very visible. That's the sole reason why people are attracted to Genshin's characters, they've done their research. It's a good attempt to try and overthrow Genshin, but it's not quite there yet. Honestly, it's like DCEU vs MCEU (Mihoyo). Mihoyo already has around a decade of experience in Anime style game (yes, before Honkai Impact 3rd came). I can't name any mobile game developer that can or have the potential to rival them in terms of anime style game, in 3d..... actually, Kuro Game (Punishing Gray Raven) is close though. Which is obvious, they're former Mihoyo after all. Let's see how Wuthering Wave will be. Also be on the lookout on Aether Gazer as well.

So in short? Just give it a try, play until you unlock mounts/vehicles. By then you should know whether it's a game for you or not. For me? I'll try to get Nemesis, the skill set should be good. If I don't get it/her, well, maybe I'll quit. I always look for mobile games with good stories and characters, this one isn't it.

Comparison with Genshin can be found in the comment. Thank you so much for reading. Feel free to comment and share your thoughts as well.
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