Attack on Time:Kaisen of girls | English

Attack on Time:Kaisen of girls | English

Attack on Time:Kaisen of girls | English



Graphics: Top quality. Artwork is nice, cute & sexy. There are live2d & sd form/chibi with good quality. Honestly, the chibi animation in story page is just so.......cute.

Sound: I don't know the name, but it's chinese kingdom~poi. Story page bgm is catchy. VAs are the famous ones.

Gameplay: No battle animation, only description text, but it can be skipped. Basically unlock, enhance & upgrade everything for higher CP, but still higher CP doesn't mean 100% win.
Tap every unlocked chara to find their treasure (which can give additional effect after you activate it in the mansion) & also find doodoo.

Storyline: Player got china. Charas are based on three kingdoms ~female version.

Value: No need for dupes, but you must collect certain amount of (specific) shard to unlock (specific) chara. Some charas can be obtained from story & quest. Horniful journey for chara collecting surely will be long for f2p, but at least you can peek at the locked charas. VIP system is strong on this one.

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내가 갠적으로 젤 극혐하는 두가지가 있는데 하나는 가챠에 조각만 나오는 겜이고 또하나는 재탕겜인데 이건 두가지 모두를 갖추고있음 거기다 보통 시작하면 우편으로 보상 조금씩은 주기마련인데 이건 그런거 1도없음



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