Disney Twisted Wonderland | English

Disney Twisted Wonderland | English

Disney Twisted Wonderland | English



Do not play this game if you don't want to see Lilia hanging down like a bat at 3 am , Azul crying over a lost coin , Malleus yeeting himself every second, Sebek yelling because he lost Malleus again, Floyd fighting everyone, Jade stealing your popcorn 🍿, Idia hacking the school computers, Jamil being done of life and everything, Epel being Epel , Vil being your coach about your life goals and much more... (Also these are not spoilers but according to their personality)

Anyways real review time:


Honestly one of the best gacha games so far , f2p friendly definitely easy to get a 10 roll, by logging in , doing weekly quests and they're really easy it's usually "Play Twistunes 5 times." (That's the rhythm minigame)

The gacha rate isn't so bad everyone so far manages to get SSRS easily you can't just have 1 SSR you'll have plently

Stories do NOT cost any energy and you can always read them again

The game is meant to be causal even though the energy recharges very very fast you have 10/10 yes but events and log in give a lot of "shards" (way to restore energy) and events / shop as well

Promotions about 10 rolls are great 250 dias for 10 key while a 10 roll is 300 dias you basically save 50 dias

Whenever there's someone birthday you get a 10 roll

All srs are stunning you never get disappointed with the artstyle.

Story 5/5 Truly a ride.

Chara design 5/5 (It's made by the author of Black Butler also)

Events 5/5 Beanfest is truly enjoyable or the cooking event

Gameplay 4/5 Twistunes system is quite bleh for me but doesn't ruin the game experience nor the story it's just hard and normal that are insane.

Characters 5/5 you'll love them all for sure there's nobody you can hate or else fight me if you do

Voicelines are kinda funny and funky sometimes, and different from the original but still makes sense to the characters and give a funny view it doesn't bother me.

But everything is *chefs kiss* a beautiful mess of a game we all love here , this game has its own aesthetic and I'm living for it.

That was my first review hopefully it was complete enough and excuse my poor English too sgsghs-

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늦게 시작한 뉴비임 글섭 귀찮아서 안하려고 했는데 고스메리 이데아 때문에 글섭깜 존버한다 ㄹㅇ



실버가 ㅈㄴ 예뻐서 행복함 실로 오랜만에 오토메겜 남캐 보고 사랑에 빠짐 갓와꾸는 언제나 옳다

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