KOF올스타(더 킹오브 파이터즈 올스타) | 글로벌버전

KOF올스타(더 킹오브 파이터즈 올스타) | 글로벌버전

The King of Fighters ALLSTAR | Global



Played KOF before, and I gotta say they did a great job bringing this game to the "3D world".
- Extremely well made, KOF fans will be happy to see the soundtracks (including that char selection music), sound effects, and of course character movesets and voices stays true to the KOF series
- Up to date Quality of life features, enabling this game to be your main or semi-main game
- Endless tower with "endless" ticket (ticket will only be consumed if you lost), never seen this before
- Interesting story, kinda reminds me of what Megaman X Dive is trying to achieve. Though the female protag is a bit annoying early on
- PVP made for fans of KOF, which is to say, GOOD
- Lots of contents, free stuff early on to get you up and running
- (To me) No Kula...yet...
- Targeting is a bit hard on manual in PVE (3D environment)
- P2W?? Well, not sure yet. It does look like it, but haven't felt like it. Yes skip tickets are limited, but you can get them easily early on (so save them)

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Lee Won



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