Medabots S: Unlimited Nova

Medabots S: Unlimited Nova

Medabots S: Unlimited Nova

Hexire Kresnik


It has a good amount of customization for your bot; from chips, to medals, to fighters, to parts.

UPDATE: Drop rates are terrible, to get the mercy system to engage you need to do 25 multipulls; youll need 750 premium currency for it, maybe youll get lucky and get the bot or part you want in the first 10 pulls but most likely you wont.

Started playing at the begining of February and I have only gotten 2 premium bots.
Events youll need the premium bot for that event to make any head way in getting the event currency to buy upgrade items. Last event had a special medal and bot to get but you needed both premium bots to get either. Which leads into that youll need special items to upgrade your parts; youll get them from like I said events or from pulling repeat parts.

There is ZERO match making in pvp. In the weekly pvp as a bronze player i was regularly put up against gold players, and there is still several more levels above that. If you lose you can drop ranking, I was put up against 4 gold players in my first outing.
Then there is real time pvp. Thats where the whales get to really show off. Its expected to play that 5 times a day but if no one is on then you are s.o.l., took me 5+min once to get in for a mission and another time it system timed me out (if that happens then it should be an auto win for me, but its not).

Special missions outside your dailies will come up. They start easy, like level up a part 3 times or level up a medal 3 times, or even do one mission. After 3 days then its win in pvp or change the colour of your bot or buy a skin for you bot. Pvp i just went over, for skins youll need another form of currency that im still not sure where to get; to change colour you need items that are from events in 3 months of playing I saw 1 even and couldnt get the items bc I could grind up enough event currency.

Takes 2 weeks to get to end game and all thats left is pvp which is completely pay2win as alot of good parts seem to come out once then never seen again.

I played 3 times a day (my morning commute on the train, at lunch, and right before bed), Im lucky to have a flexable schdule to play and even with that I made zero headway after 3 months.

DO NOT PLAY! If you start now youll be very far behind. I say keep your ears to the ground and wait for the next Medabots game and get in early.

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